Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Help Fluffy Get a New Name and A Forever Home!

Tonight we're getting ready.....just one week away....we hope......for our new friend to arrive.....he's coming from Tennessee......Great Pyrenees and Old English Sheep Dog......we think.......3 years old.....that face is so familiar to me...wonder why??????  
You might have seen him on the Fluffy Dog Rescue's Petfinder Page...........


OK, we think he is really cute....great face....funny feet....but Fluffy....we just can't go there!

Here are a few names I'm considering:

                               Fitzwilliam (Fitz for short)
Just ADDED                     
I forgot to add
           Brooks Foster
Click on Comments and Vote for one of the above, or add your own......

Some of these votes are coming to me by email.  
Sorry to those of you getting an error message, I have no idea why........
Results as of Sunday 6/13
Fallow: 0
Fred: 9
Farren: 1
Frodo: 3
Flynn: 5
Fitzwilliam / Fitz: 10
Farley: 4
Frank: 2
Friend: 1
Francisco: 1
Brooks Foster: 1

He should be with Jake, Molls, the Crazy Cats and Me by June 15th.....
The Lady

A Happy Gypsy Tail / Tale

I received an email over the weekend from Rebecca and Gypsy.......
For those of you that are new to Fluffy Dogs on the Go, Gypsy was a foster that was with me from September - December of 09.  Gypsy was one of six Beardie's that Fluffy Dog Rescue saved from a puppy mill in MO.
This is the Gypsy I first met

I love Gypsy, she is one of the most kind and loving dogs I have ever known!  At 8 years old, from a life lived in a dog run, litter after litter, she still trusted and loved.  She loved Jake, Mollie, the Crazy Cats and Me. 

Gypsy & Jake make a bunk-bed out of the love-seat
Silly Dogs

Now she has a new family that she loves.....
This is Gypsy now, she and her new family enjoyed 
Northern Wisconsin for Memorial Day

Rebecca reports that this is Gypsy's first barrette, 
Too Cute

Those Amber Eyes

Gypsy loves her new life and making new friends

Tyler, Gyp's Beardie brother is shaved for the summer,
Rebecca goes on to say that 
Gypsy is very good on the grooming table, 
soooo she got to wear her coat long, 
I'm so happy I always wanted to see her 
with a long Beardie Coat!

Gypsy's little cat sister Drucilla, had a terrible accident, she broke her leg so badly it had to be amputated.  Poor little thing.  Rebecca tells me that she is doing fine after the surgery, playing with the other cats in the family and continues to tease the dogs.  
Let's send out a large dose of Fluffy energy to little Drucilla for her continued recovery.  
Gypsy has a wonder-filled life with Rebecca, Niles and their pride/pack....it is a happy tail tale!
The Lady 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Have a Happy Life

Congratulations to Nina, Pat and their 10 year old, 5 lb. poodle Terra, on the new addition to their family....the ever handsome Bear....Yes he has found his forever home! 

Pat, Nina, Terra and you all know Bear!

Miss Terra is the smallest dog Jake and Mollie have ever seen!  When Nina, Pat and Terra came to visit and meet Bear, we all went for a walk.  Mollie and Jake were very impressed that Terra got to ride in Nina's backpack....Jake would like to ride in a backpack...he keeps bugging me about it.

We have heard from Nina that Bear is adjusting very well and he loves to trot along side of her bike!  Very, very cool!
He has met a few of his new neighbors and continues to be polite with all.
He does, however have to learn not to bark when the neighbors come home to their town-home, right next door...but he is a smart guy and he will get it.
He and his new family garden at a community garden plot; Bear needs to learn not to bark at everyone that comes there too....but he is a smart guy and he will get it.

I truly enjoyed the time Bear spent with us, it was far too short, but we are very happy his new life has started.
The Lady