Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Say good-bye and Say hello

Hello Fans
Going to take a quick minute to say a fond farewell to our friend Jasmine / Wynnipeg Jones! On Sunday Linda and Dave came and made our friend a permanent member of their family
I have myself a home
Say good-bye!

I would like you all to say hello to our newest pack-member Ms Yolanda, who we call Yo-Yo 
Yo-Yo is great with all the dogs, Tiny Emma Stone, Mollie and Jake...she is also very good with Gema the cat.  We took a quick walk last night after she arrived and she did pretty darn good on leash.  She slept with me last night and we have only had one accident in the house... We will continue to work on that.  

She is very playful and plays well with Tiny Emma, and entertains herself with toys too!  She likes to sleep in a chair next to my desk, or behind my chair on the floor.  She is really little...smaller the Gema the cat, but Gema is a big ol fat cat!  She is brave in the yard and so far a really good girl.  Yo-Yo has a cute little under-bite...

Just wanted to get some info out there on our newest little friend and let you know she is so very sweet and very funny too...So if you are looking for a new family member to your home for the holidays Yo-Yo Yolanda would love to be your Holiday Girl!

What very big eyes I have...
And such a cute face
Just a bit of a thing Yo-Yo Yolanda is
Me and My Kong hangin behind the Lady's desk chair
Yup got myself my berry own seat 
So there you go, stop back and get to know me better...
I'll be waiting
Yo-Yo Yolanda and the Lady