Saturday, February 25, 2012

It takes a Village to save a Winks...

I just received this update information from Julie, Fluffy Dogs Rescues Info Hub, she received it from Winks' foster mom in Alabama and I going to share it with all of you!
  • Winks is approximately 1 year old give or take a month and about 26 lbs, we will have the exact weight when we have the vetting paper work.  He was just neutered and is recuperating nicely
  • He can become overwhelmed and shy if greeted by a very gregarious dog...Bummer, Jake will have to work on that!  He is however very friendly with other dogs and becomes very playful with them once he's had a proper time to get to know them.  Even if they snap and snarl at him, he chooses to turn away-hasn't snaped at anyone at his foster home down south....What a guy and only a year...this boy is very well adjusted!  He's been with all of the dogs at his foster's, they range from 70lb to 4lb - even mixture of male and female, old and young.  She reports that the 4lber gives him the most trouble and our good dog Winks just backs down from him!  His fave playmate is a 45lb Shepherd mix!  Mollie will love this boy!
  • Outgoing and friendly with humans.  He likes to jump up to get attention, but they are working on discouraging that behavior, she goes on to report that even when he jumps he is gentle.  We will work on "OFF" and when he is back down on all fours he will get a treat....positive reinforcement!
  • Winks affectionate and loving once he gets to know you.  He loves pets and doesn't shy away from human hugs and kisses. I can't wait to add mine!  He's not a big kisser tho he'll occasionally "kiss" but is not a licker!
  • He prefers to eat either through the day when they are at work or through the night.  They feed first thing in the AM and again when they return from work....Say schedule we use...he sounds like a grazer, I will keep food for him in his crate and give him some time in there alone...Molz and Jake are not grazer...they would be way to fat if I had food down all the time.  This is the best way to feed forever family if it works with your other dogs...if you have one!
  • He passes the food test.  When he is eating his foster mom can pet him, take the bowl away and push his head out of the bowl, his response is to only look at her, no growling, no snapping or biting...he is the best dog ever!
  • No potting in his crate, he has lifted his leg a few times around the house, but they are correcting that with verbal corrections and that has reduced the frequency.  She is hoping the neuter will finish that completely.  No major accidents just some boyish marking!  Yippee
  • No chewing on anything, not even toys!  She goes on to say that he show little interest in toys at all-just chasing whomever has one.  Mollie and Jake are not much on toys either, but they love their marrow bones, can't wait to see if Winks will like them too.  I bought some small ones just for him.
  • He rides really nicely in a car, they provide a boost in and the he just sits and watches out the window or lies down.  
  • He knows that they have cats and is curious when the other dogs are staring intently at the cats over a baby gate, but doesn't seem to "get" what they are interested in.  I have three very dog-friendly cats, Cat Man is our ambassador, he is a big guy and willing allows smelling and nudging.  We will let you know how the one on one goes! 
So there you are...this guy sounds like a dream dog, young, polite and confident.  She said nothing about how Winks is on leash so I'll let you know more about that when we've had a walk.  I can not wait to get him here to spend some time with him on his journey to his very own forever home.
Thanks for reading and thanks for thinking rescue  (I plagiarized this from Shelly at Grades Lodge, another Fluffy Dog Foster Mom...hope she don't mind)
The Lady

With a Wink and a Smile

Well hello there everyone...Fluffy Dogs on the Go is back!  Yup just like that Jake, Molz and the Lady along with the Crazy Cat Crew are gearing up to meet our new foster dog.....Winks.
Can you believe this face?
Jake is dazed and amazed....."Dudes, who put me in the dryer?" 
"Jake, have you lost your mind?" Mollie Maie said with disgust...
"No one put you in a dryer..
this is our new foster brother, Winks, moron" 
"Like wow man, he just might be my really bro, sure looks like me, can't wait till he gets here, totally cool"
"Whatever, he is not your really anything, 
he's a cute little guy looking for his forever home
 and we get to help!" 

Jake Ryan and Mollie Maie just can't hold back their anticipation....
Their sending a kiss to Winks in Alabama.

We're all hoping that our cute little Winks will be on the transport coming up this week...hoping to get him here safe, sound and ready for his adventurous journey in finding his forever home!  We expect him to arrive Sunday March 4th, so keep your figures crossed that he makes the bus.....Check back soon and all of us at Fluffy Dogs on the Go are really looking forward to meeting a Winks!
The Lady