Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just a Hi There

Shea (Seamus) is coming into his own and becoming a member of the pack......This week he has found his voice...
The first weeks or so he was here he never barked...this is not a trait of either the Great Pyr or the Komondor, both breeds bark warnings to ward off predators.   I did notice he was alert to his surroundings, but no barking, just watching.  This week I started to hear a new bark in the backyard when he, Jake and Mollie went out..... It's a cool voice!  He is also playing more with Molls....this morning it was a chase and race, catch me if you can game!
Yesterday I must have forgotten to latch the bottom latch on his crate door....I came home to him out with Molls and Jake, no problems with potting in the house, but a few magazine corners had been torn up and there is a new decoration to Mollie's food bowl....a chewed ruffle!  Interesting!  I will crate him again today when I go to work, and be certain to latch the bottom protect the house from puppy chewing!  If he starts to chew anything in the house when I'm home, just a "Shea, No" and it is all over.
Seamus is a great dog to live with....and forever family out there he is waiting to show you just how smart, loving and fun he can be.....last night he "SAT" for the first time without prompting.....MAJOR cool!
The Lady

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home is where all the animals are fostered!

I'm feeding dogs and adult cats twice a day.....
I'm feeding kittens 6 times a day.........
I'm training and loving dogs and cats all day....
I need more hands.....
I'm having a blast!!!!!!!!  
Getting up an hour earlier sooooooo 
I will have the time I need to get things going.....
At this stage of my life beauty sleep is a really big joke!
So as promised here are some shots of some of my pride/pack!

Ever attentive Shea.....watching over the baby kittens

"Lady, are you sure it's a good idea to let them run around here?"

Meet the Kittens
Leedle, Deedle and Gray
Cleanin up after dinner!
Hard at work watching these crazy kittens..........
It worn him out, but just look at that face!
So Jake took over!
"Take that Big Foot"

But here is the best news all week!
Shea won over big bad Jake....
The Lady

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Having Fun NOW!!!!!!!!

OK here is a quick scoop!
I keep feral cats, all of mine are spay or neutered....A new female showed up and you have already guessed it, she had 3 kittens in one of my feral boxes..................This was about 4 or 5 weeks ago................the kittens started coming out of the box over the weekend.......this is when they can either be domesticated or turn feral..............
Yesterday one fell off the deck, 30-minute before I had to leave for work....bummer!
I brought them in the house, fed them some formula and baby rice cereal ( I had this on hand as I knew the time was getting close ) then I locked them in Mollies dog crate, they where inside the box they had been born in, went to work...
When I got home last night at 8:30 I fed the herd, let the dogs out, brought up a smaller crate, washed it up in the bath tub, fed the kittens more baby formula, gave them a bath, dried them and put them in a soft towel, covered by a small fleece blanket, let the dogs back in and introduced them to the babies.....10:15!
I have a plan.......I have spoken with the Chicago Feral Cat League or some such name, I foster the kittens until they are 8 weeks, 2 lbs.....they will then take the kittens, have them spay or neutered and then there is a wonderful pet store in Antioch IL, that sells foods, supplies, toys etc and the only babies that they bring in to sell to the public are oops litters, kittens or puppies.....NO BREEDERS which in the pet store world is code for the evil dreaded Puppy/Kitten Mills!  I just had to share this with all of you animal lovers because I found it so cool!  I also have made arrangements with a my extremely cool neighbors, Chantale and Bill to take the kittens while I'm at work....I have the greatest animal loving neighbors on the planet....I figure the kitten will be ready in about 3 weeks to go on their journey to their forever homes!
Shea is great with the new gentle....he is eating much better with the intro of canned....he is very close to confirmation that he is house-trained...and he is even starting to play with some of the toys!  He is still very very mellow of a dude...sleeps a lot but perks right up for a walk or outside time!
I will get some photos up either today or tomorrow......that is the news from FOSTER PLANET.....
This is The Lady signing off!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Keep Pushin' On

Sorry I haven't communicated in a couple of as you know.....
Shea is a fabulous fellow and like all fabulous fellows he has a few flaws...well that might be too harsh a statement, let me clarify. 

Shea is suspected of being born to a Great Pyr. mom and a Komondor dad on a chicken farm of some kind in Alabama.  The story goes that the farmer that has his parents keep Shea and his brother Sullivan (also a Fluffy Dog Rescue up for adoption) on the farm after the remainder of the litter was given away or whatever.  After a time, he took the boys and just dumped them out in the country, where they were picked up as strays together.  They stayed together at the shelter in Alabama, they traveled together to Wisconsin and that is when they for the first time in their lives they where separated.
Shea has gone through so much in the last few weeks, as in one of my earlier post I told you all about the neutering, the dew claw removal, traveling 790 miles give or take a few, to a new place and to top it all off losing his brother in the process.  Then finding himself living with Jake the Jerk, Sweet Molls, a bunch of cats and the Lady......a very strange pride/pack indeed!
He decided on Thursday to stop he didn't want kibble with kibble with yogurt and peanut butter.....yes I'll eat a cookie treat here and there....I only want water!  Now this just wasn't working for you can see I tried a few tricks...yesterday I called our Fearless Leader Lori....."Dog will not eat, and man this Dude is so thin 3 missed meals and I'm moving into panic mode"  Lori suggested I buy canned food and see if that will get the stomach kicked back into gear!  So yesterday morning in sweats and a flannel shirt with my hair sticking up all over I ran to the gas station in town and purchased one can of Alpo.....canned dog food is so bizarre, I mean have you ever smelled anything else quite like it? 
Well ladies and gentlemen that did the trick....1/2 can of dog food and he was all over it!  Last nights dinner was 1/2 can mixed with kibble and a tablespoon of yogurt to boot!  Breakfast today was much of the same. On my way home from work I picked up 5 large cans! 

Back to the fabulous with a few flaws....the flaws are not flaws, Shea is shy, he will warm-up to everyone we meet walking down the street, but the head is down, the butt pulled in they eyes somewhat concerned....he is morning the loss of his brother, the bond he had with his litter mate was strong.....he's learning to live in a house and respond to new dogs, new cats and a new person, he is just sad! 

But he is fabulous.....when it is just us, Jake, Molls, Shea and I, on the walk, his head is up and he has the Great Pyr smile on his face, his eyes are bright and he trots with a bounce in his step.  He will hear a strange noise, barking dog, kids in a yard, power tools and come to a stop....then with a "Come Shea"  he is right back in line beside me!  He wanders around the house....smelling the counter top....."No Shea" he walks away, he sniffs this and sniffs that and then slowly one foot, followed by the other three goes up on the sofa or the love-seat and he curls up and goes to sleep.  He takes his treats so gently from my hand, he waits for his food politely that I'm waiting on things like "Sit" "Stay" and "Down", I have tried "Sit" a few times and I know we will get there, he will "Wait" at the front or the back door and let me go out first, or he will "Wait" on the side of the road whenever he is asked.  The potty training is going so well, I can hardly believe it, and his natural response to the leash is remarkable.  But I want to give him some more time to settle in, morn the loss of his brother and begin to understand he is safe here.  So as you can see the Fabulous totally out weighs his sadness flaws...which are not flaws at all, just canine nature!
The Lady