Saturday, May 29, 2010

He Continues to Amaze....

This morning I woke early, 6:00 AM, my friend Shelly would be proud, I was out walking dogs by 6:30!
Our morning walk was around the neighborhood, this is about a mile walk.  About 3/4 of the way back, we met my neighbor Rich, he was in his truck.  He stopped......
"You have another one????"
" Well I have to say the dogs look really good coming down the road, but what the hell are you wearing, you look like shit?"
Pink and white zebra print flannel pajama pants and a orange tee-shirt, grass stained tennis shoes, bed-head hair and no make-up!
"Geeze thanks man, I really didn't think I would be running into anyone, but this is the newest fashion for early morning dog walking "
The dogs were really great, they were all three walking on heel on my left, three dogs on leash being held in one hand, when we stopped to talk with Rich, Mollie sat looking around while Bear & Jake laid down next to my I am proud of this pack!  Bear fits with us just like a glove!
So I went home, showered and was off to work.  
When I came home around 4:00 I put the dogs out, made animal dinners and myself a sandwich.  Around 5:30 I took the dogs for a short walk, then down to the lake.
At the boat launch/beach there is a sandbar on one side, this sandbar goes out about 15 to 20 feet from shore and the water is no higher then my ankles.  I let Mollie off her leash, she loves to swim, Jake actually followed Bear & I out on to the sandbar, he has never done this before....he normally stands on shore barking "Danger...Danger...You guys shouldn't go in there"  He is so weird!  Bear showed no interest in following Molls in for a swim, but had no issue with walking out on the sandbar.  I didn't let him off his leash, we hadn't tried that yet, but he was great with the water.  We made our way home, I put the wet dogs out in the back yard to dry off.
After about 45 minutes I decided to load them into the SUV and head out to our little local park.  I only have two 20' training leashes, so I hooked my three, 6' leashes together.  
This is the first time all three dogs have been in the SUV together, they were expected!  I used the trainers on Molls and Bear and the heaver three, 6 footers on Jake.  I held the leashes until we had passed the picnic area, as there was a large family gathering.  Once we where in the woods I let them run, though they were dragging their respective training leashes, they were free.  Bear was fantastic, he came when called ran ahead, lagged behind, but stayed with us.  We did the 2 mile loop through the woods, and my only complaint would be the bugs!
Bear is one exceptional guy, he is doing soooo great with us.  When we meet anyone on our walks he is friendly and open to petting and affection by everyone, young and old alike.  He ignores barking dogs that we pass and now I know he is cool off leash.  Needless to say they are all three crashed out tonight.  Nothing like a well exercised dog to keep them happy and healthy!  I just love hanging with the pack! 
The Lady

Friday, May 28, 2010

Voting and Other Great News

First of all the Voting of the Great Debate is a 2 to 0 for Irishdoodle check out the post below and cast your vote.....its fun!

Next I'm proud to report that wonder-dog Bear did great yesterday,  free to roam the house while I was at work, 9 hours.  He, Jake and Mollie were all very happy to see me upon my return.....jumping around and jocking for position for Welcome Home petting.....
I had to remind all NO JUMPING ON THE LADY.....this was hard as they all looked so cute and happy! 

Bear is joining the pack more every out to bark at the dogs behind us....checking out the yard....
He is also cuddling up next to me on the sofa for hugs and loves.....

He continues to adjust beautifully and he is so easy to love
The Lady 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Great Debate

When Bear was surrendered his papers indicated that he was Poole/Irish.....
Now is that Irish Setter or is the Irish Wolfhound?
So I thought it might be fun to play let's guess and vote.....
To Cast Your Vote:  Just leave a comment...Irish Setter...Irish Wolfhound..
I will wait a few days....count the votes and post the results
To help us here are a few photos
Irish Wolfhound
Standard Poodle
Ok I tried to find a picture of a Wolfoodle
but had no luck so you will just have to guess what this mix would look like......
I have seen Wolfoodles on Gentle Giants Webpage but no such luck today

Irish Setter

I did find an Irish-doodle

Man who does this look like???????
So lets have some fun and cast your vote today.....
I will post the results on Monday......
The Lady

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On Bad Thing One Good Thing

OK I'm going to be honest with all of you.....
Bear is the messiest water drinker...well actually, the second messiest water drinker I have every lived with!
Chewy, my Akita, who has crossed over that rainbow bridge holds the all time prize as "Messiest Drinker" Chew would literally fill his mouth with water and walk away from the bowl with his mouth open covering the floor.  I was always convinced he did this on purpose.
Now Bear, he drinks fast and he's a splatter.....then he has this little short get the picture!
Jake has a fairly long beard, but when he moves away from the water bowl there are just a few drops here and there......Bear, man he get water everywhere....then three big dogs with twelve big feet track it around the kitchen!  Thank God for the Swiffer Mop.....
Now the good I said in my earlier post it stormed today.....the dogs went out.....wet dirty feet came back....when I asked Bear to give me a paw he lifted his foot right up so that I could dry it off. 
What a very clever boy he if I could just get him to keep the water in the bowl!
The Lady

Day One Tests 1, 2, 3 and 4

Today is the first full day with Bear....great news to report.....
Last night when I went to bed I left Bear free to roam the house with Molls and Jake.  I sleep in a loft, and the loft is the safe zone for the cats, so no dogs aloud.  Bear did great, when I woke this morning he was crashed peacefully on the sofa.....Test 1, passed with flying colors, A+
I volunteer at Pioneer Center in McHenry, this is a day workshop for physically and mentally disabled adults, I'm gone from 12:00 until 2:30.  As Bear did so very well roaming the house last night, and I'm only gone for a few hours, I decided to let him roam with the crew today.....he was the first one to the door to greet me when I arrived with Jake and Molls right on his heels.....Test 2, another A++
As I was driving home it began to storm...thunder, lighting, monsoon rain.......Test 3, not one smiggin afraid of storms or loud noises....A+++
We have had two good walks, one last night when it cooled down and the second, early this morning .  Last night I just walked him on his collar and he pulled, now I like dogs to walk on heal, right next to me.  I know, this is strict, but discipline and control are important and I'm walking about 320Lbs. of dogs on 3 leashes.  If I'm not in control I would be pulled and tugged from one end of the lake to the walk we walk on heal. This morning I used a Gentle Leader on Bear, he protested a bit about it, but once we got moving down the road he was great, no pulling and it was much less stressful for all of us.....Test 4, A++++
The poor guy has a case of Kennel Cough, but we will get him through this.....they told me he was shy....maybe just a little bit, but he is doing wonderfully here.....likes Molls and Jake, gets on good with the cats, has learned to stay on the carpet when I'm making cat & dog dinners in the kitchen.....with only 3 or 4 guy....
As I type Bear is once again lying at my feet....he is a Velcro dog, but not in an obnoxious way....just likes to be close the one he loves.....This is one fine dog....handsome, smart and really loving who could ask for anything more?
Just hanging out and getting to know each other

Three really smart dogs waiting for treats

Really good treats man

You really shouldn't have walked away Jake...Dude we got another one!

The Lady

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Arrival of Bear

This morning I drove to LA Groomers in Heartland, I met a great lady named Amy, it's her store and she introduced me to my new guy, Bear. What a beautiful dog, no photo could do him justice, he looks like someone whipped butter and folded in apricots sauce......this apricot color is heavier on his ears, head and I would pay big bucks for hair this color! Lori the fearless leader of Fluffy Dog Rescue stopped by LA Groomers and we loaded up my SUV with dog food and the Beautiful Bear.  
Bear rides wonderfully in the car, and it was the middle of the day and 85 degrees, he doesn't hang his head out the window like Jake, he doesn't pace around, he just laid down and enjoyed the ride.  It's about a 1-1/2 hour drive between Heartland and Wonder Lake and we had to make a stop to drop off food in Genoa City.  At the stop about 6 people can out to help unload and meet Bear, he was such a gentlemen.  His tail was down between his legs, lots of changes, lots of people, but he greeted everyone of them and let all of them pet him. 

Next on the agenda was to stop at Teri's, she's my next door neighbor.  The plan was.....and I must say it worked like a dream.....drop Bear off with Teri and Dane, Teri's 18 year old son.  Then I went home and put Mollie and Jake on leash and walked them up to Teri's.  This way Dane could hold and control Bear, while I handled Jake and Mollie, most important we are all on neutral ground!  Mollie met Bear first and he was cool with her, then Jake bound in.....he is just so man he is huge!  Bear gave him a waring growl...."Back off Dude...your just like too big and too silly for me"  Jake did!  Then we let all three, dragging their leashes, run around Teri's yard for about 15 minutes.  Once again this is neutral space.  Next I took the three for a few block it was hot, but we needed to move around as a pack....together....

When we got home I took them around the house to the back yard....I told all three "Wait" I went through the gate first....claimed the backyard as mine and then let them follow me in.  I still had them drag their leads, just in case, but it went great.  Next step....the house and the cats.....Bear and I went in alone....once again I went in first and then aloud him to follow me.  He went right up to Purrcella and Phinn, both crashed on the back of the was fine....he likes cats!  Final hurdle cleared!  After Bear checked out the place for himself, I let Molls and Jake in.  It was pant fest for about 20 minutes while they all cooled themselves down....

Now we are a pack....a new pack....but a pack still.  As I type Molls is under the day to the floor vent, Jake is crashed out in the to the floor vent and the newest member for my pack is crashed out next to my feet, under the to the floor vent.  Everyone is cooled off and cool with this hot eventful afternoon....Got to I love it when a plan comes together.....
The Lady

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Kid In Town

Hello Everyone.....We're Back......
After taking a break....finding a new job.....and then finding the right new foster for my pack....
Drum Roll Please......I would like to introduce you to......BEAR......What a great Face!

Our friend Julie sent us these wonder-filled shots of this most handsome guy 
She meet him at the Groomers

Bear has a sad story to tell you all....
This handsome 2 year old Setter-Doodle (going to have to find out from Lori what that means) was a much loved companion to a lady who found herself in a health crisis.....she had to surrender Bear to HAWS....he wasn't happy there, so they called Lori to ask if she could get him into a foster home....

First Toni took him for a couple of days.....then Amy took him for a couple of day, you see the Lady was working and we could not get things together to get him down to wonderful Wonder Lake....but tomorrow...Tuesday the Lady is driving up to meet this guy and bring him home. 
We hear from everyone that he is a little shy but all this bouncing around, and losing his home would be confusing to anyone.  

Jake, Mollie, all the Crazy Cats and most especially the Lady can't wait to get him home and settled in....just to tempt your eyes here are a few more shots that Julie sent us.....
Thank you, thank you, thank you Julie, these are beautiful pictures.


More to come......
Talk with you all tomorrow
The Lady and Crew!