Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Gypsy has become addicted to TV, it is no longer just Jimmy Fallon, she loved Sunday Morning, was completely mesmerized by an infomercial teaching babies to read......found the Presidents interview on 60 minutes, very enlightening and as I write she has discovered Animal Planet....She has been watching a program on CATS for the last 45 minutes....this might have been a great mistake on my part! It's kind of weird to walk out and not find her crashed on the love seat with Jake, but at the end of the sofa, close to the TV, taking it all in. She watches from the floor, she sits on the sofa, she stands on the arm when things become really interesting....Jake and Mollie find the whole affair rather boring and don't understand at all why I think it's so cool.....I'm sure many of you are on the same page as Jake and Mollie, I promise this will be my last post on the matter, but man it is just crazy how she suddenly out of no where discovered TV.
When she starts changing the channel I am going to really freak!

Sunday was the anniversary of my birth....Ta Da......
Yes it is too true, when you become of a certain age these anniversaries are more disconcerting then a reason to party! But my extraordinary friends came through....again! Alicia, Jule and Grace made us a wonderful dinner. We all met at Alicia's on Saturday night where we indulged in marvelous appetisers with tasty drinks and lots of laughter. We then sat down to Potato Leek Gratin, the most perfectly baked Tenderloin along with a really great Red Wine. Tremendous! This was followed by a fabulous chocolate cake, my favorite! Through it all we laughed, a lot, cause that is what one does when with their friends......It somehow made turning 55 all worth it.

On Sunday I heard from everyone in my family, with the exception of my brother Joe, he never calls anyone, with the exception of our Mom & Dad on their's just his thing! I also received birthday greeting via Facebook from many of my Fluffy Dog Rescue friends, what an unexpected but completely delightful surprise!

I then returned to Alicia's with all three of the dogs.....Jake is a complete boob when it comes to walking on hardwood floors....Once I had walked him into the Kitchen, holding on to his collar I might add, he was fine, but when we tried to get him to walk into the Family Rm it was nuts....Note for the future, Jake doesn't do stairs or hardwood floors. Guess when you're that big the possibility of falling down is very intense!
Grace made us a brunch of Eggs Benedict, her Hollandaise was over the top and it was the first time she ever made go girl. Gypsy and Jule intensely watched the Bears / Packer game, that was hilarious to watch! I had a great day, with the best 2 legged and 4 legged friends I have. Here is a photo Alicia took of me and my crew......I love it!

The Lady