Friday, June 18, 2010

Fact and Fiction

This post is a Fact post.......
Fitz continues to settle in and the more he does the more fun loving, silly and interesting he becomes.
He continues to work on leash, he will fall into heel for me with just a quick couple of tugs and commands. He is pulling less when he is allowed to sniff around......great!
He did mark twice in the house, but I have seen no sign or attempts from the first day!  Yippie......
He is very playful with Molls and loves squeaky toy.  He loves it when I throw toys and they bounce so he can jump and run....... especially in the
Last night he and Jake played a little, all three had a game of monkey in the middle going, on their own, I was watching from a window......then later, after a nice walk and some rest.....the second skirmish between Jake and Fitz broke out on the deck....I was inside, had to fly out the door and break it up.  I really think this one was play gone tooooooooo farrrrrrr.......but Jake keeps himself in the office, in his crate with the door open a lot.  I think his place in the pack is somehow threatened.....we are working on it.  Take them for a walk and they are great together, 99% of the time in the yard, not a worry......male dogs are as much a mystery to me as human men!
Fitz is a very fun wonderful dog, he will paw and bat at you for affection, this needs work!  He has big fluffy strong paws, but this is really and truly the only negative thing I have found.  Last night he and I had some one on one play time, he was biting my hands and shirt, all very gentle and sweet and rolling around on the sofa.....jumping off and back on it was hilarious!  
I love to see him when he runs....his long straight locks fly out and he has wings.....silly boy!

Jake and Fitz just checken out the yard

Fluffy Butt Fluffy Face

Wish this wasn't so blurry, but look for the wings.....

Playtime with Molls

Playtime with me

Playtime with his toy....

Just waiting for that special family that will know I hung the moon!
The Lady

Thursday, June 17, 2010

And the Story goes On

This morning while we were on our morning walk Fitz began commenting on things in French....
We were all just mossing along, everyone with a very nice loose leash just enjoying the views and it was "Bonjour, Madam, belle journee"
Molls looked at him in awe....."What did you just say?"
Fitz laughed and answered "I said, good morning madam, lovely day"
"Whatever you're not like a total Englishman...your like Chinese or what?" Jake's not too sure he likes Fitz....I think he thinks Fitz is a showoff....and Jake really likes to be the only showoff....
"Mon cheri, na nere est francaise.....What I just said is my good man, my mother is French. You see my Momma was a Great Pyrenees, my father an Old English Sheepdog as well as an English Colonel in the British Guard...My Papa is the great Colonel Oliver Flufferton, a very brave dog indeed, my Momma was the beautiful Abella Amoux, she guarded the flock of the Count of Montalivert. She of course taught me French, I also speak Spanish, Italian, Russian and some Greek"
"Wow, Fitz you are so worldly, no wonder your manners are so very genteel " Molls said in amazement.
"What the fricken ever....Dude....the Lady said you came from Tennessee man, even I know that is totally in the USA, you are such a story-teller or like just totally weird" Jake was not impressed in the least....
As we entered the yard, all the dogs were very quiet, Mollie was miffed that Jake was so rude to our guest, Jake was ignoring her and Fitz, Fitz had a slight smile on his face and a gleam in his eye...."Ce soir, si vous etes bon, je vais, vous raconter i'histoire de ma vie.....Tonight my friends, if you are good, I will tell you the story of my life " he translated for himself.....
"Oh Fitz that will be wonderful" Mollie said with great enthusiasm
Jake was not as interested...." Yeah, man I could use a good laugh, you do that Dude, just as soon as the Lady gets home from like work"

I can't wait to see how this goes, Jake is getting better at tolerating Fitz, but still spends much of his time in his crate, with the door open....he just puts himself in there. Fitz is settling in with us, last night he was barking at me to pet him and playing with my hand....soft bites, it was so very cute and silly. He would bat me with the big fluffy paw, I would correct him with a stern "NO" he would then roll on the floor giving me his belly to pet. He is a character........
The Lady

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Details Details Details

Today was the day that I got to meet Fitzwilliam (Fluffy) Fluffterton IV.  
He requested that I call him Fitz..."Hey sure no worries....whatever you like
I was must say I was somewhat surprised by his crisps British accent, he just arrived this weekend from Tennessee, but he promised to explain everything later...."Well then, OK"
Fitz if very loving and very easy to be around, he had stayed for a few days with our Fluffy Dog Rescue friend Julie, once again she got some very great shots of him....

Take a look at this face!
He smiles a lot!

He is so much a Great Pyrenees, but there is diffidently something else in there, I'm thinking Old English Sheep dog, but I'm just guessing.  He is about 25" at his shoulder and weighs in at 75lb.  His coat is long and the top-coat has a coarseness to it, but he under-coat is downy soft, he also has a short beard with long hair on his nose, Pyrs have more of a smooth snout .....Jake, I think is Great Pyrenees and Irish Wolfhound, and Jake is 4 to 5 inches taller then Fitz and his coat is curler and softer. But I 'm only guessing on Jake too!

Jake standing next to my deck table!

He rode wonderfully in the car, and we had to drive 1-1/2, he likes to look out the back window of the SUV, he did this for about 20 minutes after leaving Julie's....

"But wait, I liked that Lady...she's exceptionally nice"

" All righty then...where am I off too now...
I have traveled the earth and for those of you interested,
I am a world renowned explorer and adventure...
Just, one more place to visit and explore coming up!"

When we arrived in Wonder Lake, it was just sprinkling, and as I have done before, I dropped Fitz off at my neighbors and ran home to get Molls and Jake.  I find introducing the new foster to my pack easier on neutral turf, and if things go off track I'm not alone with big, angry dogs.   I could have walked Fitz right in the front door....he is so very laid back.  
He trotted right up to Mollie Maie with a "Hi there Love, aren't you just the cutest little bird on the block"  Jake ran right up to him doing his very best "Dude, like what is up with you...check out how like totally gigantic I am man!"  
To which Fitz replied " Blimey..Bloke I've seen bigger and why don't we just get past this Yanky macho cowboy stuff and become the best mates ever"
Jake shook his big head and looked over his should at me....
"Like man what did he say...totally, what is a mate....
I'm not going to be like his boyfriend..
Dude I'm not going to be your boyfriend"

Mollie and Fitz laughed and reassured Jake it meant Friend..... 

Jake is just too silly!

Next on my list is a nice long walk, I find this a really fast way to get a new dog introduced to the pack...Off we went.  Fitz started pulling....not bad but pulling.  A few quick tugs, he'd fall into heal.  Then remind him again, this if fine, this is what I expect.  Rescue dogs rarely have had good solid training, this is why so many are giving up or wander away from home.  Too many people don't understand the importance of the walk every day, rain or shine, hot or cold, they need exercise and simulation.  Not just a big back yard to run around in.  They need discipline and boundaries, that builds respect.  They need love and hugs and rubs.  
I'm off the soap box!  
We walked and towards the end of the walk he was checking himself back into a heel....great, tomorrow or later tonight whenever we walk next he will need to be reminded.... repetition....repetition....repetition!  Now back to today (that soap box was just too close, I just had to jump up again)  it started to pour 3/4 of the way back, that nice summer kind of a pouring rain.  I was really glad I had my rain coat and rubber boots on!
When we got home, Fitz crated very nicely for me....I needed these wet dogs to dry off.  After I let them all out he and Mollies played a great game of bounce and box, they all three went outside, he let me dry his feet, he had his dinner.  Every bit the nice English Gentlemen about waiting and taking his bowl nicely.  And then a nice snooze on the sofa.....
"Yes indeed I'm going to like it here...
This Lady too is just brilliant "
 The Lady

Monday, June 14, 2010

We Guessed It

Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce to you the one and only..............

Fitzwilliam Flufferton IV (Fitz)

"I am most impressed that you Yanks guessed my true name....Duckie for you....
I can't wait to meet this Lady person 
along with her Crew of Dogs & Cats.
They are to be my host until I find the one thing that has alluded me....
a Forever and For-always Home"

As you can see this guy is a very Fluffy Dog!
Not too tall
Not too short
But extremely handsome

I will be picking him up tomorrow morning soooooooo........
Stay turned for more adventures and stories from the crew at Fluffy Dogs on the Go
The Lady!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good Evening....I've made it to Wisconsin...Cool......

He's Here....Well, not exactly here but he is in Hartland, at LA Groomers where he will stay until I can pick him up Tuesday morning.....We hear that he is smaller then we might think...."Wonder what that means?????"......That he bounces when you talk with him.....but a very calm guy.......

"Greetings everyone, I must say I'm really enjoying the guess my,
I will introduce myself to you tonight simply as Mr. Flufferton"

The voting, or if we are to believe Mr. Flufferton, guessing what his first name is: 

Results as of Monday 6/14 in the afternoon
Fallow: 0
Fred: 9
Farren: 1
Frodo: 3
Flynn: 5
Fitzwilliam / Fitz: 12
Farley: 4
Frank: 2
Friend: 1
Francisco: 1
Brooks Foster: 1
Remember you have until tomorrow night to cast your vote....ah guess.....

By the most current photo, this guy needs a better barber, but look at that face! 
The Lady