Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Again By Mollie Maie

Today the Lady took us to meet Dave the Dude who is turning into our best dog park friend in the whole wide and wonderful world. It was so crazy watching the Lady try to get all four of us in the SUV, she put Jessie in first, he got the front seat, but he keep climbing in the back, so in the end she tethered him this handle on the ceiling. When she got Jake, Gypsy and me in, she jumped in and then unhooked Jessie and off we went. The Lady had filled the floor in front of Jessie's seat with blankets so that he had more room. Jessie thought it was kind of squishy, but he also thought it was very nice of her to try. Jessie is a very polite guy you know.
When we got to the Park of the Dogs the Lady was so funny, she was spinning around like a top trying to keep track of all four of us, and guess what Gypsy was off her leash the whole time. Well that's not the complete truth, once she started to wander off with a man, lady and their dog, but the Lady only had to snap the leash on for a few minutes and she figured out who her pack was.
Dave the Dude was running a little late so we were all waiting for him in the play area, that is where the Lady was spinning around trying to keep track of Gypsy and Jessie cause this was the very first time Jessie was at the Park of the Dogs with us without his man, Peter. Jessie wasn't listening too well to the Lady, he was playing a really rough and tumble game with a yellow lab, and the Lady was kind of worried cause it was Saturday and the sun was out and there are a lot of dogs and people and kids at the Park of the Dogs on Saturday. Jake & I really had good fun watching her trying to keep up. Yeah Pack Leader you go girl!
When Dave the Dude came we got to go hiking and we even went into the Really Big Woods with Gypsy off leash. She did really good, but she stayed with the Lady, Jessie and Dave. Jake & I like to run into the trees and brush playing Dash and Dart, it is the coolest game. We dash and dart into the woods and then appear again up the trail. Jake is so weird he always has to say "Like Lady what took you so long" every time he has to say it.....can you say repetitive!
After the hike the Lady and Dave sat at a picnic table for a sneak peak at the Movie. Dave has been working really hard getting it ready and soon it will be up on Fluffy Dogs on the Go so stay tuned!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Most Excellent Game

Dudes, like Molls and I wanted to show you our most excellent game. It is sooooo like totally radical and fierce. It just has to be like thee most tremendous game's BITE YOUR FACE OFF!
Molls likes to pretend she is this total prissy-city-girl but get her in a game of BITE YOUR FACE OFF she is a Feminazi man she is over the fricken top. Like Dudes we totally rock this game!

Dudes just look at my totally most excellent and awsome teeth
"Be afraid, be very afraid!"
Jake the Wildman of Wonder Lake

Molls the Amazon Queen

Great Experiment Update Too-2

Just wanted to let you know that as soon as I cover every area of dirt under the deck and at Mollie and Jake's favorite spot to lay down I will have a mud free kitchen. After 3 days of rain and taking care of 16 paws I can report that this is working. The legs and bellies are staying much cleaner.
As I have indicated in earlier post the only thing bad about the straw is that it sticks to Jake.

Straw in a hairy dog!

The Lady

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Lady can walk 4 dogs on leash

Wow, you just won't be able to believe this.
The Lady walked Jake, Mollie, Jessie and me on leash. She did it yesterday too, but today it was raining. I wore my new dog-coat and I am certain all the dogs in the neighborhood where really checking out me out thinking that I looked really cool. The fact the I was walking in such a large pack was very cool too!
We walked up to the gas station store and the Lady hooked up all the leashes on the posts in front and she told us "Stay", we really couldn't go anywhere DAH! But she went inside and we waited really nicely. You might imagine the surprise of all the people coming in to pay for gas or get their milk with four really cool and very big dogs waiting outside. I know, I know I am not big, but Jake is like gernormiss, and Jessie is bigger then Mollie and, Mollie is a very large medium. I felt really cool standing there with my really big pack of really big dogs!
The Lady was so impressed when she came out. She had hid some of our cookie treats in her rain jacket and we all got one. We then we continued our walk.
Mollie and I walk on her left and Jake and Jessie on her right, until we want to switch. She keeps reminding us to "Heal" and if you don't she will give you a tug. When a car comes we have to wait on the side of the road, we are wider then a car walking down the street can you believe it!
Then guess what happened, this really big black Lab came out of his yard and right up to us looking like he was all that! The Lady let go of Jake and Jessie's leashes but she keep telling us all "Easy" and she was staying really calm. She knew the boys wouldn't start anything, they're Dog Park Dogs, but if something was going to happen the boys would be the ones to get into it. They where all really cool and just did their sniffing thing. Then the Lab's Man came outside and he keep saying "Sorry, I am really sorry" and the Lady said "No worries everything is fine." She then picked up the boys leashes and the Lab's Man took him in the house. Sweeeeeet, we are turing into such a well balanced pack. Tomorrow the Lady is going to have one of the neighbors take our picture to show all of you, she thinks we look really good too!

The Great Experiment Update TOO

OK, the straw is keeping the mud down. There are muddy paw prints but they are not anywhere near as bad, the legs and the bellies are much better. The good news is that the straw is not sticking to Jake as bad.
This could be for two reasons:
  1. Jake is not laying down on the straw like he does when it is not wet.
  2. The straw is heavier and not flying around as much.

We will just have to see

The Lady

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We have a visitor

Our friend Jessie is visiting for the next 12 days, Jessie is a great guy he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, 8 years old and his Dad, Peter, is in sunny California for the next few weeks. So Jessie gets to come and stay with that crazy Lady and her crew, the house is a mess, cat plates on the floor, dishes need to be done but hay what is one more! . We thought you all might want to see day one.......
Come on Jessie Move It!
NOTE: not the greatest photo but I had to put it in
Gypsy taking in the outside action
Back in the house it's
Morning Chaos, Gypsy can't believe it!
"I think they had better settle down, if the Lady get's angery I am going to freakout again"
What are those morons doing????
Good God...another dog, when it the Lady ever going to understand that Cats are Cool, Dogs, well it is just not right!
Now that everyone else is back outside, Jessie is making himself right at home!

What Gypsy Will Be

When the Lady and I are at the PARK OF THE DOGS everyone asks "What kind of dog is Gypsy?" When the Lady tells them I am a Bearded Collie , they all so "Ohhhh?????". The Lady tells me that most people don't know what a Beardie is cause we are a relatively unknown breed, making us very special. My coat is coming in a little more every day. You can see the beginning of my beard around my muzzle, I am so excited!
So I thought that some of you out there that are reading about me might like to see what I will look like when I my coat comes back in.
Remember to tell all of your friends and neighbors that I am looking for my FOREVER HOME. The Lady loves me very much but she would like me to find my place in the world. So if you, or anyone is interested in adopting me please got to and follow the links to the Fluffy Dog Rescue. Or on the right side of our blog there is a direct link to the application for adoption. Remember, I am Delilah on Fluffy Dog. If you don't think that I am the right dog for you there are lots of other dogs at Fluffy Dog that need FOREVER HOMES too. You can find a great dog at a rescue, any rescue.
Here I am Today
I am getting better looking all the time!

This is what I will be.
Can you even believe it...I will be B E A U T Y F U L L
Just like that swan you know in the story

Update the Great Experiment

The Straw Dogs...Looks like a real mess doesn't it!

OK, If you use the straw over the mud paths and you have a Fluffy Dog, one with really long hair, you will spend your time picking up straw all over the house.

  1. Straw is actually easier to clean up then mud.
  2. The vacuum will pick it up, mud clogs the vacuum.
  3. Mud only happens when it rains, the straw thing is daily.
  4. It hasn't rained since I put down the straw, so today could be the big day; will the straw keep the mud away or will I be cleaning up muddy straw?

The Lady

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ok Dudes here's the skinny

Dudes what do you think, what do you know?????.......I'm Jake and Molls and I have been talkin and we are totally freaked that Gypsy's been doing all the bloggin'. I am like a totally cool guy, you see my awesome photo's but never get to hear from me or my equally radical pack mate Molls. So we get to tell the story today, well like actually I do cause like Molls is not really into they way I tell the story, she is really kinda like stuck-up and said "I will relay my own story, when I have something of great importance to convey". Told ya, she is kind of like stuck up and she really wants to move to like LA or like Chicago or like NY cause she thinks she is like a city dog or something Dudes.
So like today we go with the Lady to like Lake Geneva cause Dudes we need the food for the dogs and we like buy our food at the most excellent Dog Spot. So like we go there and like the Lady is totally drivin the car and I'm stickin my head out the window, which is the most totally spectacular head rush, ya know wind in my hair cruising the strip stuff. So we get there and like the Lady is no fool, so she like makes us stay in the car cause she is like not crazy and taken all three of us in the Dog Spot would be like way too radical. So the Dog Spot Dude brings the food to the car and like you know says hi to all of us, which was really kind of boring.....Then the cool part came when the Lady took us to the totally new place to hike. Cause you know man, hiken is the like the most totally tremendous thing to do with your day. Land surfin man, mind blowin, takin the hike. So like this place is some-kind-of place where like Dudes ride the bikes, but today is so like over cast and you know cold that like the Lady figures what the hay let's try it. So like we do. Dudes it was cool, but like I was not listenin to the Lady, she would like say "Jake Come" and I would like just keep on truckin and that really blows her mind. I really don't know why like sometimes I only hear in French, yeah that is it Dudes my mind totally goes to French. So well anyway the Lady is kind of totally peeved of at me. So like when I finally you know start hearin in English and I like come over to her, and when she wants you to come, it means like right up to her so she can like touch you man. So Dudes she totally snaps the leash on and I like have to hike like sissy-man-dog. Now the new chick Gypsy has to be on the training leash thing and she has like 9 million feet to like hike on, but I have to be on the like short in town leash, and like Molls is totally makin fun of me following me and then running in front of me and like saying "Jake you are really the cool Dude now aren't you. How do you like land surfing on the leash? When are you ever going to learn that you are not the Leader of the Pack?" And then Gypsy is even piping in with " The Lady is so nice to bring us here and you are trying to ruin it, you are so self-centered, could you just listen to her. I mean really Jake Ryan" So like man I am gettin it from like all sides. So like I am walking totally cool on the leash so like the Lady will see that I get it, no more French hearin. I will be cool. So like finally she let's me off the leash again and I am like totally payin total attention to her. But like I still don't get why, just because she wants us to come back to her, but we are like totally close enough that we like need to do it. You know like I am really the like only boy dog Dude in the house and like I really think that I should you know get to like hike where I want and like these chicks should like show some respect to me the most totally awesomest dog Dude on the planet.
So like keep it real and like I will blog on you some other day

Long Weekend

Boy o boy was it a long weekend, trauma, drama, knuckle bones and a few walks.

Trauma: My friend Mollie was showing some signs for kennel cough, the Lady thinks she might have picked it up at the dog park, so we have been staying close to home. We sure don't want any other dogs to get this. Jake & I are doing fine, no coughs, no temperatures! Mollie is fine with the exception of a few coughing spells last week so we think she is on the mend.

Drama: The Lady went to a place called Milwaukee on Saturday night. It was the Birthday of her daughter Jaz, she is 28 years and in dog years that is really a lot. The Lady's daughther Aubree had come to visit and celebrate too, she lives in a place called New York. So when the Lady left she put Jake, Mollie and me in our crates with really big and meaty knuckle bones. These things are great, Mollie and Jake went right to crunching and pulling the meat, tendons and stuff off of theirs. Before the Lady left she checked on me a few times and I was just standing in my crate looking very scared and sad. The Lady had also made arrangements with our neighbors to let us all out between 8:00 and 9:00. She told our friends to let us all out to the backyard. Because of what had happened on Friday morning, the rain and afraid thing. The humans all decided that putting me on my training leash would be a good idea. That way they would have some control over me and I would have some freedom to do my thing.
When our neighbors brought us all back in it was OK to leave Mollie and Jake free in the house but the Lady thought it would be best for me to go back in my crate with my bone. She was concerned without our Pack Leader, the Lady, around there might be some arguments over the bones.
The Lady got home at 2:00 AM and Mollie and Jake where fine, but I had dug at my crate so much I broke the bottom of it, I had raw scores on my face and I had also chewed on the tip of my tail. The Lady is not sure when this happened. She talked to our friends and they said that my nose was banged up when the came over at 8:30, but my tail was OK then. They said I had eaten some of my bone, but not too much. I don't like my crate very much, in fact I hate it. The Lady was just trying to keep me safe and let me have a great knuckle bone, but I hated being crated.
I am great on my walks, and when the Lady is home there is no fighting over the bones, but I am still kind of scared and we have differently gone a few steps backwards in my behavior. We will get back to where we were it will just take time.