Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day at the Park of the Dogs

Well, it was really only an hour and a half...but we'll take the liberty of calling it a day.
As you all know Shea/Seamus will be going to his forever home this weekend so I took the opportunity to hang with my very cool pack at the PARK OF THE DOGS........the coolest place on the planet!
The dogs where great.....as usual.....so her are some pictures and videos for all of you..........especially Shea's new Darlin' to enjoy.
My Three Pack on the Move
I'll just bet you I could fly
That's A Great Pyr Smile
My Sweet Molls
One Two Three Falling in Love was Easy for Me

The Ends
What a great day, what a great pack, what a great life!
The Lady

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seamus Has a Home!

Hi to everyone....it is official....Shea has found his forever home!
Yesterday a very neat Lady and her wonderful Dad came to our house to meet Seamus.  I put Molls and Jake in their crates and Shea and I greeted out guest at the door.  Shea with manners only a Southern Gentlemen could have waited and allowed our guest to walk in and have a seat.  He then slowly started to sniff and greet the lady...cause ya know it is Ladies First!  Within moments he had his head on her lap for more and more pettings......PERFECT!  The Lady and her Dad asked questions about my handsome charge and the whole time he never left her side.  Only when I called him into the kitchen to get some treats so that we could show off his "Sit" and his "Come" did he venture away. 
After about 30minutes....Molls was aloud to come out and greet our guest...then it was Jake's turn and once again Jake was completely shown up by the Southern Gentlemen.  Shea didn't insist on sitting on any ones lap...he never tried to take over the room....No that would be Jake....Jake the Clown...Jake the Show-off! 
Then we all went for a walk around the hood.....Shea never let me down, always right where he should be right next to his Lady.....we even had a slight altercation with a rather aggressive dog that a couple was walking.  Jake pulled me across the road to so he could show-off just who was the really Big Dog...the really Big Jerk!  Shea never moved.  He was perfections. 
His Lady said more then once...."He can't be this perfect"  I told her he ate the book...I told her he tore the slipcover...but I couldn't find anything bad but some puppy behavior, he really is that perfect. 
His new Lady will have nine days off of work starting next Saturday....Shea will stay with us until 11/20....then we will meet halfway and he gets his very own home with a very special new Lady and her extended family.

"Here she is my very own Darlin' Lady.
It was love at first sight"
Click on this and make in larger....you will see pure love reflected in his eyes!
"This is me and my Darlin' with my very own Pa"
Happiness is finding a new love of your life!

On our walk...a short stop to cuddle!
We're so proud!
So there you have it.....And another one finds a home!
The Lady