Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Miracle On Booth St

"Well it's official no more Diapers!!!!!!! I'm a big kid now!  
I'm just so darn proud of myself I might just burst...but not my bladder....a bit of humor...." 
Said Tiny with a burst of laughter

Emma has been on Proin our miracle maker for 8 days, no side effects and all is right in our world.  Things around Riverwest couldn't get much better...No more diapers day or night for Emma Stone and we have our very own...get it comes....
Yup you heard it right our own dog park within walking distance of our house..Roverwest!! The greatest place in the world.  The dogs and I have been there just about every night in the last week.  With all the rain it has gotten a bit soggy, but it is a hoot watching Emma race every dog after every ball and the girl is so fast...she blows my mind.  
So we thought we would just post a few photos along with all this great's like the world is our oyster!

Just take a look at this smiling face

Truckin like the do da man!

Proud as a peacock I am 

Me and my baby bunny 
Darn we are so cute

Me and by bestie Misha just watching the world go by 

Me and my crew
Jake way in the back
Mollie Maie is on the left and Misha on the right
And that's me in the front 

And here we are at the Bodega
Mollie, Stella, Tiny Emma Stone, Misha and Jake
We are one very cool looking group 
If I must say so myself

I'm done worn out

So there you have it Tiny Emma Stone is waiting to save her Forever Family, she is hoping for a dog brother or sister to play with cuz this girl loves her four legged friends.  
So come on what ya waiting for?

Good night 
The Lady