Monday, January 4, 2010

Postcard From Gypsy & Family

The Crew and I received this from Gypsy's New Family.....It will give you just a glimpse of what a wonderful new life she has and so much deserves......

Hi Kris,

Gypsy has absolutely stolen my heart! She is the kindest, gentlest soul I've ever met. We have had a very busy first week, and she is doing remarkably well considering how many new people, places and experiences. As I type this, she is curled up next to me with her head on my lap (a little crowded with the laptop computer, and a jealous kitten).

I was afraid it might be too much to travel to Wausau right away, but she handled it like a pro. She is so relaxed in the car -- a very welcome change from Tyler who is a nervous traveller. Niles and my mom and dad all fell in love with Gyps immediately. None of the other animals (Tyler, the cats, or my mom's dogs) have befriended her per se (as in cuddle up with her), but they have all accepted her without any issues. She seems most comfortable with me and Niles in our Madison home -- probably because it is a smaller, calmer environment.

Gypsy hesitates to go thru new doorways, but with some coaxing and encouragement she will enter a new place. Each time the doorway or gate threshold becomes a little easier for her to cross. Because of the cold temperatures, I've been keeping a leash on her every time she goes out in the yard -- just to make it easier to get her back inside in a timely manner. If I leave the outer most door propped open, she will cross from outside into the garage (in Wausau) or back porch (in Madison) by herself, but from there I pick up the leash to usher her thru the main door into the house more quickly.

Gyps has come with me to work at Katzenbarkers a few times already. We set up a comfy dog bed for her in the staff-only section of the store, behind the check-out counter. From here she can observe what is going on around the store from a safe distance. At first she would get a little nervous when I would leave this section of the store, but very quickly she felt at ease in her designated little area. The most common comment from customers who notice her behind the counter is "oh, what a beautiful dog!" By Saturday, she started to get curious any time another dog would enter the store. She likes to put her paws up on the counter and greet the dogs on the other side. When the store is not too busy, my mom or I will let her come out from behind the counter and say hello to the customer dogs. She hasn't met any very little dogs yet, but she was very well behaved when greeting a 20-pound dog.

I love to see Gypsy's excitement when it is time to go for a walk. She knows when I put on my jacket and get the leash that is time to go. She especially enjoys when we take my mom's dogs with us to the fields across the street -- she gets to run with the pack, just like at a dog park! At first I was holding her on a 15' lead, but very quickly I dropped my end of the leash and let her move at her own pace (letting the leash drag behind her, just in case). Sometimes when I am trying to convince her that it is time to come in from the yard, she tries to turn the tables and convince me that it is time to go for a walk.

While we were in Wausau Gypsy developed a case of diarrhea and had a few accidents in the house. I'm trying to keep her on a bland diet and pay closer attention for her signals to go outside. If the diarrhea does not clear up soon, we will have to go to the vet. At least the accidents in the house have abated.

Gypsy is the sweetest little love! She is already very bonded to me. She greets me with a tail wag every time I check on her. I adore her gentle spirit. Although there have been moments of stress with so many new situations and occasional loud startling noises, overall she has remained relaxed -- always finding a soft spot (on a dog bed, couch, or big bed) where she feels safe and comfortable enough to roll onto her side and ask for belly pets.

I look forward to when we can all meet up at a dog park for a little reunion. I am so grateful Gypsy had such a caring and loving foster experience! Give Molly and Jake some pets from me and I will certainly give Gypsy a hug from you. I will send more photo updates as soon as I download the latest batch from the camera.

Best wishes in the new year!