Friday, December 26, 2014

Live Action Girl

Thought you might like to see the little girl in action

A dinner party

We will get better at this video's but gives you a chance to see the girl in action

The Lady 

Monday, December 22, 2014

A bit of this and a dash of that

Hey there dog fans

Well life is starting to get normal around here...If you haven't yet read the post below on Yolanda's Misadventure.  It will make you cringe, cry and laugh...don't miss it!

I have taken to calling Yolanda Ouiser/Weeza after the Shirley MacLaine character in Steel Magnolias  Ousier Boudreaux...she can be some what of a curmudgeon!  Like most Chihuahua's she think she is all that and more.  Kind of sassy, no, she is really sassy to all strangers, barks and lets all know she is present.  She loves other dogs and she bonded to me in all of 30 seconds, but when she see's our neighbors she barks...  We share a yard with two homes. The back house has two residents and we have an upstairs neighbor as well.  They are all dog people and really nice, but Ousier loves to tell them...this is her yard, they are trespassing and they should leave...NOW.  But she is just noise.  She will quiet down when I really get after her in the yard or on leash; "Quit" "No" "Quit" But is much better about settling down in the house.   
She is good with Stella one of our neighbor's dog,  who is the fun police of the yard!  And is in LOVE with the Pit mix Captain that lives upstairs...she loves to run and run and run circles around him...will squeal when he gets her but it is all a big joke to her!

She is very funny loves to play with her toys, the cat and Tiny Emma Stone.  

She is just as cute as she can be, goes in her crate well and is potting training fast!  We went to the dog park for the first time yesterday and she was great, barked at a few people but for the most part was interested in playing chase and race games with Tiny Emma Stone and the other small dogs in the park.  She wasn't intimidated by the big guys either...
This could be why 
Yolanda/Ousier top left.  Tiny Emma Stone top right
Jake and Mollie 
Hangin out while the Lady  works

Yolanda will sit, for 25 seconds, loves to dance on her back feet...I will catch this in a photo I promise!  And she enjoys a walk around on the coffee table.  She loves her duck, her dinner and putting on her coat means she gets to go outside.  When I change into my walking clothes she is jumping on the bed...Hurry hurry hurry it time for a walk!  Or as Yolanda/Ousier likes to call it a pull down the street.  I am working on her leash manors but Dude!

Yup if I can get on it I will get on it

Now Tiny Emma Stone is a sweet as she can be, unless you are at the dog park then she is a Terrier Terrorist.. she chases every dog that runs and she is faster then a speeding bullet. She is getting back to her sweet self after going to Madison's School of Animal Medicine..I must report she was somewhat traumatized, we both were.  
But that is over and we know now that Tiny Emma Stone is a perfect beautiful little girl with a tendency to  leak urine when she sleeps at big deal.  She can't be left alone for more then 2 to 3 hours during the day and must wear a diaper at night, like we said No Big Deal!
I just love my new tee-shirt!
She was shaved on each side and around her belly for the ultra sound and is such a sensitive soul it really effected her, but she is past that now and loves the tee-shirt!
She and Yolanda/Ousier are besties, play, sleep and watch for intruders together!  As I type they are playing going to bite your face off!

So there you have it...Life in Riverwest is going along just fine...Yolanda and Tiny are enjoying life in the big city with this crazy pack while they wait for their forever families to find them.

The Lady