Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Day / Bad Day

I will start with the good day....
Yesterday I was up, had coffee, showered and out the dog with Molls, Jake and Shea along with Leedle, Deedle and Gray in their crate by 9:00AM....Took the kitten's to Brooke & her daughters Kate and Sam for kitten-sitting.  Headed up to Lake Geneva to the Dog Spot for dog bathing, grooming and doggie daycare!
When we arrived we introduced Shea to the morning pack of dogs running and playing in the doggie day care outside area....this is a great place for fun!  There are balls, sticks, a few sandy areas for digging, trees and a very tall fence!  There is also a woman out there that does nothing but play and interact with the dogs!  Shea was a big hit, he is so easy going and social, he played with the retrieving group....following along with as they chased the balls and Frisbees....he played with the digging dogs, actually trying to pull them out of the hole!  He was great! 
Meanwhile I went to work on bathing Molls...twice, one flea-shampoo and one whiting shampoo; got her blown out and brushed some then into a open air crate with a warm air fan to finish up the drying!  She was in the same room I was in so I could keep an eye on her.  I took her water a few times and she took herself a nap.  Shay...this would be the lady Shay that operates Dog Spot clipped Jake, then I bathed him...twice, same routine as Molls....then blew him dry, then he went into the open air crate for some additional dry time.  Shay and I ordered sandwiches and had some lunch.  Shea the dog was inside for his lunch and some rest time in the indoor area.  Shea was so great with all of the dogs in daycare that he was invited out with the afternoon group as well!  After lunch Shay and I finished clipping Jake and by 3:00 Molls, Jake, Shea and I where on our way back home.
Now to the Bad part of the Day
Phinn, my 14 year old cat has not been eating or drinking well the last 3 days.  She has also been acting very strange....standing in the water bowl with her front two feet....when I got home from the groomer appointment, I tried once again to get Phinn to eat or luck....we where off to the vets.  On the drive I held Phinn wrapped in a large fluffy towel on the 10 minute drive.  They were great at the vets, got us right in.  Within just a few minutes the vet pointed out that Phinn's liver was failing...I made the hard choice.  They then took us to a room with a sofa and soft music, very comforting....let me have some time for my good-bye then she drifted her way over that rainbow bridge.   Phinn was my grandam cat....she had her 3 foot dance space and no one four-legged was allowed in.  She would sit on the arm of the love seat most nights and take a whack at Jake when he would walk by....never with claws out but just to let him know he had gotten too close!  She slept with me every night, on her own pillow right next to my head....if any other cat tried to take that spot, they were promptly chased away......I love Phinn and I will miss her; but I will see her again with my huge pride/pack waiting for me on a sunny hill with a clear blue pond, some beautiful trees and lovely flowers....somewhere over that rainbow bridge!
The Lady

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dog Park Day

Today I got a great surprise, my friend Dave got us a pass to the dog park!  Hip Hip Hurrah! It is good until the end of the year....Big Thank You to Dave, Anna, their daughters and their dog Honey!
Sooooo Molls, Jake, Shea and I loaded up and met Dave, Daphene and Honey at a great dog park in Libertyville, about 35 acres with a lake....what a great place....but I was so excited that I forgot to take the camera!  Shea was leash and stayed with us every step of the way....greeted dogs and humans alike with his smiling face and continued to be the wonder dog he has been since the first day he arrived.  
Family out there and we know you are out there, this guy is so mellow and such a great guy!  But, cause there is always a but....he is Houdini Dog....he escaped from the crate AGAIN!  
I have been leaving him free to roam the house, my fab neighbors have been stopping by and letting the crew out for about an hour then bringing them back in while I work.....I puppy proofed the house, but I have slip covers on the sofa and love seat....dogs yeah know!  When I got home Monday one of the ties was ripped, there was a u-shaped tear and the love seat was moved about 6 to 8 little I had to look at it for a few minutes to figure out what was different....I think they might have been playing tug-a-war with the it great!   I can repair the tear, I have slip-covers cause I have so many animals, I can pull them off and put them in the washer and dryer!  Yippee!
After the dog park, Moll was wet from swimming in the lake, Jake and Shea had gone wading and I had an appointment to get  my hair done..Sooo I gave the good dogs each a bone and put them in their crates!  After I finished up at Salon Artistix.....very cool name....I stopped by Pet Smart to pick-up some new soft chew toys to leave around.....a couple of fabric braids as he is not too interested in the squeaky toys I have around....I thought this would give him something to do!   I walked in the front door and who was sleeping on the sofa....Houdini Dog Shea!  I doubled checked that the bottom latch was closed before I left....but it was open when I went in a checked it when I returned home.....Soooo there you have it!
Shea is still one of the most mellow fosters I have ever had, he is just so cute, sweet and gentle...what a guy!
Here are a few new pictures for all of you!
It's this just the sweetest face you have ever seen?
Taking care of those darn babies...again
"Lady, these guys are buggin me!"
"We aren't doing nothing...really"
Or just maybe this is the sweetest face you have ever seen!
Next best news Shea will set when asked, with our without a treat!  Ta Dum!
The Lady

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday Shea looked soooooo sad when I told him to crate when I was going to work I puppy-proofed the house, called Terri, my great neighbor and asked if they would be around to check on the dogs and let them out....yes they I left Shea free to roam with Molls and Jake!
All went great!  I would not leave him more then 4 to 5 hours and I would want someone to check-in on him, he has been free to roam over-night for two weeks, so it is official, he is HOUSE-TRAINED!

Yesterday when we went for our walk I stopped at the gas station and let people going in and out to greet all of three dogs, this shows Shea how Molls and Jake greet people....Jake is not the greatest at this, he becomes excited and likes to jump up in front of people....but Shea did very well, he moves up slowly with caution, but his socialization continues to improve each day.

Along on route we met a group in a front yard, two men, two woman and 3 kids.  Shea was very good with the kids, he let them pet him, walked politely up to the men and woman and we stayed there for about 10 minutes talking.  They all thought Shea looked like Falcor from the movie Never Ending Story, now thats a hoot!
So that is Shea costume this year....

What do-ya think???????
Have a fun and save All Hallows Eve
The Lady