Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yes I know it will grow back....but

OK I get it, he is a dog, his hair will grow back, a hair cut doesn't change his personality, he is the same guy today he was yesterday, I'm crazy, but I love not only who Jake is but what he looked like. I think Jake is likely responding to me, but I think he is humiliated, I haven't seen his happy smile since I dropped him off.........not really true, he was really happy to see Mollie, Gypsy and me when we picked him up.
"Dudes, like man have you lost your fricken mind, like man look what they did to me! Am I like going in the army or something?"
Jake yesterday

Jake Today

On the Love Seat with Gyps yesterday morning

On the Love Seat Today

Not only did it change his face, he shrunk three sizes!

When I got home I jumped on Google and started to research clippers, blades and guards through my tears. The solution to all of this is going to be that I am purchasing a professional clipper with a 1-1/2" blade and a 4" guard. I'm going to learn to do this myself! Guess this turns out to be if you want something done right you learn to do it yourself!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm in Tears!

I took Jake to the groomers, I have repeatedly told them..."Don't cut his beard, clip him as long as you can, use the longest guard you have" He looks like a Doodle, they cut his beautiful beard. The clipped his whole head, his body can be no more then 1/2" long.
They totally screwed my beautiful boy, I couldn't be more upset if they had given me a bad haircut. I am so upset I can not even take a photo of him to show you what has happened to my handsome Jake.
I am going to go and feed this crew, poor a drink and cry...................................

Find the Beardie

Pretty uneventful day at the old homestead today. Jake is out to the groomers getting his white curly locks clipped. Mollie and Gyps are outside and I am bored as usual. So I thought I would just share a couple of photo's I snapped this morning.

I find Jake and Gypsy together on the Love Seat more then I can tell you. Gyps loves to cuddle up to big ol Jake's back and snooze away. In the evening when I'm reading or watching TV I will sit on one end with Jake draped across my lap and Gypsy will be tucked between him and the back of the Love Seat. One of these days when some other human is in the house I'm going to get a picture of this to share with you.

Here is Mollie emerging from under the day bed in the office, her favorite place to sleep. Every night when I start getting ready for bed, she will get up from wherever she is sleeping in the living room and move to her cozy little cave under the day bed in the office. Such a creature of habit is she.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Friends At the PARK OF THE DOGS

"I get to go first Jake, my news is the bestest news ever" Gyps cried
Jake replied "Little Gypsy Dudette, hold on, like totally man, my news is the most awesomest ever man"
"Jump back, I get to go first, the Lady said in the car that I get to go first" came Mollies retort. "Today at the PARK OF THE DOGS we really got to meet and play with some very cool new friends...."
"Don't tell them about Wolf, man I get to tell them about Wolf" Jake interrupted
"Who is tell this story Jake, how rude" Mollie snarled as she started to stomped away
"Mollie don't go away, he will behave. Behave Jake Ryan or I will tell the Lady" Gypsy pleaded "Mollie you get to tell the story, go on tell them the story"
"OK like I said, we went to the PARK OF THE DOGS and you will never guess who we met, a real Police Dog" Mollie said proudly
"Yeah man he has like a badge and like a bullet proof vest and like everything man he was so cool, his like name is Wolf" Jake could not contain himself "His man is a real Police Man, I am not even lying man, a cop, a flatfoot, a you know man thee MAN"
"And you will never, ever guess who else we met, we met Polly and guess, go on guess what kind of dog she will never guess.....a Bearded Collie, that's right she is a one year old Beardie and I got to herd her and she herded me and it was so cool" Gypsy jumped right in
"Yeah her Lady told us she is very shy just like Gypsy and she is silly too, and she and Gypsy have the very same eyes, except her eyes are Blue and Gypsy's are Gold, but her Lady said that they will turn Gold when she gets older. I was so amazed at how much they looked alike. Well, Polly is all white, but she had to get shaved too, well aside from her tail, cause her Lady said her puppy coat was really hard to take care of" said Mollie
"Dudes like Wolf was so awesome he is like a totally cool Shepard of the Germans" Jake injected
"That is German Shepard, you are so clueless sometimes" was Mollies comeback
"Polly has a little boy that she herds, and she is really afraid of loud noise too, just like me" Gypsy piped in "It was so wonderful to see a Beardie, I haven't seen a Beardie since I got here"
"So anyway that is what and who we got to meet; a real life Police Dog and a real life Beardie, we had a great day and we just wanted all of you to know about it" Mollie said " And that folks is the end of our story!"
"Hold on, guess what else....Jake has to go to the dog groomers tomorrow and get a hair cut. Gypsy and I don't have to go nah nah nah nah na!"

Adventures in Babysitting

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Lady had to work.....yes that is right she got a job for a day or two. She does something, I don't know what, but she has all this fabric and stuff and calls herself "Interior Designer". Weird cause she is, you know The Lady, I don't know why she would want to anything other then hang out with dogs and you know go to the PARK OF THE DOGS and walks and feed us and pet us and cuddle on the coach......
Anyway she took me to her friends, Alicia and Misha. Jake and Mollie had to stay home...alone!
Alicia is you know one of those human ladies and Misha is a really true blue Fluffy Puppy, Maltipooh I think. So the Lady packed me a sack of stuff to take to the Babysitters...I had my treats, my kibble, my hamburger & pumpkin (for dinner) and three leashes. My very pretty purple leash that matches my collar, my 15 red training leash and my blue slip around the neck quick leash. I think the Lady was crazy to take all of them, but you know people go figure!
I have been to Alicia's before, but the Lady stayed with me. This time she left, without me, she left me there! At first I was a little scared, and Misha is like some kind of white fluffy swirling dervish....she looks like a white dust mop, good golly that puppy is fast. I hung out in the Kitchen with Misha and Alicia would come in and out doing people stuff. Her house is really big and the Lady's house is really small so that was kind of strange too, so I had to get use to the hardwood floors, a wild fluffy puppy and a new person.
When it was time to go outside Alicia put Misha in her crate and took me out alone, but Misha was crying and caring on so much I was very worried about her, so Alicia went and got her. I went into my best Mom-dog herding mode, Misha would move and I would bark "Don't go there, sit down and behave yourself" I think I kind of freaked her out. Then she started to run and I chased and herded her around through the bushes across the yard...we had fun...Alicia told the Lady it was hilarious!
Alicia tried to take us for a walk, but it was a disaster.....Misha was biting her leash then my leash, I was herding Misha, we where crisscrossing back and forth and tripping up Alicia. We went back in the house.
I got to meet Alicia daughter Shelby and her friends, they are teenagers and cheerleaders, way cool! They giggle and laugh a lot, but I really liked them and they liked me too!
The one really bad thing was I wasn't too sure about the bathroom, I went outside often with Alicia and Misha, but her yard was so pretty and I couldn't find enough dog smells.....right before the Lady got there, at like 8:00PM I had a accident in Alicia's bedroom. I was so very sorry....Alicia was very nice about the ugly affair and didn't get cross with me at all.
She is a very nice lady....
Thank you for letting me stay for the day at your house, I promise next time I come to be much better behaved.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Treats for Tricks

"Please step back from my bone, Lady....this is hard work and I'm extremely busy"

"Dudes, I totally got the biggest and bestest most totally awesomest bone.
Man just look at the meat, KEWL"

"I really, really loved being a Princess for Trick or Treat..this is the best darn bone in the whole wide world. I was really happy that the Lady let me lay on my blanket and I didn't have to go in my crate, cause ya know I don't liken being locked up"

Raw bones in my opinion are the best thing you can provide to your dog for dental hygiene. They also kept these guys so busy they never even noticed the human Trick or Treaters at my door. No barking dogs!!!!!!

From a conversation with The Canine Coach

The Raw knuckle bone (this is a knee joint) in particular are great because they are soft and still have some tendons and muscle meat attached.....Raw knuckle bones are soft and allow dogs of all sizes to scrape their teeth into the bone, nicely cleaning food and tartar from their teeth....

Where to find raw knuckle bones.....The best place to find raw knuckle or femur bones is from your local butcher.

I get mine frozen from Angles with Tails in Johnsburg, for those of you that order from Fluffy Dog Wellness, Lori I'm sure can get them frozen as well. Also in this linked article there is a question regarding Cooked vs Raw. The author indicates that they recommend Raw vs cooked or sterilized. I would highly agree. NEVER COOK THE BONES, they can splitter and it will also remove the nutrients

Here is an additional link with more nutritional information