Monday, November 8, 2010

Wow what a weekend

After our glad / sad week, we had a really good weekend!
Jaz, my daughter was in town and she, Brooke and Brooke's daughters, Sam 9 and Kate 3 stopped by while I was at work on Saturday and took the dogs for a walk.  Sam walked Molls, Jaz walked Jake and Kate walked read it right the 3 year old walked Shea for most of the walk.  Jaz said he stayed right next to her and was so very gentle with her, even when Jaz saw his ears go up and he would stop to zone in on a squirrel, she would tell Kate to say "Shea no, leave-it" and he would resume his place right next to her!  Now we know that Shea is not only good with kids....he responds and accepts commands from kids!  Whoopee what a guy!
On Sunday I raced home from work....grabbed a jug of water and was out the door in 15mins with the three dogs!  Off to the most excellent place in the whole wide world.......THE PARK OF THE DOGS!
Shea was great, as excepted.....he left me once to follow a pair of Huskies and their Mom and Dad....Jake, Molls and I followed along until we caught up with him....I think he was really going to play where all the dogs and their owner congregate for social time....he was wonderful there too!
So here are some shots of us in the park
Starting in the Woods
Happy Face
Here we come!
And There We Go
It's a meet and Greet
Off Again with a Smile!
Keep On Keeping On
Sorry I'm Not too good at this!

A Bit More....

Crashed Out on the Ride Home
We are off again on Tuesday.....Hip Hip Hooray I will try to get some better mini movies...I'm always afraid I will record too long...I'm recording toooooooooooooo little
The Lady