Friday, October 2, 2009

The Lady's Pride/Pack

I have no idea why my original post of my Pride/Pack got so messed up, so I did it again!
Gypsy The New Girl in Town
Jake Ryan
Mollie Maie
Gema & Bita
Billy is so Silly
Cat Man

She Sat

Guess what I did tonight
I took a treat, actually about 5 treats from the Lady's hand
After I had taken a couple the Lady started holding the treats over my head, right above my nose.
As I followed the scent of the treat, the Lady keep saying sit, then she pushed my bottom down, then gave the the treat. We repeated this fun little game three times, on the fourth time I SAT, all by myself. The Lady keep saying good girl and petting me and saying good girl and petting me.
It was so very cool.
We will keep working on this, but tonight I am so very proud!
PS I think the Lady is too!

Trip to a new friends

Today Gypsy went with the Lady to her friend Alicia's house. Alicia has a great big house and a great big yard. She also has a fluffy puppy named Misha.

Misha really wanted to play with me but I am not feeling to good cause yesterday I went to the vet. But I did run, actually tried to herd her went we went outside. So the Lady had to take us out separately, cause I am not supposed to run around.
I did so good, no accidents in the house, very little shaking and Alicia really liked me, but what is not to like. Alicia also has a teenage daughter and when Shelby and her friends came home they all heard my story and sat on the floor with me, petting me and tell me how beautiful I am.
I had such a great day, but Mollie and Jake had to stay home so I think they are mad at the Lady.

I am a great dog and I am learning that there are many people in the world that really love dogs. I love my new life and all the new and wonderful things I get to do with the Lady.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today Gypsy was spay no more litters ever again!
She is doing very well and is resting on where else the sofa!
She is well on her way to being ready for her new home
The Lady

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday in the Yard

Today was so beautiful we spent some time in the yard.....

This is how we looked...
"Go ahead say it we are a really great looking pack"

"Come on Lady it is beautiful out here!"

"Waiting and waiting and waiting, what is the Lady doing?"
Check out the tail...
"Where are those girls going?"
"Yoga Move"
Mollie & Jake in their most favorite spot.

Gypsy Is Looking for a Forever Home

If any of you are interested in adopting this beautiful Beardie Gypsy/Delilah, please check out her page on Pet Finders: She is Delilah on Pet Finders and she really deserves her forever home. She will make a wonderful companion to anyone. But Gypsy is still somewhat shy and she really would do best with older / teenage children in her new home.

Gypsy lived the first 7-8 years of her life as a breeder in a puppy mill. Fluffy Dog saved her and 4 other females along with the stud dog from MO. They have been in Wisconsin and Illinois for just one week today and they are all improving so much. They are each in their own Foster Home and each one is leaning about what it is like to be a dog, not a stock animal. If you are not ready to take on a new dog in your life, please check out the Link below to Fluffy Dog Rescue and send a dollar or two to help Lori help all of the Fluffy Dogs she saves each year.

Check out the links at the bottom of our blog to Wolfe Den and Fluffy Fostering at Grade Lodge to read all about the stories of two of the other Beardies Saved.

Have a great day and pet a dog or cat it will make your day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What an afternoon!

Gypsy leaned about running errands, dog parks and jealousy today...

Yes I did and it is too much time in the car....
Jake and Mollie move from one window to the next while I sat in the back of the SUV and did some shaking. I settled in after the third stop.

But then the most amazing thing happened. We made a stop at a place called THE PARK OF THE DOGS. This place is too much....there where at least 1 million dogs there, fat dogs, tall dogs, short dogs, skinny dogs, old dogs, young dogs every kind of dog on the planet. People too, maybe 12 or 40 or 100 but they were all so nice to me. The heard my story and many of them pet me and told me what a great dog I am. I made one very special friend, this older gray haired man said we were birds of a feather and he pet me while all the other dogs and people ran around and played.
Then the Lady said it was time for our walk around the Park. This place is more then wonderful, mowed walkways across huge fields then into the woods on well worn paths. It is dog heaven on earth. At first I was on a leash, then the Lady let me drag it for awhile, at first I stayed with the Lady, Jake and Mollie, but then I saw, far across the field a Doodle that I was sure was a sheep and off I went. The Lady, Jake and Mollie followed me and the Lady was calling me and yelling out to the mother of the Doodle, catch that dog. Lucky for me I went right up to her and she got my leash. For the remainder of the walk I stayed on my leash, but I didn't mind one little bit. THE PARK OF THE DOGS is the greatest place on earth all 68 acres of safe fun for dogs.

I love my new life.

Then something happened that the Lady doesn't understand.......We where home, had had our dinner, yes more good food and I was lounging on the sofa next to the Lady and Mollie came up and put her feet on the sofa too. The Lady was petting her and I growled. Yes that is right I growled at Mollie. Mollie and the Lady just looked at me like I had lost my mind. The Lady then told me NO very firmly. Mollie was so surprised she just looked at me then at the Lady the she said "What is that all about?" I keep looking a Mollie, whom I really like, then the Lady said I had to get down off the wonderful sofa. She made me. She wasn't mad at me, just very firm. Then she let Mollie get up in my place and she pet Mollie. A little while later Mollie and Jake went outside and the Lady let me back up on the sofa and pet me.

So today I learned that the PARK OF THE DOGS is the greatest place to go and meet new friends, dogs and people. That growling at my pack mates is not going to be accepted. But the Lady will always love me.

This was a great day

Gypsy of Crea's House

Tuesday afternoon, I'm just beginning to see that I am on my Way
Moodie Blues

The weather here today is cool, quite cool
I am lounging on the sofa and the Lady has a question for all of you out there

How to motivate a dog to lean to sit that is not motivated by treats?

As it appears she want to teach this old dog some new tricks and Gypsy prefers not to take treats from the Lady's hand and really doesn't get the fact that it is a reward!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting to Know Me

Please allow me to introduce myself......I am Delilah, but at home they call me Gypsy....because that is what I am a Bearded Collie that currently looks like a Whippet...I just arrived on the first leg of my gypsy journey!

For years and years I was forced to have litter after litter only to see my beautiful babies sold off from the Puppy Mill where I was held captive.

Now I find myself in a wonderful new place, I can sleep on the sofa, I have cat and dog friends. I get great food and lots and lots of love.

As a pay back for this great new treatment I am doing my business out side, like a lady should. I treat my foster dog and cat brothers and sisters with respect and they do the same with me.

Here I am with my new friend Cat what a great guy. We are on a walk to the end of the driveway so the Lady can take our picture...this was fun!

The Lady is always snapping pictures to show all of you great people how I look today and what I will look like when I have my extreme dog makeover......what a warm bed, good food and letting my hair grow back will do!

If they could see me now
that little gang of mine
Totally crashed out on a very warm sofa
inside a house
with my new friend Butterscotch Bill Jr