Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We've Been Laying Low....

Bet ya'all been a wondering where is that girl she never calls she never writes....
Well we been laying low in Riverwest hopin and a prayin it would warm up soon.

Yup its me and my duck takin us a nap

Tiny Emma Stone has been on supplements a bit over a month, and I would love to report that it's a miracle but miracles come slow.  She is a dream to live with on every level and even taking a diaper on and off every time she goes in and out does not change a thing.  We buy the size 4 diapers, Walmart brand so it is not very expensive to keep us all dry.  I can find no pattern to her incontinence problems, she will do just great one day and then wet the diaper three times the next day.  Unless she is left for a few hours it's never much just a tiny spot or two.  Most night she goes all night without an kind of accident.  As you can see no pattern no rhyme or reason.  As it indicates on her Petfinder post this could be a weak bladder, a hormone imbalance from spay, an injury while she was's a who knows.  

I can tell anyone that can be a home with this wonderful little girl will love and be loved by something very special.   She is smart, a quick learner and active; the right kind of active. She can run like the wind and would love to race every biker or runner we see on the Oak Leaf Trail.  I have to keep her on a 14' training leash and talk to her when a bike goes by. I find this works best when I move her over to the side of the trail and make her "wait" as they go by.  She also loves the water, when we hike along the Milwaukee River she is running in and out the whole time.  She is a everywhere when she is free to run down by the river, up the steep banks and back down again at the speed of light.  A joy to watch.  

We took care of my friend Misha a 12lb 5 year old Maltipoo and they became best friends.  It was a hoot.   Misha has a bed that sets up fairly high.  It's actually for her in the car so she can see out the window.  I bring it in the house to give her a place to sleep that keeps her up and off the floor with all the big dogs around here.  Misha would be asleep and Emma would walk up and start smelling her.  Misha would was like to kids in the back of the car...she's smelling/touching me again.  

Me and my best girlfriend Misha just hangin

Do ya like my special pink shorts?  Me and Molz just a hangin

Sleepy time in my purple shorts...

I just love to carry stuff around, 
This is sock...Cool Right!

Me and good ol Jake tryin not to blow away

What's that?
Dude I have no clue man

You save me and I'll save you...

We done made us a bunk bed! 
Yup me and ol Jake 
He's my boyfriend

Well there you have our update...we will try really hard to keep you updated on this very special girl more often.  Anyone out there that will take on chance on Tiny Emma Stone will be rewarded everyday.
The Lady