Friday, December 11, 2009

It Runs in the Family

This past June I received a phone call from one of my kids, Aubree. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with Quinn, they have very interesting jobs, a great apartment and a boat load of very talented friends, they have a great life. Quinn's birthday was fast approaching and Aub decided that she was going to get Quinny a dog. She called to have me check out a few rescue sites with her, she was looking for a might want to consider a dog that is a little older I he wants a puppy....OK. She was looking for a Golden Retriever mix, Quinn had always wanted one. As trying to find a puppy at a rescues goes.....she lost out on a few choice, then she heard about one that sounded interesting to her......A 4 month old Mastiff.....WHAT that is nothing like a Golden????.........One more thing Mom....his blind.....WHAT, Aubree wait a minute, this will be your first very own dog, you live in a 2nd floor apartment, how do you even train a blind dog......She started researching training a blind dog....STOP this is really too much for you guys, you really need to consider what you are taking on......Then she went to the rescue....just to check it out.....I got a call, she was in tears, this was THEIR DOG! She bought him on the spot, when I heard her voice I knew there was nothing I could do or say but support her, she had found their dog.....She called Quinn and told him to meet her on the street in front of their apartment, she had to, she was carrying her bag and a 40 pound puppy. She told him on the phone she had too many groceries, she needed his help....She hid the puppy and waited for Quinn....When he appeared looking somewhat confused she pulled out this bundle of joy and shouted......"Happy Birthday.....His Blind" It was love at first sight for Quinny and love at first hearing for.......
Hank T Shirt
Hank's Dad, The Big Cowboy, Quinn and his Meezer Aubree
Quinn and his birthday prize Hank
One of the very first photos I ever received from my new Grand Dog!
"Don't bug my Meezer, she needs her rest"
4th of July too much partying on the roof!
Aubree and Quinn have taken Hank to a great Animal Optometrists in New York, they needed to find out if it was glaucoma or cataracts.....He was born blind, his eyes just never developed, he is in no pain, he has no idea he's blind, it is just his life. He may see light or shadow in one eye, there is really no way to know, but he is smart and he is loved!
Hanky is now 9 months old, he loves his life in Brooklyn with his Meezer and the Big Cowboy. He walks down the street on leash, is completely house trained and he has mastered the stairs in and out of his 2nd floor apartment to name a few of this wonder dogs accomplishments. He goes all over town and has more friends then most dogs I know and it is reported he loves everyone, 2 legged or 4 legged he meets. Hank T Shirt not only found his forever home he got a forever life......
Blind what's that got to do with it??????????
Hanky T Shirt enjoys coffee in bed with his girls
left to right
Auntie Mego, His Meezer, Auntie Austin, Auntie Lindsy
He is a very lucky guy
Real Brooklyn Dudes......
Hank, The Big Cowboy and Uncle Chad, the Milwaukee Man
ATM Hank
Aunt Meg, closest to the camera, Aubree, Hank & Quinn
Walkin in Brooklyn
So this Christmas I get to meet in living color my Grand Dog Hank......This is a family......To say that I'm proud would be an say the apple never falls far....would be the truth!
That Grandma Lady

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Drying off the Dogs

I'm so proud of Gypsy, as you may remember she really hurt herself when I left her crated while I was out for an evening back in October. She freaked out, banged up her nose and head, really beat up the crate, man it was an overall disaster! She carries a scar over her left eye from it, poor little girl.
Lately I have been working with her; having her crate for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, when I am home. She is now going right in when I command "Crate". If I hear her digging at the door I call out "Quit" and she will settle down. I knew she liked her crate, she will go in it and lay down when the door is open, but it was locking her in that freaked her out. Knowing that winter was closing in I needed to solve this problem, when you get really wet snowy dogs it is the best place to let them dry off.
Jake & Mollie are both very content to settle in their crates for this purpose, I just needed to get Gypsy to understand her crate is safe, she will get to come out and I get to save my furniture and carpeting!
She will now stay calmly locked in the crate for up to 30 minutes, kind of standard drying time around here. Then they each get a good rubdown with a towel and we are back in business. I have no need to crate her through the night or while I'm out as she completely respects our home. She has been left for up to 8 hours with no mishaps. She is really coming along, she no longer puts her feet up on the counter, broke that habit in about a week. She only got in the garbage once...what a buzz that was.....Delilah the Gypsy, wonder dog extraordinaire!

I can't believe it

OK it is 12:20 AM I was working on the blog the The First Real Snow story...I finished and walked out into the living room only to find Gypsy watching TV, I couldn't believe it, too wild. I walked back into the office grabbed the camera and took these still photos and then took the video below it's completely crazy. She has never done this before and this has been going on for about 20 minutes.....I just walked out and checked and she is still watching....She is really into Jimmy Fallon...Wow who knew, I'm rarely up this late!
The longer I live with Gypsy the more I am completely delighted and in love with her, she is a quiet riot!
The Lady

Gypsy Likes TV

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Frist Real Snow

Today was the first real snowfall in wonderful Wonder Lake. Throughout the day Mollie and Jake ran in and out just waiting for some real accumulation in the yard. Gypsy on the other hand ran out only to do her thing, then actually batted at the back door to come in! At around 8:00 PM the snow had really started to get white, fluffy and cold.........
Jake pleaded......
"Lady.....seriously Lady come on man,
can we please go outside again,
like Mollie and I really want to play in the
totally new fallen awesome snow"
"Cool yeah come this way, the door is this way Lady,
it's snowing and great out...
no really it's fine the door is this way, are you coming?"
Mollie added
"Gypsy would you like to go outside?" asked the Lady
Gypsy opened one eye and replied
"Have you lost your mind?
I have no intention of moving off of this warm comfortable sofa
to run around in that white stuff"
The Lady went out and shoveled the driveway, the sidewalks and the deck while Mollie and Jake romped around the backyard. They barked at the dogs that live next door, they dug in the snow, they rolled in the snow and they even slept in the snow. The whole time Gyps lounged on the sofa, watching the Biggest Loser thoroughly enjoying cuddling with the cats.

Jake was very upset
"Man I can't believe she is making us come in"
"I know, the first snow and she is all freaked out
just because she got cold shoveling the driveway.
It's not like she has anywhere to go tonight.
Bet you 10 cookies she is gonna make us
go in the crates to dry off,
sometimes the Lady is such a buzz kill"
Mollie added with complete exasperation
"Why did I have to come in,
we have only been out for an hour,
it is not that cold, come on Lady it's just dark
and the snow flakes are getting really big"
Mollie complained
while Jake cried
"Dude, pleazzzze I'm not that wet,
don't make me hang in my crate,
like it is sooo totally boring"
"Ha ha ha, I stayed in so I'm warm, dry and have absolutely nothing to complain about!"
Gypsy said extremely pleased with herself!

Monday, December 7, 2009

No Sheepdog

Well this was an interesting weekend........

I was all prepared to on Saturday to meet a transport from Ohio and have an Old English Sheepdog come and stay for a few days on his way to his forever home. Things fell apart, he never go in the van in Ohio, we where all in the dark as to why. This morning we received an email that the Sheepdog would not get in the crate so the Foster in Ohio took him home. I think she may try again, we will just have to see.
On a happier note, my neighbors had a baby girl yesterday Page Maureen, 6lb 8oz and 17" tiny little Christmas baby she is.
Still no word on if the couple looking at Gypsy are still interested, so just holding on to hope there.
The snow is coming so I am off to the store to get ready for that.
The Lady