Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Much Rain, Like Man Really

I just like can't take much more water, every freakin time I go out, the like Lady stops me at the door, wipes off my big hairy feet, which totally takes for like ever! The Lady took us for a very totally wet walk and guess what, when we got like home, man she was wiping off everyones feet! Dudes, when you have really, like totally cool long locks of white hair, like man it is sponge city. So when I like come in, I have to like, go to my crate to like dry.
Now Dudes I dig my crate, no worries, but man I am like totally spending the best part of my like, total day in the friggen thing. Dudes it is just like so totally unfair; like Jessie has this like total crew cut man and he never has to get a like total rub down, just his feet man. Molls, now she has to crate too, but man she dries at like superfied speed compared to like me. Gyps she like hates the rain, so like she went on the hold on, the like Lady is listen to Pandora Radio and like Zeppelin's Rock and Roll is totally coming over the like airways......Man got to dig on Zeppelin......been a long, lonely, lonely time....IN MY CRATE.
Jake bumbed-out from dryin out!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indian Summer

Wednesday was a gorgeous Indian Summer day, so the Pack set out for another day at the PARK OF THE DOGS! Everyone was wound up for the ride. Once again there was a lot of hubbub finding a place in the truck.
"Where are you going to ride Mollie I want to sit with you"
"No. I wanted to sit there"
"Lady, make Jake stop hoggin the windows, why does he think he gets whatever window he wants?"
"Dudes like chill-out man, I need to get my head out of THAT window so I can smell where we are going, Dudes I was right she is heading for the PARK OF THE DOGS, totally awesome"

When the Pack finally arrives more bedlam ensues; who gets out of the truck first, who goes through the gate first, who gets to greet who first. But once in everyone starts to relax and enjoy the day!

At the play areas Jake can always find a lap to set on. This guy makes new friends everywhere we go. Check out Jessie moving in on the Shepard to request a game. You can spot that tail anywhere!

Following time at the play area, meeting and enjoying new and old friends, the Pack takes off on a nice long hike. The pace is very comfortable, the breeze warm and the Pack content. Well, almost......

"Lady pick-up those feet, you're falling behind, again" Mollie shouted with more then a little frustration. "There could be pirates or squirrels or tigers to chase"

" Come on Jessie keep up, Jake is way up in front, we need to show that young kid how to hike! " Called Gypsy.

After two hours that included a terrific hike, some excellent play time and hanging out with friends the Pack loaded up the truck for home.

"Though I really don't think it is too very safe for the Lady to be snappin photo's while she's driving down the road, I'm really starting to get the hang of this new front seat riding. I feel very up-town and hip up here, I deserve this, I'm a splendid well behaved dog. Why didn't she let me do this before?" Mollie thought as they cursed down the road.

With Jessie riding in the far back and Gypsy and Jake in the middle everyone was tried, but satisfied as the Pack made their way home.

"It is soooo cool to hang my head out the window just checkin it all out!" said Gyps with a new confidence that everyone is delighted to hear. No more shaking, no more fear.
We had such a fantastic day, the sun was warm, the day bright and we enjoyed a very relaxed time at THE PARK OF THE DOGS!
The Pack

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hi all!
Our friend Dave came through and posted The Movie that Gypsy and Mollie have been so excited about.
It is right below this post, BUT before you watch it, scroll down to the very bottom of this blog page and pause the music. Here how to do it:

When you see the Red Playlist Player, click the center button that looks like double vertical lines. This will pause the music!

Now just scroll back up to the "Kris and Dave's Rainy Day Dog Walk" post and watch the movie!

"Dave: Jake, Mollie, Gypsy and I want to thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this, it's great! What a wonderful

The Lady

Our First Ever Movie

All is Quit on the Wonder Lake Front

"Monday was a sunny and warm day, while the Lady cleaned-up the house, we all laid out in the yard in the sun; but then we went to be PARK OF THE DOGS. Jessie got to ride in the front on the way there, but I got to ride in the front seat on the way home. The Lady had to keep telling me to stay and she had to pet me so I would be comfortable up there. See the Lady usually is very strict about our riding in the back, but she put me in the front cause I if better then Jessie.....kind of weird to break the rule."

Mollie Maie

"Dudes the totally rad PARK OF THE DOGS was very laid back today, but when I was checkin out the Really Big Woods for like pirates and you know bad Dudes I got covered in those, ya know those black triangle totally sticky things and I looked like I had like a million black freckles....It was like totally hilarious! I got them all over the like ceiling of the truck on the way home...Dudes it was like crazy. When we got home I had to stand like very still on the deck so like the Lady could like brush man I really don't dig that."


"I am the most well behaved and wonderful dog the Lady has ever met, well that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but she thinks I am a great dog! At the PARK OF THE DOGS I don't need a training leash anymore. I was off the leash from the gate until we loaded up in the truck to go home. The Lady is also showing me how nice it can be to be brushed, I really don't like it too much, yet, but she thinks I should get use to it now cause I will soon have a really long and silky coat likeRapunzel or Cher or someone like that!"


"The Lady is really nice to stay with while my Man, Peter is gone, but I am an older gentlemen, with all the aches and pains that big old guys get. When we are at the PARK OF THE DOGS I am kind of slow on the walk, but I really do like to play with the big dogs. I love to play rough and tumble games so when we get home I just want to sleep on the sofa, so much so that when the Lady wants me to go outside before bed she has to put a leash on me and kind of tug me off the sofa....But I really love her kookies and I am a mad man when I eat! The Lady likes to give each of us Raw Hamburger with our kibble every night and that is the most cool thing about hanging out here! I sure miss my Man and my Cats, but the Lady makes sure I get my petting time. I am also happy that she is having Mollie sit in the front seat from now on, I am just too big for that seat, blankets on the floor and all!"


Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Lady and I were watching 60 Minutes tonight and the actor Drew Barrymore was profiled. She said and I quote " There are a lot of us little gypsies out there that need to go and find another place. Ya know, a safer, healthier place, or maybe just a different venue in order to develop and find ourselves." I couldn't have said it any better myself. I'm finding out every day that there's not much difference between people and dogs. We all need to feel safe and loved, we all need to find our tribe, our pack.

4 in Hand

Sunday oh what a beautiful day
for a walk down the Lane
with 4-in-hand!

Gypsy was so excited "Lady I think someone is taking our picture"

"Have you ever seen a more handsome, alert and well behaved pack?"

Thank you Shelby for taking such great photo's for us.
The Lady

Fosters of the Past Update

After writing about Bella and Rudy (aka Easton) I really began to wonder how they were doing today. Bella has been with her Forever Home for a year, so I droped her new Mom an email asking how she is doing. I received this email........

Hi Kris,
Bella has settled in beautifully in our family. She is the quintessential "Velcro" dog who would rather lean on you rather than be near you:) She gets along well with the horses, sheep and snake although she does chase a couple of our cats, trying to get them to play with her. She loves going for walks in our woods or romping at the dog park with her best buddy, Berkley, the English spaniel. When we fostered little bitty kitties this summer, she was so gentle and careful with them. It was great to expose the kittens to such a sweet dog. One of our foster kitties was adopted by a friend who tells us the kitty sleeps "on top" of their dog at night. She loves riding in the car and has been on several trips with us to the U.P. She is everything we were looking for a dog and more. Thank you for bringing us together!
Patti, Greg, Adam, Becca, Ben (4 horses, 4 sheep, 5 cats, 1 snake and 19 foster kitties over the summer/fall)

Bella has the world by the tail, she is loved, active and provides love to her family, her whole family and she is a wonderful to her kittens. It is great to know she is happy in her pack/pride/herd/flock family! Wonder what a group of snake(s) is called, I don't want to forget any member of this gang!

I also corresponded with Rudy's family. Rudy went to his Forever Home 8 months ago. But I'm sorry to report that I was negligent and I must have deleted their email so I will paraphrase:

Rudy is doing great with his family, he loves Dogie Daycare and his brother Gus, the Doodle, and Gus is very protective of him. He no longer climbs onto the kitchen table, but the love and discipline he has received has not curbed his zany clown personality! The very best news I received was that Rudy is off the leash at the dog park. When he was with me he could never be off the training leash, he would run all over the park like he was looking for something or someone. When I read that he loves running with Gus in the dog park tears came to my eyes. He not only made it back from starvation and neglect but he found what he was looking for, that thing he couldn't find with me, he found His Pack!

There will always be a place in my heart for these two wonderful dogs. They found their way home with a short stay with our pride/pack.

The Lady