Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting To Know Tiny Ms. Emma Stone

We've been spending some-time getting to know our new foster, "Tiny", Ms. Emma Stone and she is an Alabama Hoot. 
"Hay ya'all, now ya just take one look 
at this sweet lil ol face...
find yourself fallin in love now don't ya"

"Tiny" Emma is very sweet in the house, she is good with the cat, Gem, truth be told they both sleep with me at night and it is not at all unusual to find them napping together in the afternoon.  
"Yup me and ol Gem just love sleeping in on Saturday. 
We are just as cozy and warm as two ol bugs in a rug."
"I do wish that the Lady would go on and leave us too it"
"Can't she see that we're both exhaustified?"

Emma or EmmyLou,  as she is sometimes referred to around here,  is trying very hard to work on going potty outside.  She is doing a fine job training me to jump up and get her out the moment she wakes.  Most nights we make it though the night without and accident and we are using a few tricks to save the bed.  Emma will go as soon as she goes out, and we praise her for a job well done, she still is not clear on how to let me know.  She has never had a poop accident in the house not once! Lucky for me my desk sets between her two favorite places to sleep, my bed and the sofa.  I work at home so we head to the door whenever she moves from one spot to the next!  See how well she has trained me!

"Tiny" Emma loves her bones and toys and will entertain herself gnawing away on a marrow bone or pulling the stuffing out of one of her stuffed toys.  She is just great in the house quite and respectful of my furniture, never once attempted to chew on anything inappropriate Good Dog!!!!!

"Me and one of my best toys ever"

I do think that "Tiny" Emma Stone will do best in a house with another dog...the girl loves to play, inside the games are fairly tame and quite...outside it is a whole other story!  That is when the Bama Beast comes on out!  

The Bama Beast, Emma, Molz and Stella...ready set play!!!

"Just call me ol Mike Tyson...I'll bit off your ear! "

"I was just kidding Stella, 
I won't really bit off Molz ear..
she still has both of um
come on back and play with us"

  Enters our upstairs neighbor One Eyed Willie the tank of Riverwest

"Well hello ladies...did someone say Play?
I'm your huckleberry" 

 "Lets call this game monkey in the middle.
Willie you be the monkey, Mollie and I will bite you!
It will be fun"

"Told ya you'd love this game"

Get a load of this 

The Bama Beast in motion

"Stay out of our yard" 

"Tiny" Emma Stone is doing very well on our walks around Riverwest as well, Stella, Mollie and Jake all walk off leash, I'm working with Emma on a 14' training leash and she is doing great.  She waits nicely at each corner with just a "Wait" and will stay with me and the pack until she hears "Let Roll", yeah I know it weird but it works!

The Riverwest Girls, that's Stella way up in front,
Mollie, Emma and me most likely waiting on Jake!

Here we are moseying along

Just waitin at the corner for all the cars to go by
"See what a darn smart girl I am?"

"Come on Forever Family I'm a waitin for ya to come on by"

And with that I will close off of now..."Tiny" Emma Stone, Mollie, Jake, Gem, Stella and One Eyed Willie wish you a nice weekend...
The Lady