Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day at the Park of the Dogs

Well, it was really only an hour and a half...but we'll take the liberty of calling it a day.
As you all know Shea/Seamus will be going to his forever home this weekend so I took the opportunity to hang with my very cool pack at the PARK OF THE DOGS........the coolest place on the planet!
The dogs where great.....as usual.....so her are some pictures and videos for all of you..........especially Shea's new Darlin' to enjoy.
My Three Pack on the Move
I'll just bet you I could fly
That's A Great Pyr Smile
My Sweet Molls
One Two Three Falling in Love was Easy for Me

The Ends
What a great day, what a great pack, what a great life!
The Lady

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seamus Has a Home!

Hi to everyone....it is official....Shea has found his forever home!
Yesterday a very neat Lady and her wonderful Dad came to our house to meet Seamus.  I put Molls and Jake in their crates and Shea and I greeted out guest at the door.  Shea with manners only a Southern Gentlemen could have waited and allowed our guest to walk in and have a seat.  He then slowly started to sniff and greet the lady...cause ya know it is Ladies First!  Within moments he had his head on her lap for more and more pettings......PERFECT!  The Lady and her Dad asked questions about my handsome charge and the whole time he never left her side.  Only when I called him into the kitchen to get some treats so that we could show off his "Sit" and his "Come" did he venture away. 
After about 30minutes....Molls was aloud to come out and greet our guest...then it was Jake's turn and once again Jake was completely shown up by the Southern Gentlemen.  Shea didn't insist on sitting on any ones lap...he never tried to take over the room....No that would be Jake....Jake the Clown...Jake the Show-off! 
Then we all went for a walk around the hood.....Shea never let me down, always right where he should be right next to his Lady.....we even had a slight altercation with a rather aggressive dog that a couple was walking.  Jake pulled me across the road to so he could show-off just who was the really Big Dog...the really Big Jerk!  Shea never moved.  He was perfections. 
His Lady said more then once...."He can't be this perfect"  I told her he ate the book...I told her he tore the slipcover...but I couldn't find anything bad but some puppy behavior, he really is that perfect. 
His new Lady will have nine days off of work starting next Saturday....Shea will stay with us until 11/20....then we will meet halfway and he gets his very own home with a very special new Lady and her extended family.

"Here she is my very own Darlin' Lady.
It was love at first sight"
Click on this and make in larger....you will see pure love reflected in his eyes!
"This is me and my Darlin' with my very own Pa"
Happiness is finding a new love of your life!

On our walk...a short stop to cuddle!
We're so proud!
So there you have it.....And another one finds a home!
The Lady

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow what a weekend

After our glad / sad week, we had a really good weekend!
Jaz, my daughter was in town and she, Brooke and Brooke's daughters, Sam 9 and Kate 3 stopped by while I was at work on Saturday and took the dogs for a walk.  Sam walked Molls, Jaz walked Jake and Kate walked Shea....you read it right the 3 year old walked Shea for most of the walk.  Jaz said he stayed right next to her and was so very gentle with her, even when Jaz saw his ears go up and he would stop to zone in on a squirrel, she would tell Kate to say "Shea no, leave-it" and he would resume his place right next to her!  Now we know that Shea is not only good with kids....he responds and accepts commands from kids!  Whoopee what a guy!
On Sunday I raced home from work....grabbed a jug of water and was out the door in 15mins with the three dogs!  Off to the most excellent place in the whole wide world.......THE PARK OF THE DOGS!
Shea was great, as excepted.....he left me once to follow a pair of Huskies and their Mom and Dad....Jake, Molls and I followed along until we caught up with him....I think he was really going to play where all the dogs and their owner congregate for social time....he was wonderful there too!
So here are some shots of us in the park
Starting in the Woods
Happy Face
Here we come!
And There We Go
It's a meet and Greet
Off Again with a Smile!
Keep On Keeping On
Sorry I'm Not too good at this!

A Bit More....

Crashed Out on the Ride Home
We are off again on Tuesday.....Hip Hip Hooray I will try to get some better mini movies...I'm always afraid I will record too long...I'm recording toooooooooooooo little
The Lady

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good Day / Bad Day

I will start with the good day....
Yesterday I was up, had coffee, showered and out the dog with Molls, Jake and Shea along with Leedle, Deedle and Gray in their crate by 9:00AM....Took the kitten's to Brooke & her daughters Kate and Sam for kitten-sitting.  Headed up to Lake Geneva to the Dog Spot for dog bathing, grooming and doggie daycare!
When we arrived we introduced Shea to the morning pack of dogs running and playing in the doggie day care outside area....this is a great place for fun!  There are balls, sticks, a few sandy areas for digging, trees and a very tall fence!  There is also a woman out there that does nothing but play and interact with the dogs!  Shea was a big hit, he is so easy going and social, he played with the retrieving group....following along with as they chased the balls and Frisbees....he played with the digging dogs, actually trying to pull them out of the hole!  He was great! 
Meanwhile I went to work on bathing Molls...twice, one flea-shampoo and one whiting shampoo; got her blown out and brushed some then into a open air crate with a warm air fan to finish up the drying!  She was in the same room I was in so I could keep an eye on her.  I took her water a few times and she took herself a nap.  Shay...this would be the lady Shay that operates Dog Spot clipped Jake, then I bathed him...twice, same routine as Molls....then blew him dry, then he went into the open air crate for some additional dry time.  Shay and I ordered sandwiches and had some lunch.  Shea the dog was inside for his lunch and some rest time in the indoor area.  Shea was so great with all of the dogs in daycare that he was invited out with the afternoon group as well!  After lunch Shay and I finished clipping Jake and by 3:00 Molls, Jake, Shea and I where on our way back home.
Now to the Bad part of the Day
Phinn, my 14 year old cat has not been eating or drinking well the last 3 days.  She has also been acting very strange....standing in the water bowl with her front two feet....when I got home from the groomer appointment, I tried once again to get Phinn to eat or drink....no luck....we where off to the vets.  On the drive I held Phinn wrapped in a large fluffy towel on the 10 minute drive.  They were great at the vets, got us right in.  Within just a few minutes the vet pointed out that Phinn's liver was failing...I made the hard choice.  They then took us to a room with a sofa and soft music, very comforting....let me have some time for my good-bye then she drifted her way over that rainbow bridge.   Phinn was my grandam cat....she had her 3 foot dance space and no one four-legged was allowed in.  She would sit on the arm of the love seat most nights and take a whack at Jake when he would walk by....never with claws out but just to let him know he had gotten too close!  She slept with me every night, on her own pillow right next to my head....if any other cat tried to take that spot, they were promptly chased away......I love Phinn and I will miss her; but I will see her again with my huge pride/pack waiting for me on a sunny hill with a clear blue pond, some beautiful trees and lovely flowers....somewhere over that rainbow bridge!
The Lady

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dog Park Day

Today I got a great surprise, my friend Dave got us a pass to the dog park!  Hip Hip Hurrah! It is good until the end of the year....Big Thank You to Dave, Anna, their daughters and their dog Honey!
Sooooo Molls, Jake, Shea and I loaded up and met Dave, Daphene and Honey at a great dog park in Libertyville, about 35 acres with a lake....what a great place....but I was so excited that I forgot to take the camera!  Shea was wonderful....off leash and stayed with us every step of the way....greeted dogs and humans alike with his smiling face and continued to be the wonder dog he has been since the first day he arrived.  
Family out there and we know you are out there, this guy is so mellow and such a great guy!  But, cause there is always a but....he is Houdini Dog....he escaped from the crate AGAIN!  
I have been leaving him free to roam the house, my fab neighbors have been stopping by and letting the crew out for about an hour then bringing them back in while I work.....I puppy proofed the house, but I have slip covers on the sofa and love seat....dogs yeah know!  When I got home Monday one of the ties was ripped, there was a u-shaped tear and the love seat was moved about 6 to 8 inches....so little I had to look at it for a few minutes to figure out what was different....I think they might have been playing tug-a-war with the it great!   I can repair the tear, I have slip-covers cause I have so many animals, I can pull them off and put them in the washer and dryer!  Yippee!
After the dog park, Moll was wet from swimming in the lake, Jake and Shea had gone wading and I had an appointment to get  my hair done..Sooo I gave the good dogs each a bone and put them in their crates!  After I finished up at Salon Artistix.....very cool name....I stopped by Pet Smart to pick-up some new soft chew toys to leave around.....a couple of fabric braids as he is not too interested in the squeaky toys I have around....I thought this would give him something to do!   I walked in the front door and who was sleeping on the sofa....Houdini Dog Shea!  I doubled checked that the bottom latch was closed before I left....but it was open when I went in a checked it when I returned home.....Soooo there you have it!
Shea is still one of the most mellow fosters I have ever had, he is just so cute, sweet and gentle...what a guy!
Here are a few new pictures for all of you!
It's this just the sweetest face you have ever seen?
Taking care of those darn babies...again
"Lady, these guys are buggin me!"
"We aren't doing nothing...really"
Or just maybe this is the sweetest face you have ever seen!
Next best news Shea will set when asked, with our without a treat!  Ta Dum!
The Lady

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday Shea looked soooooo sad when I told him to crate when I was going to work I puppy-proofed the house, called Terri, my great neighbor and asked if they would be around to check on the dogs and let them out....yes they could...so I left Shea free to roam with Molls and Jake!
All went great!  I would not leave him more then 4 to 5 hours and I would want someone to check-in on him, he has been free to roam over-night for two weeks, so it is official, he is HOUSE-TRAINED!

Yesterday when we went for our walk I stopped at the gas station and let people going in and out to greet all of three dogs, this shows Shea how Molls and Jake greet people....Jake is not the greatest at this, he becomes excited and likes to jump up in front of people....but Shea did very well, he moves up slowly with caution, but his socialization continues to improve each day.

Along on route we met a group in a front yard, two men, two woman and 3 kids.  Shea was very good with the kids, he let them pet him, walked politely up to the men and woman and we stayed there for about 10 minutes talking.  They all thought Shea looked like Falcor from the movie Never Ending Story, now thats a hoot!
So that is Shea costume this year....

What do-ya think???????
Have a fun and save All Hallows Eve
The Lady

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just a Hi There

Shea (Seamus) is coming into his own and becoming a member of the pack......This week he has found his voice...
The first weeks or so he was here he never barked...this is not a trait of either the Great Pyr or the Komondor, both breeds bark warnings to ward off predators.   I did notice he was alert to his surroundings, but no barking, just watching.  This week I started to hear a new bark in the backyard when he, Jake and Mollie went out..... It's a cool voice!  He is also playing more with Molls....this morning it was a chase and race, catch me if you can game!
Yesterday I must have forgotten to latch the bottom latch on his crate door....I came home to him out with Molls and Jake, no problems with potting in the house, but a few magazine corners had been torn up and there is a new decoration to Mollie's food bowl....a chewed ruffle!  Interesting!  I will crate him again today when I go to work, and be certain to latch the bottom latch....to protect the house from puppy chewing!  If he starts to chew anything in the house when I'm home, just a "Shea, No" and it is all over.
Seamus is a great dog to live with....and forever family out there he is waiting to show you just how smart, loving and fun he can be.....last night he "SAT" for the first time without prompting.....MAJOR cool!
The Lady

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home is where all the animals are fostered!

I'm feeding dogs and adult cats twice a day.....
I'm feeding kittens 6 times a day.........
I'm training and loving dogs and cats all day....
I need more hands.....
I'm having a blast!!!!!!!!  
Getting up an hour earlier sooooooo 
I will have the time I need to get things going.....
At this stage of my life beauty sleep is a really big joke!
So as promised here are some shots of some of my pride/pack!

Ever attentive Shea.....watching over the baby kittens

"Lady, are you sure it's a good idea to let them run around here?"

Meet the Kittens
Leedle, Deedle and Gray
Cleanin up after dinner!
Hard at work watching these crazy kittens..........
It worn him out, but just look at that face!
So Jake took over!
"Take that Big Foot"

But here is the best news all week!
Shea won over big bad Jake....
The Lady

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Having Fun NOW!!!!!!!!

OK here is a quick scoop!
I keep feral cats, all of mine are spay or neutered....A new female showed up and you have already guessed it, she had 3 kittens in one of my feral boxes..................This was about 4 or 5 weeks ago................the kittens started coming out of the box over the weekend.......this is when they can either be domesticated or turn feral..............
Yesterday one fell off the deck, 30-minute before I had to leave for work....bummer!
I brought them in the house, fed them some formula and baby rice cereal ( I had this on hand as I knew the time was getting close ) then I locked them in Mollies dog crate, they where inside the box they had been born in, went to work...
When I got home last night at 8:30 I fed the herd, let the dogs out, brought up a smaller crate, washed it up in the bath tub, fed the kittens more baby formula, gave them a bath, dried them and put them in a soft towel, covered by a small fleece blanket, let the dogs back in and introduced them to the babies.....10:15!
I have a plan.......I have spoken with the Chicago Feral Cat League or some such name, I foster the kittens until they are 8 weeks, 2 lbs.....they will then take the kittens, have them spay or neutered and then there is a wonderful pet store in Antioch IL, that sells foods, supplies, toys etc and the only babies that they bring in to sell to the public are oops litters, kittens or puppies.....NO BREEDERS which in the pet store world is code for the evil dreaded Puppy/Kitten Mills!  I just had to share this with all of you animal lovers because I found it so cool!  I also have made arrangements with a my extremely cool neighbors, Chantale and Bill to take the kittens while I'm at work....I have the greatest animal loving neighbors on the planet....I figure the kitten will be ready in about 3 weeks to go on their journey to their forever homes!
Shea is great with the new babies....so gentle....he is eating much better with the intro of canned....he is very close to confirmation that he is house-trained...and he is even starting to play with some of the toys!  He is still very very mellow of a dude...sleeps a lot but perks right up for a walk or outside time!
I will get some photos up either today or tomorrow......that is the news from FOSTER PLANET.....
This is The Lady signing off!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Keep Pushin' On

Sorry I haven't communicated in a couple of days....life as you know.....
Shea is a fabulous fellow and like all fabulous fellows he has a few flaws...well that might be too harsh a statement, let me clarify. 

Shea is suspected of being born to a Great Pyr. mom and a Komondor dad on a chicken farm of some kind in Alabama.  The story goes that the farmer that has his parents keep Shea and his brother Sullivan (also a Fluffy Dog Rescue up for adoption) on the farm after the remainder of the litter was given away or whatever.  After a time, he took the boys and just dumped them out in the country, where they were picked up as strays together.  They stayed together at the shelter in Alabama, they traveled together to Wisconsin and that is when they for the first time in their lives they where separated.
Shea has gone through so much in the last few weeks, as in one of my earlier post I told you all about the neutering, the dew claw removal, traveling 790 miles give or take a few, to a new place and to top it all off losing his brother in the process.  Then finding himself living with Jake the Jerk, Sweet Molls, a bunch of cats and the Lady......a very strange pride/pack indeed!
He decided on Thursday to stop eating.....no he didn't want kibble with yogurt....no kibble with yogurt and peanut butter.....yes I'll eat a cookie treat here and there....I only want water!  Now this just wasn't working for me....as you can see I tried a few tricks...yesterday I called our Fearless Leader Lori....."Dog will not eat, and man this Dude is so thin 3 missed meals and I'm moving into panic mode"  Lori suggested I buy canned food and see if that will get the stomach kicked back into gear!  So yesterday morning in sweats and a flannel shirt with my hair sticking up all over I ran to the gas station in town and purchased one can of Alpo.....canned dog food is so bizarre, I mean have you ever smelled anything else quite like it? 
Well ladies and gentlemen that did the trick....1/2 can of dog food and he was all over it!  Last nights dinner was 1/2 can mixed with kibble and a tablespoon of yogurt to boot!  Breakfast today was much of the same. On my way home from work I picked up 5 large cans! 

Back to the fabulous with a few flaws....the flaws are not flaws, Shea is shy, he will warm-up to everyone we meet walking down the street, but the head is down, the butt pulled in they eyes somewhat concerned....he is morning the loss of his brother, the bond he had with his litter mate was strong.....he's learning to live in a house and respond to new dogs, new cats and a new person, he is just sad! 

But he is fabulous.....when it is just us, Jake, Molls, Shea and I, on the walk, his head is up and he has the Great Pyr smile on his face, his eyes are bright and he trots with a bounce in his step.  He will hear a strange noise, barking dog, kids in a yard, power tools and come to a stop....then with a "Come Shea"  he is right back in line beside me!  He wanders around the house....smelling the counter top....."No Shea" he walks away, he sniffs this and sniffs that and then slowly one foot, followed by the other three goes up on the sofa or the love-seat and he curls up and goes to sleep.  He takes his treats so gently from my hand, he waits for his food politely that I'm waiting on things like "Sit" "Stay" and "Down", I have tried "Sit" a few times and I know we will get there, he will "Wait" at the front or the back door and let me go out first, or he will "Wait" on the side of the road whenever he is asked.  The potty training is going so well, I can hardly believe it, and his natural response to the leash is remarkable.  But I want to give him some more time to settle in, morn the loss of his brother and begin to understand he is safe here.  So as you can see the Fabulous totally out weighs his sadness flaws...which are not flaws at all, just canine nature!
The Lady

Friday, October 22, 2010

It's getting better all the time

Last night was a test.....
Jake is starting to understand that we need to be polite to our guest....he's remembering who is in charge here!  I have been correcting the negative behavior, with lots and lots of praise for positive!  Yippee it's getting better all the time.
I got home from work about 8:30 feed the herd, let the dogs out for a bit and settled in for some TV....When the dogs came in Shea climbed up on the love-seat next to me, Jake crashed on the floor and Molls was on the sofa...Shea loves to cuddle up along side and get some loving pets and strokes....He is a cuddle bug!
After a little while Jake came up and set down with Shea and I....Jake on my left, Shea on the right!  Jake would lay his head on my lap with Shea's head right along side!  Soooooo at bedtime I let everyone out and then told Jake and Mollie to go to bed, Jake went in his crate....door open....Molls under the daybed....as always.....Shea was wandering around the living room.....Everything was quiet all night!  When I woke up this fine morning Shea was asleep on the love-seat, Jake was stretched out on the floor....Molls was still under the daybed....I don't think she move all night!
Shea seams to think Jake is super cool....he looks up at him just like the Freshmen looks up the Senior football star...."Dude you are so cool....can I hang out with you:"  While Jake is acting the part of the stuck-up Senior all the way...."Dork....beat-it"  But like many teen movies I'm working on improving Jake the Jerks behavior!
The walk this morning was once again TERRIFIC!
Shea looks a little freaked out by the camera....
"Lady....what are you going to do with that?"

Looks like a Rockettes Chorus Line....Got to love it

Changing up the line up.....
So there you have it.....day three and all is going fine!
He is house-training........great two nights in a row and not one accident!  He still impresses me everyday on leash....he's getting the Senior to like him....Now all he needs is his own home, his own family to love and love him!
The Lady

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good News....Bad News

Bad news first....last night about 11:00 I put Molls and Shea out, so that Shea would have plenty of time outside prior to bed time.  At 11:30 I brought them in and they just hung around for a few minutes.  At 11:45 I put Shea in his crate and turned out the lights, headed up to the Loft to bed.  Crying, whimpering, barking, banging at the crate door started...big time, I came down 4 different times, "NO"..."Quit"..."Down"....I have to sleep man.....
As I wrote earlier Jake is not being the best host....so I had to figure something out!  Jake was in his crate with the door open and he was sleeping....Molls was under the day bed sleeping....I needed to be sleeping.....So I closed the door on Jake's crate and opened the door to Shea's.
Now for the good news.....Everything got quiet....and stayed that way all night! When I got up this morning Shea was in his crate sleeping, sure man that's great, you are comfortable in there with the door open!....The best news is not one accident in the house!  So I guess this will be the new sleeping arrangement...I will see.
I have to crate Shea while I'm at work, so I hope he settles down, but I won't be here to hear it.  I can't leave Jake and Shea together as Jake is being a jerk!
But the best news is Shea was out of his crate all night, no potty accidents and no chewing just a very relaxed sleep for all!
The Lady

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As Promised

Here are some shots of the sweetest southern boy you'd ever want to meet!
"Hi y'all, this is me travlin to the Lady's"

Sound asleep

"Howdy Neighbor, darn nice to meet ya"

"Say What?"

"Darn man I got a big ol' nose"

"Dag-nab it and by golly I like it here"

As you can see Shea really needs to put on some weight, so I'm proud to report that he ate three times today.  For dinner I added a tablespoon of plain yogurt on all three of the dogs kibble and everyone was very happy about that.  
On our evening walk I made every attempt to have Shea walk next to Jake, who is doing his best to play big bad dog to our very submissive guest.  Jake and I have had a few words about this.  I'm hoping by having them walk next to each other it will help form a bond.  If this bad boy behavior continues I will contact my dog guru Gretchen and see what she advises....bummer.  I need to stay calm and assertive with Jake, with lots of praise for good behavior and a firm hand with the bad.  Mollie and Shea are getting along very well.  
I go back to work tomorrow, my neighbor Robbie is going to stop my after school and let the dogs out.  Shea will be in his crate and I think it will be helpful if he gets a break and gets outside.  
Shea continues to impress me, he is a very easy dog to train and he now is taking cookie treats from my hand.  I will start working on "Sit" "Down" and "Stay" next....we'll keep you posted!
The Lady 

Quick Update

Hello all,
Shea is eating, he licked up the half & half plate I give to the cats in the morning.
So I put about a tablespoon of half & half on his kibble and he eat about 1 cup!  This afternoon I put about a tablespoon of peanut butter and mixed in about 1/2 cup of kibble, he eat most of that up too!
On our walk today he once again did great on the leash, we met about 4 or 5 people in the grocery store parking lot that we cross and he let them pet him.  He is a little bit on the shy side, but willing to trust!
Not one accident in the house and he sleep in his crate just fine, walked right in too!  He did cry for about 5 minutes but then settled right down.
So family out there.....he is one very cool dude.
The Lady

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Amazing Little Big Boy

Today I drove to Hartland and had the greatest pleasure to meet a remarkable dog...Seamus who I call Shea.
Shea is a dream boat even though he has been through a lot in the last week.  Last Thursday he was neutered; the Vet in Alabama made the decision to remove his dew claws, they told us that they were growing in a circle.  Jake has two paws that the dew claws due this, and I will admit if they are not watched and clipped they are painful.  I wasn't there, I didn't see it but the results are sad to see.  The switches will come out in a about 10 days.
Then after the double surgery this poor sweet guy was put into transport up to us.  I read the email and saw the list there were 15 legs to this transport 9 hours each day for two days.  That means 15 different volunteers drove these dogs with an overnight in the Indianapolis area where even more volunteers met the car(s) took strange dogs into their homes, feed them, watered them, walked them and put them up for the night......you have to admit this is amazing!
Shea arrived in Hartland Sunday.  He stayed at the Doggie Day Care in Hartland until I could get there today.
This guy is so sweet and easy to be with, he was great in the car, sleep most of the way, looked out the windows the rest of the time.  When I arrived in Wonder Lake I always introduce my fosters to my pack at my neighbors Terri and Rob's.  Terri and Rob are not only great neighbors, they are wonderful dog people.  Today as always Terri and two of her teenage kids, Robbie and Shelby took Shea, he was open and friendly with them.  Shelby is 13, she took Shea round the front of the house and set on the front porch with him.  I ran home and got a very excited and happy to see me Molls and Jake.  We went up to Terri's and let them run around the fenced backyard until they calmed down.  Robbie took Jake's leash and Terri had Moll's Shelby walked Shea into the yard.  My dogs where on sit / wait command we let Moll greet Shea first, then Jake.  The all met very politely with their smelling and circling dog rituals then everyone just started to move around Terri's yard freely.
After about 10 minutes of getting to know yous......I took off with all three on leash for the two mile loop!  Shea is a dream on leash, he followed behind with very encouraging "Comes" when ever he would stop...strange noises, barking dogs, kids on bikes, but I never had to pull him.  He would just come, he walks proudly with his tail up and his head high.  Whenever he would pace in front of me a VERY gentle tug on the leash and he was right back in heal.  I keep repeating "Good Dogs....Good Dogs" softly....when it was time to smell the side of the road he appeared to pick up quickly on the command "OK" .  When a car would pass my command is "Over" to the side of the road...then "Wait" as we all four stand and let the car pass.  I can not believe he has never been trained, he is so easy and a natural!
When we got home I introduced him to our backyard, we walked around with Jake and Molls.  He comes when he is called with very little effort on my part!  Cat Man Dew, my large very friendly male cat jumped the fence and was following along with me, Shea smelled him and they where fine friends!  He hung out in the yard with Molls and they started some very cute jumps and play.  I had brought Jake in with me to let him bond with Molls first...female / male.  After about 15 minutes I invited Shea into the house...he never hesitated just walked right in sniffed around this and sniffed around that, he met Gem and Phinn two more of the cats.  Once again this was open and friendly, had a nice long drink from the communal water dish and then he curled up on the sofa and took a rest for about 30 minutes.
At dinner time I put Shea and Molls outside while I made the 5 inside/outside cats and the 7 Farrel cats dinner, got them all feed and invited the dogs back in.  Jake and Molls went to their regular places in front of the fireplace for their dinner and I tried to feed Shea in the kitchen, but he wasn't interested in anything tonight....to much going on I guess.  He is also not interested in the dog cookies, but I have had fosters do this before.
Shea will sit with very little coaching from me, I simply raise my hand flat with the palm toward him while  saying "Sit" move my hand over his head, about 6 to 10 inches and down he goes into a slow sit.  Ta Dum!
This evening they have all three been outside two or three times, they all three come in together as the pack they are becoming.....they come in and find a spot and lay down and take a nap.
As I write, Shea is in his crate, I just asked him to go in and lay down.  Jake is in his crate and Molls is in her favorite place...under the day bed in the office......Jake and Shea's crate doors are open....Jake was in Shea's crate for a few minutes and Shea was laying next to the day bed.  When Shea started licking on his back leg switches I told him "No Shea...Quit"  That's when I got up, Jake moved out of Shea's crate and I asked Shea to go in a lay down....he did, no hesitation no tom foolery just one good dog!
So readers first day and I'm impressed big time!  Shea is smart, willing, loving and he is going to be a dream to train.  I'm off again tomorrow so we will get in a good long walk, maybe even a car ride with all three in the truck.  This guy is not going to be a great dog...he is a great dog...now all he needs is a home!
NOTE:  I left my camera at Terri's, I will get it in the morning and have some new pictures up for all of you.
The Lady.

Today is the Day

Seamus is coming today.....
Everything I have heard from the people that transported him from Alabama to Wisconsin, the people at the Doggie Day Care that have been kind enough to allow him to stay until I could get off work to drive up to Hartland to pick him up and Lori and Julie of Fluffy Dog Rescue all say he is so sweet and kind of shy!

They made the decision to save him down in Alabama, so he is the new look he is carrying these days!
Berry Berry Cute.....
I will write more after we get back, start integrating him into the pack/pride and get him settled in!
The Lady

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Teaching a Old Pack Leader New Tricks

While we are waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of Seamus I have been doing some research on both the Komondor and Great Pyrenees breeds.
"Please find me a HOME.....All I need is someone one to love me!"

Jake, my big white dog, is a rescue I adopted him 2 years ago on Mother's Day weekend.  He was about 6 months to 8 months old, he is now 3! I drove to southern Illinois, almost to St. Louis to get him, found him on Petfinders! The add said Great Pyrenees / Irish Wolfhound and I think maybe some Standard Poodle.  Jake is really agile loves to do this flying spins in the air when he is excited...but man it is all a guess.  One of these days when even a row boat comes in I will have him tested.  

For anyone interested you can get this done for around $ 60.00 at Fluffy Dog Wellness heres the link~

Jake has double dew claws, very much a Great Pyr. trait, he is all white and has an independent attitude! He's coat is thick with a very soft undercoat with a kind of wiry over coat.  He has a beard and the most beautiful golden eyes, and when he is wet he you see the Wolfhound.  He is also very tall about 31" at his shoulders and a big guy 150lbs. He is really a mess in this photo but shows his coat and crazy face! 

I know from living and training a Great Pyr that it can be a challenge, you need to really understand livestock guarding dogs. While researching the Komondor I was not surprised to find many similarities in both breeds. These guys have been bred to be self-thinkers and require a strong pack leader that understands positive reinforcement and making training fun is the only way they will truly respond.  You can not bully these breeds, they need a strong loving hand.  You need to give them their space to think and make the decision that "ya man I can and will do that".  
Mollie is a mystery from Missouri....I lost two wonderful dogs, an Akita at 11years and a 180lb 6 year old Lab/Shepard mix within 6 months of each other...I like big dogs!  Mollie was a gift from my neighbors, they found her at a feed store, free to a good home around 6 weeks old.  They where told she was Newfoundland / Great Pyr mix....right!  She is short, wide and I have no clue on the tail, she looks like a Lab Pointerish kind of thing.  Mollie loves the water and she really wants to please me, very Labish....Jake could really careless.

I had never had a Great Pyrenees or Pyr mix....what a wonderful interesting surprise...Wolfhounds are really laid back, in their temperament profile I actually read...."if your looking for a guard dog a Wolfhound is most likely not your breed, unless your plan is for the intruder to trip over him"  When reading about the temperament of either the Great Pyr or the Komondor guarding is what they are all about, guarding the flock, guarding the family etc.  Words like independent, instinctively protective, vigilant pop up....but you also read about how affectionate both of these breeds are, how they love other animals, cats, dogs, sheep you name it.  You also read that it is vital that they both be socialized at a young age and that their owners keep this up as both breeds can become intolerant of trespassers and teasing.  

I can tell you that I have had 7 to 8 dogs in my adult life, 1 full blooded Lab, a Golden Retriever / Terrier mix, Lab/Chesapeake mix, an Akita and a Lab/Shepard mix.  Of all these dogs I found Jake to be the most interesting, most people meet him and end up telling me he looks like a man in a dog suit.  He has also been the most trying to train....Labs will do anything to please...the Akita had a lot to say and wanted to test me at most every turn.....Jake wants to think for himself, when we hike he will get 100 yards way from me, not pay one damn bit of attention, or a least look like he's not paying one bit of attention...."Lady relax....I see you, you see me, everything is fine and I'm smelling stuff over here!"  He was driving me mad....so I hired a trainer, Gretchen of  Lake County Dog Trainer she is a dream....Force Free trained, all positive reinforcement...I learned so much from her and still do.  

If you want to consider Seamus read about the breeds, be ready for a challenge and be certain you are a strong pack leader, he will never let you down.....I can not wait to meet him integrating him into my pack, getting him started walking on leash, socializing him into the neighborhood and dog park,  I don't even know if he is house trained, but that is the simple part if you use a crate!  I have come to love the independence of the Livestock Guarding Breeds, I love the fact that I need to work for their respect, it is just not handed to me, I know Jake thinks I hung the moon, he just won't tell me!  I am really looking forward to bringing another Great Pyr and now Komondor into my pack.  
Stay turned for more
The Lady.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seamus is Coming

Well hello again to any of our return readers.... 
              A very big hello to all our new readers.....

We are getting ready to invite a new friend to stay with us on his journey to his forever home...our new guy is Seamus and we are really looking forward to his arrival....
I'm picking him up on Tuesday so we will let all of you know who this guy is as soon as we get to meet him....
We sure like his name...and you have to admit he has a great face!

We would like to introduce ourselves to all the new readers.......

This is Mollie Maie

"Hi everyone....
I sure can't wait to meet and play with Seamus he looks like a fun guy!
I'm a very smart girl and silly Jake and I help the Lady exercise, discipline and love
all the fosters that come to stay on their Journey to find their homes.  
We just love helping them turn into the best dogs they can be"

And this is Jake Ryan
"Dudes Hail and Hello....Seamus and I should be totally awesome friends, 
cause Dudes we are both part totally most awesome Great Pyrenees Dude-Dogs!

I'm the Lady....we have been on a break from fostering for our friends a Fluffy Dog Rescue for a few months....Summer Time and the living was easy.....we had a few friend dogs staying with us while their families were on vacation...but that is all over and we are really looking forward to meeting Seamus and helping him find his forever home....
Check back next week and follow us on our Journey 
The Lady......