Friday, December 4, 2009

Crazy Week

We haven't posted much or at all this week, things have been crazy in a very slow way.
We are picking up Barron, the 100 LB Old English Sheepdog who will stay with us for a short (we hope) visit until he moves to his FOREVER HOME! We will have pictures of this craziness on Saturday.
There is a couple that may be interested in Delilah the Gypsy, they live in Chicago and there home visit is this Saturday as well. I first took this information like a kick in the teeth, but with the help of Shelly, Lori and Gabi, I have recovered and I am hopeful that she will soon have a home in the Windy City! We are all hopeful that this will be a great fit, I hope they take her to Montrose Beach, she really had a great time there.
The next bit of news we have to share it that Billy is missing, he is my Yellow Tabby cat, he has always taken short journeys but this time it has been a full month. I am hoping that he found a home to stay at and has not departed this world. He is a great big friendly guy and I will miss him!
So with all this news we will close
The Lady