Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankful for the Opportunity to Foster

Hello Fans

Wow I can't believe that it has been one full week since I got to the Lady's house.
I am really coming along...
I can walk on my leash without too much silliness, I get a bit frightened by cities buses. Those things are really big and noisy, went I get scared I either come to a complete stop or I try to run and that Lady just says...
"It's OK...easy...It's OK" 
But as soon as I see that the rest of the pack, Tiny Emma, Mollie and Jake are cool then I settle down again.  I really love the walks we take.   

I only have had four accidents in the Lady's house going potty.  It's really cold here but I'm working hard to teach the Lady when I need to go outside and then shake off the cold and do my business outside.

I sleep with the Lady, Gema the cat and Tiny Emma Stone every night and we get up very early and the Lady gets dressed and we go outside and every morning I go potty, good girl that I am. 

Yesterday I met the Lady's Mom and Dad, and I liked the Dad guy a lot.  We watched football and I really loved sitting on his lap.  I was a bit more unsure of the Lady's daughter and her friend cuz they are kind of noisy and I don't like loud voices too much.  But I really liked the special dinner we got.  We had a bit of cheesy potatoes mixed in with our dinner and that was very cool,  

I have also learned to "sit" and I do the coolest trick .... dancing on my back feet for treats..I love treats.  Jerky and Chicken are my favorites and I will work really hard to get them. 

What a very very good dog
Paying very close attention
My most special trick 
I am very gentle taking my treats too
Everyone waiting their turn
So there you have it, I am a very good dog, I'm  really really little only seven pound of wonderful dog!

So forever family I just waiting with the Lady for you to come and meet me and take me to my Forever Home.

Jasmine LeeAnn

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm From the South ....

Hello Yankees

It's me little Jasmine LeeAnn, this Lady is crazy...she expects me to go outside with all this white stuff and go potty... 
And she just keeps taking me out there. 
First we have to change from my Tee-shirt into my Sweater.  Then she puts on these boots and this big coat and we go out and walk around the yard.  
I shake and shiver but she just keeps telling me to shake it off and go potty.  
Seriously what is all this white stuff and why can't I go potty in that back bedroom, she never goes in there?  
When I finally breakdown and go we get to go back in the house and have a treat and she does say good girl good girl like 50 times.  I think her brain gets as frozen as my little feet.

See I am really pretty and white...
I'm just waiting to get my Tee-Shirt back on
And falling to sleep....
How do you Yankee's stand this weather?

Well I have been here a few days and I would like to report that the Lady has taught be to "set"  and I do it most of the time because I really love jerky treats.  That Lady also told me I am a very messy eater...just cuz I push my food out of the bowl to eat the ground turkey and rice first then I do go back and eat most of the kibble off the floor.  But there is this other dog here named Mollie and she is a doggie vacuum and cleans up after me really good!

This is me and my new Fluffy Friend Tiny
We are getting on really well,
See both Tiny and Me are from Alabama 
Where it is WARM!!!!!!

Hi there
I bet you would just love to have a cute and coy 
little friend like me....

So Forever Family just log on to the computer and send in an application 
I can't wait to met ya!

Jasmine LeeAnn...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

There's a new kid in town...

Well hello to one and all
I have been so very bad about posting on the blog.  We have a new visitor to our Booth Street Compound Jasmine LeeAnn, now we have a Jazmin here, my daughter so we call our new little friend JaeLee and she is a peach.
Hello all I'm Jasmine LeeAnn, or JaeLee for short
And short I am 
All of about 7lbs
She is like a little toy 
Jasmine LeeAnn / JaeLee has lived with a breeder in the south and you can tell she has been with a pack of dogs.  This breeder couldn't sell her and a few of her friends and so she just put them in a shelter...Bad Woman!  JaeLee came right in and was fine with my pack, Tiny Emma Stone, her Fluffy Dog Foster.  Tiny Emma has been with us for months and months, more on her below.  My dogs are Mollie is 90-Lb and Jake is 108-lbs and JaeLee was fine with all right off the bat.  She is also great with the resident Cat Gema.  

It was so cold her first night here that even in her new coat she wouldn't go potty outside, too cold, too strange, too much.  She ate well and snuggled in her little bed.  When I was going to go to bed, I put her and her bed in her crate, she cried.  

"Ok girlfriend, I'll try anything once, but you potty in my house tonight, tomorrow night you are in the crate" 

So I put her bed on my bed and JaeLee, Gema and I went to sleep.  Around 4:00 AM Tiny Emma came to bed, JaeLee growled..."Quit" and all was quite...back to sleep.
We were all up at 6:00 and outside, and she quickly found a spot and did her business..."Good Girl"
Not only am I cute as a bug in a rug
But I am very smart too!
She is highly food motivated.  JaeLee has been here 3 full days and has learned "Sit" What a very good girl.
She was like a wind up toy that someone wound too tight on the end of her leash on Friday night...but was more then willing to stay with the pack, so we did a five city block walk and she made it with only a few wild dog outburst.
Yesterday we all walked to the hardware store, and our hardware store lets me and all my dogs come on in. She was a hit and compared to the pack she walks with she really really looks little!  And guess what we were down to one crazy dog at the end of the leash.
Today we walked a five blocker again and guess what not one crazy dog at the end of the leash!  She is getting it down pat.  She is learning to come to a stop and "wait" at each corner, then when she hears "forward" she takes off with the pack!  
Today she even started to play chase and race a bit with Emma and also started tossing toys...I think she is settling in!
Yup I just love to nap on the pillows!

If any one out there is looking for a very little friend, willing and ready to learn and to love take a look at this little one!

As many of you may know there has been little change regarding Tiny Emma Stone's bladder issues.  Her bladder leaks when she sleeps.  She has been with me for months, she is on Proin and this drug is very helpful during the day Tiny Emma goes all day without accidents but I work out of my home and she goes our very frequently.  As soon as she goes out she relieves herself and all goes well.  At night she wears a size 4 diaper and we can go two to five nights without incident, then for no rhyme or reason there is urine in the diaper.  Fluffy Dog is working on raising the funds to have Tiny Emma Stone examined by a special vet so if you can give to this very good cause, please contact Lori at Fluffy Dog Rescue.
I just love this face and this girl...
She is smart and funny 
She can be a tad sassy at the dog park, at times will fixate on a dog chase it nipping and barking.  When this happens, I call her until she comes, get her to sit and get down on her level and calm her.  Sometimes this works sometimes we have to go to step two, put her on leash and walk away and around the park for about ten minutes.  Then she can go off leash and back to play.   
When she is good she is very very good, when she is bad, she's a terrier!  

We will keep you all much better informed .... Jasmine LeeAnn / JaeLee would like you all to know she has the softest fur in all of the world!  She is going to make some family very very very happy!

The Lady.