Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Heat

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, work and home-work have been kind of crazy!
We have been walking and the dogs have been great about my work hours, we either get a walk in before I head out to work or get one in after.  Today we did both.
Took the short loop this morning and all went well.  Came home let the dogs hang out in the yard while I got ready for work and then Fitz went into his crate and Jake and Molls roamed the house.  When I got home it was all three out in the yard while I cleaned up the yard after them.....I have always wondered what dogs think of this ritual....
"Humans are so weird.....they walk around the yard with some strange contraption cleaning up dog poop, right out of strange but true!"

I got the yard mowed.....yippee if it didn't get done today it would have been sickle time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Came in feed everyone and then feed myself, cooled down for awhile then leashed everyone up and off we went for the long loop.  We were walking along and everything was going just fine....we were in a large parking lot of the local grocery store, we walk through there every time we do the long loop.  The crew spotted a Pit-bull, on leash with his master..they all three became very alert.  I slowed the walk down and was letting them pass, they were heading in the same direction we would be taking and I really wanted some space between us.  Then the guy and the Pit turned and started heading back toward us.  We still had a street between us, so I told the pack to "Hout"...this is my command word for STOP.  All three did, then Fitz started to bark and snarl at the Pit...."QUIT".....he then snapped a Molls, who was right next to him....that kind of snap you sometimes see between pack members....Jake sprang on here I am with three dogs on leash and two in a skirmish.....this was getting really interesting!  I side kicked Jake, and he moved off of Fitz, but then Fitz came at him....."QUIT....HEY....KNOCK IT OFF"  Fitz and Jake ended it....a few more looks....a few more quits....but it was over....thank God....I had dropped Mollie's leash and she stayed right with me.  

I'm sure this was Fitz protecting the pack, and Jake protecting Mollie and me doing my very best to be Pack was over as fast as it started, we continued the walk, I keep Jake on one side and Fitz on the other with Mollie and I in between them.  They acted like nothing had happened.  We pass dogs all the time on our crew will pull more then usual, they really want to meet the other dogs, but we just keep moving.....was it the heat.....was it the Pit sending off some mysterious signal....was it that I stopped and didn't keep moving......I have no clue!

In the end they are all good was over....we went on.  
Jake is in his crate and Fitz is in his.....I just want everyone to settle down and take a rest. I'm off to run the vacuum and get ready for tomorrow.  I'm going to see Tom friend Dane is going to come and let the crew out a few times....I really excited!
The Lady

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check this out

So things are getting better all the time!
The Lady

We Got Nothing to Do on the Hot Afternoon

OK we walked in the rain this morning, now it is humid, hot, sticky and boring.....
"Lady we need something to do...
At first I thought about the lake, but man I'm sick of wet dogs......
So I went to get groceries and stopped at one of my favorite dog food spots Angels with Tails and I picked up three medium sized knuckle bones......
"This should keep them busy for at least a few hours!"

Jake in his crate!

Mollie on a towel in the office

Fitz in his crate
All I hear is crunch...crunch...crunch.  Got to love a good fresh-frozen knuckle bone....good for the Lady, I will get the refrigerator cleaned out, good for the their not BORD! 
The Lady

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon & On a Soapbox

Dog Day Afternoon
Today it was
               I would have welcomed the rain of yesterday....
                           what a difference a day can make!
I had to work for a couple of hours so the dogs just did whatever it is they do when I work....sleep...I want to be a dog in my next life, but let me add that I want to be someones dog, that really loves their dog!

When I got home it was still too hot to do too much, so I cleaned the house and we all just stayed inside.  After dinner we took our walk...2 mile loop.....we just rambled long as it was too hot to move too fast, but I took the camera.....ya whoooo I remembered to charge the battery and then remembered to take it.....

Such a Fine Site to See
A lined-up three
Green Grass White Dogs
This sounds like it should be a poem
Miss Mollie Maie
Fitzwilliam's Fine Face
Such Good Dogs
Heading for the Creek
A cool drink for some thirsty dogs

What the storms brought
There is a beautiful urn with flowers 
under those branches...bummer
I would like to go home NOW
Cooling Down
Fitz is a good guy, sometimes I think he maybe a little younger then 3 but you never know....he is very playful, he loves his toys and bones.  He will race after them when I toss his squeaky rhino and loves it to bounce around, he will toss his bones...thud and jump on it.....he really never get anxious, but will pace around the living room and kitchen some when he is looking for something to do.  I toss a toy and off he will go, or I will suggest he Crate and he will go in with just a little direction and take a nap.  After dinner tonight he elected to mark the refrigerator.....I have no idea why....caught him...corrected....and all is good again.  He is good out in the yard alone or with Molls and Jake.  I see some improvement in Jake's relationship with him, but Jake still hangs out in his crate...could just be the heat and a need for some down and alone time.
A hint and a hope.....I have been corresponding with a special family....they just might be thinking that Fitz is their forever dog and Fitz may just get his chance to shine.  So readers, family and friends keep positive energy heading out to the universe.....

On a Soapbox
My Fluffy Dog Friends and long time readers will remember my post on Hank T Shirt....for those of you new to Fluffy Dogs on the Go, Hank is my daughter, Aubree and her boyfriend Quinn's year old Blind Mastiff.  One year ago today was Quinn's birthday (it is still his birthday) and Aubree presented Quinn with Hank...he was four months old and he is a very loved guy.  They live in Brooklyn NY and they found that Hank was born blind....

Last night I got a phone call at work, Hank was really sick, vomiting, panting and very uncomfortable.  Aub was afraid it was Bloat....the internet....but he was sick and it was after regular hours....what should we do.  Emergency Vet was concluded after an hour or so of observation.  Hank T Shirt ate or attempted to eat a pair of pantyhose....while at the vets he vomited some of them up...this morning it was surgery to remove the remainder from his upper intestines.....big money for two young people, big money for anyone!
I believe in CRATES dogs need supervision until they're fully mature....we can't police every moment of every day and accidents happen, yeah Hank could have eaten the pantyhose when they were one ever will know....but I still think that they should crate him.  Most dogs love their crate, it is their den, their place, just look at Jake!  A crate might not have prevented this trauma, but maybe it would have....please think about using a crate to train and protect your dog.
OK I'm off the soapbox!
The Lady

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rain in Wonder Lake Falls Mainly on Our Heads

It was a long dogs......having dinner with my girlfriends and staying out too late!
Saturday morning before work the crew and I took a walk...1 mile loop, I got home from work and knew I was going out to dinner with friends, so I took them on the 2 mile loop.  When I got home from dinner it was 12:30AM....too many Martini's and too pumped up from laughing with my I decide to go for a it was our third walk....well, technically the first walk of Sunday.....1 mile loop, in the dark....and in Wonder Lake there are about 3 street lights, so at 12:30AM it's as dark as the inside of a cow!

When the alarm went off Sunday at 7:30AM all I could think of was "What was I thinking....walking around in the middle of the night....I should have been sleeping"  I worked from 10:00 to 4:00 Sunday, came home, let dogs out and took a power nap on the sofa.....up 45 minutes later....feed cats, feed dogs, then out the door again for the 2 mile loop!  Sometimes I am certain I am a fixture on the Wonder Lake Merry-Go-Round!

As I'm not as young as I once was.....I find I'm still recovering from a late night....two days later!  This morning I was up again at 7:30, this time springing out of betcha....feeding cats, feeding dogs.....watching coffee brew!  That weatherman keep repeating scattered showers, I kept looking at the sky and watching the coffee brew.  OK after the first cup I'm up stairs putting on dog walking clothing, gathering leashes and bags...just in case....hooking up three excited dogs....sit......good dog....wait.....good dogs.....stay on the deck so I can close the door...."Was that thunder????

Off we go down the street.....the first block or so of the walk is filled with pulling....corrections...pulling...corrections....pulling....are you serious...pulling, until finally they all three settle in! 
"Thank you dog goddess, my arms were about to come out of the sockets!"  
Up the first big hill, which is about 1-1/2 blocks from my door....
"Did you feel that?...nah....wait...yes....sprinkle...droplets...more thunder....
The sky opened up, it was fricken pouring on our heads, backs, legs.....I don't run body just refuses.....I don't know why.  So we head for home at a nice quick walk and we are walking through the largest rain-drops in the universe.....the kind that bounce 4 feet off the road and you can't see and your getting wetter and wetter!

We make it home, I am soaked to the skin....really....Mollie is wet, but she has that kind of coat that you can wipe the water off the top off and it is like cool....but Jake and Fitz are like sea sponges...go ahead dry them off as much as you like, with as many towels as you have, and somehow they are still soaked....crate have a bone and hang out while I change and dry my hair and hang up my wet clothing on the rail of the loft!  Yippee Ky A this was fun. 

OK now it is 9:30 the sky is more rain drops on the table  out on the deck....I have to work from 12:00 to 8:00 so let's go.....yes we will do the long loop.....dry jeans, dry tee-shirt, dry socks, dry tennis shoes, wet leashes, wet dogs and off we go......This time we make it at least 1/2 clouds....thunder...again.  Universal size rain drops jumping 4 feet off the ground.....1 mile to go......GREAT!
The Lady

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Dad's Day

Hail and Hello to all the fathers out there in cyberspace......
The crew and I would like to wish each of you a wonder-filled Fathers Day!

I haven't posted in a day or so.....
Here is a quick update on life in Wonder Lake with my crazy crew!

This week I was asked by Fluffy Dog Rescue to do two home visits with potential adoptive families. 
"Wow that is cool sure I would love to"
Wednesday Mollie and I went and met a very nice man, he's a teacher and just starting out in his career, he is ready for a dog in his life and is very interested in Colt, a young handsome Chocolate Lab.  Mollie was at her very best, I was able to see how this guy reacted to and unexpected 4 legged furry visitor.  She was polite and told me in her own special way....
"This guy is cool Lady, he will make a very good dog Dad, he has a lot to learn about what it will take to raise up a good Lab boy, but I'm sure his heart and head are in the right place"........
Got to love a good report from a very good dog!........
I'm happy to see that Colt is no longer on Petfinders and I'm very certain that this means that Colt is with this very cool guy and living not too far from me and my crew! 

Then Friday after work, 8:00PM I was honored to meet a family and their very active, but well behaved Sheltie.....The Mom was given a Sheltie for her 13th birthday by her family.  She is now continuing the tradition with her daughter Erica, but this time the family decided it was time to open their hearts and their homes to a rescue dog.....Molls was unable to attend this meeting with me, but the family does have a dog and I was able to see how they all work together. Any dog would have a great life with this family...they are dog people.  They are interested in the puppy Cain, a suspected wirehair terrier / basset-hound mix......I'm once again happy to see Cain is no longer on Petfinders and I hope this means he is with his girl Erica! 

I drove home from this visit in a branches down....had to change course twice to get home due to blocked roads, but two dogs found their way home....their forever homes this week and no storm of any kind could change it.......I'm proud to be a part of this.....

Fitz, I'm happy to report has not problem with storms or heat....he is a happy go lucky guy under most any condition.....Jake continues to have a problem warming up to Fitz....but no major events to report.  They walk well together, are still good outside together, I have seen a few more short games in the yard, but Jake still hangs out in the which Fitz replies...."Look man I'm cool with you, just wish you would be cool with me, Molls, the cats and the Lady and come hang in here with us."  I will admit I'm just a touch concerned about Jake, but I'm also very proud of him......he is removing himself from a situation and behaving and coping the best way he can.....Good Dog!
The Lady