Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good News / Bad New

Hello to anyone reading
Dreamer has found a home in Ohio......This is sad for us but great for her.
I spoke with the warden in Ohio myself, was just calling to find out a little about her....and this is the story he told me......
A young woman came in from Ashland, she fell in love with Dreamer....walked her and knew that this was her dog.  She lives in an apartment and needed a $ 200.00 pet deposit, she only had $ 100.00 right now.  She asked if she could make payments....NO.....all or nothing.  She came to visit Dreamer 2 or 3 more times, trying to raise the funds.  She would walk her and brush her when she came to visit.  Then she came back on Thursday with her Mom and her Mom feel in love with Dreamer too and she lent her daughter the additional $ 100.00 and Dreamer had her forever home!
The Lady

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Girl in Town

Hail to all of our returning readers and to all our new readers....
We, The Lady, Molls, Jake and all the Cats are about to embark on a new foster adventure....
Her name is Dreamer and we can't wait to Dream a little Dream, we're hoping Friday will be the day for a Daydream, cause we're all  Daydream Believers in a California Dreamin' kind of way, remember In Dreams anything is possible and that is very true in fostering too, all you have to do is Dream!
Jake said "Dudes like man she sure is pretty"
Molls added "She looks kind of scared, we need to help her, cause she's lost and needs to find her forever family!"
We don't know too much about her, but we are going to call Ohio tomorrow and talk to the nice folks that have her and try to find out some more....All I can tell you right now is that she is a very pretty Doodle of one kind or an other...and her eyes look so soft and kind...I agree with Molls she looks lost and scared and we are ready to help her out!
So you hang in there Dream Girl....we're ready to get you up here and get that tail a waggin!
We are hoping she will be here on Friday, so keep your fingers crossed
The Lady