Friday, March 21, 2014

The A B C's of Tiny Emma Stone

A She's adorable
B She's so beautiful
C Can't keep my eyes off of her.....

As you are aware we are working really hard to help Tiny Emma Stone with her urine issues. You have read that she has been tested and the bladder, kidneys and liver are 100% perfect. Emma is perfect.  We will continue to work with her, she and I have now worked out how she lets me know she needs to go out....She simply comes over to my desk and puts her feet up on my leg. Good Girl!  I also ask if she needs to go outside about every hour and a half.  This in it's self is a major improvement, it was every hour.   She goes the moment she gets outside so she understands the concept, it's just that her control doesn't always fit the time frame. We have never had a accident in the house with her bowels.  As our Fluffy Dog leader explained on her Petfinder Posting it is an incontinence issue we are currently trying a to strength the bladder with supplements.   

Tiny Emma is very good in a bath and does not flinch away from the blow dryer.  Good Girl! She is also very good about being brushed.  She is not scared of loud noises, the vacuum cleaner, bike riders, skateboarders, joggers or any other distraction on the city streets, sidewalks or bike paths.  Good Girl!  We were in the park tonight, there is a huge soccer field and she was dragging the training leash, wow it's pure joy to watch her run.  She runs in this giant circle around me, low to the ground and she is smiling the whole way!  When I stop moving and call out "Emma Come" with a quick whistle she comes flying to me.  Good Girl! We walked a section of the Oak Leaf trail with her dragging her leash, she was great. Met other dogs and people on the path with respect.  Good Girl!  When we went back to the street I put a six foot leash on her and we worked on heal.  I find this is much better when Mollie and Jake are on leash too, pack mentality.  She is so active and really likes to cruise at a good clip.  I think she would be a great addition to any ones jog or run.  She can out pace Mollie and Jake that's for certain!  Those two are strollers!!!!

Forever Family, Tiny Emma Stone needs to be with someone that can be home with her all day, but don't let her issues stand in the way of considering Tiny, she is a wonderful dog. She is smart and willing to love you.  She is funny and easy to be around.  She is beautiful to look at.  Her coat is like spun silk.  We will keep you posted as to how well the options we are currently trying work out in the next month or so.   

Just want to offer up a bit more information about this truly amazing little creature.  
The Lady 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

She's Spoiled But She Don't Mind

I've been attempting to find time to update you all on Tiny Emma Stone and I found it right where I left it!  

"Reckon y'all been a wonder`n where is that girl,
she don't call, she don't write...
Well sho 'nuff wez been busy learnin a heap of new stuff"

Tiny Emma is doing so well here, she continues to work on the leash in the neighborhood. She is still pulling some, I might have to get a gentle leader for her nose, the gentle leader harness is just a tad large and I don't think it has the effect I'm looking for.  We work for a few blocks with Molz, Jake and Emma on short leash working on heal.  Then she gets to go on the 14' trainer to work on voice commands while Mollie and Jake are walking off leash.  The goal here is for her to be an off leash walker. It only took me 6 years to train Mollie and Jake.
Yes I am the dog whisper!!!!! NOT 

On Sundays we try to walk in Lake Park, this has great paths and paved bike paths.  I have Tiny Emma working on dragging the training leash and she is doing some much better then I ever expected!
"Ain't it purdy it this ol' woods!
Trails are a bit cattywampus here and there
But I reckon it makes it more fun!
Here's me and my boyfriend Jake
Hear tell ya'all think he mighten be too tall for me"

"It's a heap of fun to drag the ol' training leash
but ya got to stay with the pack 
Cuz that Lady get's a bit riled ifn you don't"

"Ya best come a runnin when that Lady is a callin!"

"Tarnation the snows finally startin ta melt 
And damnation if we aren't a muddy ol' mess
but we don't mind"

"Dang if it ain't me and my bestest friend Mollie Maie"

As high energy Tiny Emma Stone can be outside she is so much the sweet little lady in the house.  She thinks of herself as a guard dog and is watchful out the window.  She and her bestest friend Mollie are under the opinion that no one can walk pass the house with sounding the alarm and their barking can be a bit much.  We continue to work on "Quit" when I'm working...I wish I could report this is all I have to do but alas I would be lying. When I get out of my chair and walk toward them, Emma is the first to jump down from the sofa and quite down...Mollie is not helpful...she like to ignore me...being convinced that she knows better then I.  
We continue to work on the potty training but it's a slow moving train.  

My little watchful waif
"Now ya'all stay out of this yard
Ya hear me....."
"Go on now with ya, let me and my boyfriend sleep"

With that we will say good night
The Lady