Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Resilience of Dogs

The true and honest resilience of dogs never ceases to amaze me.
Little Jasmine(who I have fondly re-named Wynnipeg Jones just because it fits her so fine) is a wonder. 

She calls me Wynnipeg Jones one of those fine girls from Bama!
Wynnie for short cuz I am

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since she arrived.  She had lived with some kind of pack with some kind of backyard breeder.  She was dumped in a shelter with 3 of her pack-mates.  She stayed for a bit with one of the saviors of the south waiting for a ride north.  

She was just starting to settle in there and the next thing she knows she and her friends are in and out of cars for two days heading north.  

When she arrives here she is promptly bathed by strangers and the next thing she knows she is separated from her pack and then a new stranger picks her up.  

I couldn't even get her to come out of the crate to me. I had to tip it and slowly pull the towel she was on out.  She was so scared she was just shaking. 

I put here in a sweater and take her out in the cold into yet another car for another hour ride.  Next thing she knows she is meeting three new dogs...two are just huge and one is very bossy and kind of silly
Jake the Giant 
Sweet Mollie Mae 
Tiny Emma Stone that other fine girl from Bama!

And she gets to meet one crazy cat..We hang out for a bit, go to bed, and she is very relieved to learn she gets to sleep with me. The next day she starts to learn the new routine and rules. 

She's learning to potty outside, starts on basic commands sit, stay, off, and to walk on a leash. Fast forward two weeks. 

Jasmine Aka Wynnie comes when she is called, most of the time...
Sits nearly every time she is asked for a treat or for her dinner. 

Understands that off is off the bed, off the sofa, off when she is jumping up on my leg...

She is so good on her leash and I walk Tiny Emma Stone, Mollie, Jake and Jasmine Aka Wynnie and on most days I also have Stella our neighbor that comes here for doggie day care.  

She has leaned that her place on the walk in up in front of me with Tiny Emma Stone and Stella if she is with us, while Jake and Mollie follow behind.
She understand "wait"  we wait for another pack-mate to smell or pee, we wait at each corner. 

She understands "over" because we are such a large pack when we meet people coming down the city sidewalk we move "over" and we "wait" for the people to go by.
We have had only 4 maybe 5 potty accidents in the house and not one in the past four days!  

Don't ya just know it
Me and Big Ol Jake tonight after our walk
And to think this dude scared me!
Not no more! 

RESILIENCE: She is happy,  she is smart and she will make someone an incredible darlin' companion, she'll give ya love and understandin' that darlin companion!

The Lady