Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Emma Emma Bo Bemma

We promised to try to post a bit more and here we are trying to do so.  Tiny Emma Stone continues to daze and amaze...I had her in the park this week, dragging her leash.  There was a guy with his lab-mix throwing a tennis ball, so I asked if Emma could play with them. The Lab-mix was Rigby, she was really cute and about Emma's age.  The guy threw the ball really far out onto the soccer field...and Emma put Rugby in her dust! The guy and his son, a boy around 12 were really impressed at how incredibly fast Tiny Emma Stone can move....She's like the female dog version of "The Flash"! She get so low and her ears fly back and the girl is off.  It is amazing to watch.  Jake and Mollie are big lazy dogs...at seven years of age they take it slow, maybe that's why I find Emma so flippin amazing to watch; but judging from the reaction of Rigby's people it could be that she is just that AMAZING!

Ya all can call me Super Flash
Cuz that is just how darn fast I is!

While we were hanging out playing chase and race with Rigby and her people a Riverwest Bicycle Boy came flying by.  Let me tell you that there are some very serious Bicycle riders in our neighborhood.  These folks bicycle all winter, and they can ride bikes. This guy goes riding by at a good clip, my heart sank, I knew I was too far to stop her....and man I was right she was off, and they guy on the bike saw her coming...

"Common on...you want to race?" said the Riverwest Bicycle Boy
"I'm your huckleberry let's roll" Emma laughed
She was racing along beside that bike and Bicycle Boy was peddling for all he was worth.  I was calling her with my heart beating out of my chest, 
where was he riding too...please stay in the park!  
I was so scared.
"Emma Come...Emma Come" I think I was screaming
Rigby and her people just stared...
The next thing I knew she was cutting in front of Bicycle Boy...
I cringed...
and he was breaking so as not to hit her....
but she was past him and running at mach 10 back to me!
"I'm so sorry" I found myself saying
Bicycle Boy called back " My fault! Damn is she fast"
Next thing I knew Emma was laying at my feet panting!
Good Girl!

Now this is not recommended behavior from a foster Mom...and I should have been way more careful with my precious ward Tiny Emma Stone...but she won that race!  So take that Riverwest Bicycle Boy...do not take on my dog...she will leave you in the dust! I am more then certain that Emma would be great at agility or a companion for a runner or a biker.  So if you are out there looking for the world fastest dog "Super Flash" Tiny Emma Stone is your Girl!

I promise to keep her safe until you find us
The Lady