Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year is Coming

Tuesday we received an email from our friend Shelly of Fluffy Dog Fostering at Grade Lodge, she had been to the dog park, it was 8 degrees, no wind and the sun was out......she inspired me to take Mollie and Jake out for a run. I was so tried of walking down the roads and coming back with slush covered dogs! So I dressed up in my warm hiking gear and off we went. It was actually warm in the sun, it was beautiful out.

As I hiked and watched Molz and Jake move together in such a beautiful harmony I realized that we need this time to reestablish our pack. Fostering takes my attention from them, yes they are balanced dogs that open their home to new dogs that need things from us, and they give as much as I do, but............

Mollie as taken to lying next to me on the love seat......something she never really did....she gets too warm, she is very independent and usually likes to lie on the sofa. But after Gypsy left she claimed the spot. I find myself sitting in the middle of the love seat, with Jake on one side and Mollie on the other so we can all have time together.

As I hiked through the woods and fields completely free to let my thoughts roam......there was no foster to keep a close watch on......I really enjoyed the freedom, I embrased how truly great we are together, our rhythm, our understanding for each others signals and our pure joy of just being the pack....

Mollie Maie
Jake Ryan
The Odd Couple
Heading down the trail
Mollie and Jake are such great dogs, I know they accepted Gypsy, Rudy and Bella in our pack; they like it when Jessie comes to visit.........but at the end of the day the others come and go, they always, somehow, understand that we are the base, we are the pack. This was our life and we love it.
The Lady

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gypsy at HER Home

Last night I received an email from Gypsy and her Family.....They all had a wonderful drive back to Madison, she has walked around her yard a few times, checked out all the rooms of her house and met the rest of her immediate family, Dru her six month old sister kitten as well as Tai Kitty and Snuckers her older sister cats. She loves her sofa and claimed her spot!

"Hi to you The Lady, you don't have a thing to worry about...
I love MY house, MY yard and MY family........
just look at my big smiling face.....
Tell Mollie, Jake and all your cats a hi-there too!
We look forward to you and the dogs coming up to see us sometime..."
The Lady

Monday, December 28, 2009

Gypsy Has A Home

Delilah the Gypsy has found her own home.....a warm and wonderful young woman, an understanding and calm man and a graceful older Beardie came to my home today.....I watched them start their journey with Gypsy. I witnessed the gentleness with which they all approached her, I experienced her willingness to accept their petting and praise, I saw her dance slowly up to her new brother, wag her tail and open her heart. Jake, Mollie and I walked around the quiet roads with them, Gypsy's new Forever Lady walked her, she pranced and bounced and only looked to me once or twice...."Is this OK with you?" was.

When we got back to the driveway, I put Jake and Mollie inside, then walked back out to say my good-bye....she was just slightly unsure about getting into their SUV......I patted the car told her it was all good and she placed her feet up, just like she always does, I then scooped up her butt and helped her in......she turned to me, we said our good-byes, then she went about smelling the new smells that will soon be familiar to her, her new life smells....her new Lady, her new Man, her new Brother.....I hugged The New Lady and the New Man.....then I had to they drove away I cried, happy tears for her, sad tears for me......She just simply and always amazed me!

"Thank you to all of you that read about me, that helped me find my
She is dancing away from me now
She was just a wish
She was just a wish
And a memory is all that is left for you now
You see your gypsy
You see your gypsy
Stevie Nicks

Thank you from The Lady, Jake, Mollie and all the Cats

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hank, Jake, Mollie and Gypsy

Quinn, Aubree and Hank arrived last Monday, they spent Tuesday in Milwaukee with friends. I picked Aubree up Wednesday and she came to stay with me while Quinn and Hank headed to Appleton to spend a few days with his family.
Jazmin came in on Christmas Eve and the three of us, Aubree, Jaz and I had a great dinner at Plum Gardens....we went home, opened gifts and hung out with the crew. Christmas Day we met Quinn back in Milwaukee, he took Aub and they headed back to spend Holiday time with his family. Jaz and I met Eli, my oldest daughter and the three of us saw Sherlock Holmes and It's Complicated....good movies! My wonder dogs where home eleven hours, alone and we came home to GOOD DOGS!
Then Saturday it was driving in snow storms for Christmas with my family in Palmyra....we made it! Quinn, Aubree and Hank made it too and we all had a great time with good food and spirits!
Tonight Aubree, Quinn and Hank stopped by my house for a shower, dinner and good-bye, prior to leaving for their long drive to New York.
This is the first time that Jake, Mollie and Gypsy ever met was a blast in my little house with 3 adults, 4 dogs and 6 cats......
Then Aubree and I got this great idea to take a dog group photo........

You want to do what??????????????
Not Bad, but there awfully far apart...I think we can do better
Three happy dogs, one bored dog!
Hank closed his eyes and Gypsy is barking.....
Mollie moved.......
This one is not too bad! Gypsy still looks really bored!

"Hey Hank, do you know how to play, Bit Your Face Off, it is such a cool game..."
"I really wish these young crazy dogs would just settle down and behave themselves"
No such luck Gypsy Girl,
"Dudes, this Blind Guy is Crazy, Man you can tell he's from New York......"
Mollie's moving out Hank!
Gypsy can't believe someone as big as The Big Cowboy needs help putting his socks on
but Jake, Mollie and (look just to the right of Jake's big butt) Hanky
really thought he could use the help!
"Good-bye you Grandma Lady, Jake, Mollie, Gypsy
and all of those Cats hidin round here!
My Muzzer, The Big Cowboy and Me, Hank T Shirt'
really had fun biziting you, but we gots to go......
We liked hangin in the country.....
but we're berry cool New Yorkers and we got to get back to the big apple!"
Happy Holidays from All of Us

Please take one more minute to read the post below
Great pictures of my Crew earlier in the day

Tomorrow and Today

Today Gypsy is still mine....So I wanted to share some new photo's of the last few days of our journey together.........
I finally remembered to have someone take a photo of how I watch TV.
Aubree took this for us, I will keep it forever...
You have your fluffy blanket
I have mine.
Aubree took this one too, sleeping through the boring stuff on TV!
Tomorrow, Gypsy's Forever Lady will come with Gypsy's new Breadie Brother to meet her, but today she is still mine......I've been thinking about how far we have come.....all of us......Gypsy not only touched me, but the rest of my amazing Pride/Pack....she is a wonderful soul to have in your home and in your heart!
Gypsy today, just brushed, looking Beardie Beautiful
My Loving Little Angle
Take the fricken picture Lady
Do you think we can set her all day??????
Getting these guys all together was FUN!
But just to prove it to my self I got them all together in two separate poses
I am the Dog Whisper!!!!!
I can't even write how I'm feeling today, Aubree, Quinn and Hank are on their way to tell me good-bye before they head back to New York......This just might be my last full day with my three pack......Emotions.....don't want to be without them....but right now....hard to take!
The Lady