Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Happy Trick or Treat from all of us at Fluffy Dogs On The Go!

"Biker Chick, total bad ass babe!"

"I'm Cinderella, going to the Ball"

"Dudes like man I am a totally awesome Rastafarian dog man, can you dig it?"

Happy All Hallows Eve!

Magic Cat!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lady's Clinic

This week brought more trials and tribulations to the home of the Lady and her Pack/Pride....
Jessie went less set of foot prints in the be sung to Jim Croche
First, Jake got the flu, yes one full day of vomiting large dog.
To this I emailed Lori, the director of Fluffy Dog Wellness and Rescue.
Don't feed him for 24 hours, then start small amounts of boiled
chicken and rice, keep with this program for 48 hours and slowly re-introduce kibble.
Great, I get to cook, this is something when you live alone you don't find yourself doing too much. Got to love frozen food!
Next, I have been noticing for the past few day, sorry, this is disgustingly graphic, bloody urine spots on the dog blankets and in the bath tub. So now I get to play pet detective, which of these 7 cats is sick?
After one full day of spying quietly and watching who just left the bathroom or came out of that dog crate combined washing dog blankets and bleaching out the bath tub; I determine it is both Cat Man and Purrcella. So now I get to lock them in the bathroom with a special plastic litter, yes I have been down this road before. I'm successful, I get two urine samples.
Also Gema has a chronic allergy that we have not gotten to the bottom of for three years. Her eye gets a film over it and becomes very painful. For the past three years it has been steroid shots every 6 months and steroid eye drops twice a day. That's fun right?
So I am off to the Vets. I take only Gema with me, have to cut cost where you can. I meet with Dr. Nora, a very nice new young vet to the clinic. I explain all my dilemmas and tell her I really don't want to continue to inject this cat with steroids....can we do anything else. She brings in Dr. Bo, the head of the clinic who has been practicing for 30 years. He looks at the chart, looks at the cat:
"We are going to try a hormone pill, mix with food for three days, then one pill a week for 6 weeks, continue the eye drops, give her antibiotics for 14 days and we will recheck." Whew....
So now I have three cats on antibiotics for 14 days, two for UTI and one for eye infection combined with allergy. One cat on eye drops and a dog on a special diet! All I do is chase cats with meds, my version of Jane Fonda!
Great, I thought when Jessie went home things where going to get easier. Sure man, that is going to happen when you live with 3 dogs and 7 cats.....Lady what are you thinking?
"Dudes, it is like sooo bad, like man I pucked all day.
I totally have like the flu, man I feel like total shet, if I find that freaken pig....."

"I know nothing about the spotting in the bath tub,
I am certainly sorry that someone is marking the dog blankets,
Cat Man animatedly stated in his most distinguished voice
"If you come near me again with those drugs I will report you to the ASPCA, just try me"

Purrcella became increasingly agitated as she growled between her teeth...
"Back away from the cat with those antibiotics beech, I'm not sick, those dogs suck, I have killed for less then this"

"Do I look like I'm receiving too many hormones?"
Gema screeched
"Back off with that eye dropper or you will be s-o-r-r-y"

On top of everything else this is Gypsy's newest trick....
Great now I'm continually saying "OFF" over and over and over again.
I also have to kept the command gentle, say it quietly with patience......
More fun at the Baily Boarding House
Gypsy's face said it all....
"It wasn't Me"

As you can most certainly tell the Lady has had a very interesting week. She has practiced patience, dog training, animal psychiatry, nursing and guess what it is raining again. I want a JOB!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So Long Jessie

Our friend Jessie went home yesterday. For his last day here we ventured back to the dog park, where Jake, Mollie, Gypsy and I had a surprise in store for him.

We arrived and went through our normal departure from the truck ritual, excited dogs flying out the back, smelling every fence post in sight and scampering to the gate. With me working at every turn to calm this pack to a WAIT; I go through the gate first followed closer then comfort by four unruly dogs. Once in the chute we repeat this upheaval until the second gate is opened and out they fly like a group of Thoroughbreds at the Derby! So much for pack discipline, but I try!

The dog park held it's own surprises today; mud and puddles, soft squishy grass, more mud, more puddles. A grand dog park greeting party was waiting for us as they sprang through the gate; three Boxers, one Lab and a very silly Pit. Now these five dogs were competing in a lively game of race through the puddles, crash through the mud then run in a large circle around the small dog fenced area. At each of the corner post was a great puddle to charge through.

Jessie and Mollie where up for the challenge and quickly joined the game. Jake was more then up for the mud and race portion, but his guy really doesn't like to place a foot in water and will avoid it at all cost! To compensate his lack of water racing, he performed his jumps and spins which the Lab found greatly entertaining. NOTE: I really need to get a better camera to capture these maneuver!Gypsy was having her own dainty little party following the cutest little Poodle, complete with sweater-vest, these two little ladies confined themselves to higher ground. Whew, one less dirty dog to clean.

So here we stayed while we waited for Jessie's surprise, the longer we waited the more the game became jump in the puddles. The silly Pit was actually rolling in them, her poor Lady would shutter with every roll! That Pit was a real mess! With mud and dirty water flying everywhere Jessie's surprised arrived...........Peter, his man!

Jessie was playing so hard he never even saw Peter writing out his parking pass. All the while Peter just keep looking at me with complete and utter dread, what a muddy dog and cold day he had flown into from 12 days in sunny California! After a quick shoe change Peter stepped over the fence and quietly leaned against a post. Watching and waiting for the right moment he finally said "Jessie, did you miss your Dad?" Jessie turned and bolted to that familiar voice with the greatest dog wiggle and wag you could ever hope to see.

I think we accomplished our surprise, he was one happy dog!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Blues

Today the Lady said "it's just too icky for a walk."
What was really happening?
The simple fact that the Lady was too lazy to get dressed for the weather.
We got her back!

Gypsy, who lately has been putting her feet upon on the counter to sniff around...yeah that's right, perfect little Gypsy is a perfect little sneak! So this afternoon while the Lady was sending emails, listening to her Pandora Radio and generally slacking off, Gyps made an impressive attempt at getting the cookie jar off the counter. She knocked the sugar bowl off instead! It was great, what a colossal mess. The Lady came into the kitchen to see what was going on.....But wait, it gets even better. Jake was outside, and at that exact moment it started to rain, hard. Right on cue he began jumping up on the door and making a terrific ruckus, so the Lady let him in. What was she thinking, Jake came flying in and did the greatest shake-off-the-water I have ever experienced, water went flying everywhere. Not to mention his big hairy wet feet! It was awesome. What a fricken mess! We all got a big kick out of her trying to clean-up all that sticky stuff. She had no one to blame but herself and we got a great giggle!
Lady want to go for a walk yet?
No, just wait!

Tonight after dinner while the Lady was attempting to talk to her friend on the phone; Jessie, Jake and I played a very lively game of Bite Your Face Off! Every time we would really get it going on Gyps would run to the window and bark her brains out, which of course we where obliged to join in on. Four dogs barking at invisible monsters and phone calls to get the picture!

So we're betting tomorrow we get our walk, rain, sleet or snow....we're hoping for sun, but whatever man, she wants calm dogs, she better exercise them.......RIGHT? RIGHT!
Mollie Maie

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bad Dogs Saturday

I'm going to tell you a story that you are not going to believe! The Lady needed to go to the bank; while she got dressed she contemplated taking us. She gathered together that stuff she carries when she goes in the car, you know that purse thing, her keys, her coat. After a few minutes of four dogs following her around excitedly waggin their tails she said "OK, it's just the Bank, it's just a ride in the car, do you really want to go?"
"Is she kidding of course we want to go" Mollie remarked sarcastically
I exclaimed "We get to go, we get to go!" doing my very best Beardie Bounce.
"Dudes, like I get all the windows" Jake shouted
Jessie did his best body wiggle, but looked right at Jake "Not both windows, not today Man" he stated with conviction.

So off we went, Mollie in the front with Jake, Jessie and me in the back. The ride into town was filled with jocking for window position, happy dog faces and flappin tongues.
The Lady calls this place the Bank, but to all of us it is the Biscuit Window. It is very cool, you give the Ladies behind the glass a piece of paper and they give you BISCUITS. What's not to like about that! The Bank Ladies laughed as they tried to see all four of us. Jake crowed up on the console between the front seats, he had to duck his head so he would even fit. Jessie and I smiled really big out the back passenger window, while Mollie thumped her tail to the beat of Tom Petty! After we each had our biscuit we took off for home.
The Lady backed the truck into the driveway thinking that she could herd us onto the front porch and into the house. Jessie, Mollie and Jake where off leash, the Lady keeps me on a leash to keep me safe. All was going great, Jessie and Mollie where the first out and they went right up on the porch. Then Jake jumped out; now he likes to pretend that he is dumb, but man he was out of that truck like a shot, turned and took off down the street before anyone knew what was happening. All you could hear was "Dudes, Freedom!"
The Lady got Jessie, Mollie and me in the house, got the leash off of me and was turning to go out the door when guess what, Mollie bolted out that door right in front of her. "If Jake gets to run, I get to run" were the last words I heard.
The Lady grabbed a second leash and out the door she went.

"This is so cool, those dogs are in soooo much trouble. Did you see the Lady grab those she is pissed!" Gema snickered "Dogs are just too stupid for words, did they really think she wasn't going after them?"

The Lady had caught up with them three houses down the street, Mollie was standing in the creek and Jake was sniffing every bush he kind find. When they figured they had pushed the her about as far as she would go, they both came to her, she snapped those leashes on and marched them straight home!
Jake smiled sheepishly as he walked in the door. "Dudes, like I know I'm totally in trouble, but man I'm just like too cute for like the Lady to stay mad too long"

Mollie wasn't too sure about that! She knew she shouldn't have darted out the door, she knew the Lady was not believing her pitiful explanation "I was just trying to help you get Jake"

I refused to even look at them when they came in.

I just couldn't believe that Jake had done that, and Mollie Maie what was she thinking. The Lady led them into the house and they walked the hall of shame all the way to the office and directly into their crates. What were they thinking? The only explanation I could come up with was the Bank Biscuits must have been spiked!

But Jessie knew that they were plan old Bad Dogs... "You should never, ever, ever, not pay attention, not listen, run down the street or out the front door without the Lady, or your person. " the wise old boy said "Who's the Good Dog?, Gypsy and I got a cookie, Mollie and Jake got the crate!"