Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Do I have a story for you!!!!

Well a lot has happened since the last time the the Lady and I spoke with you..A whole lot!

Last Thursday at about 10:15 AM I went outside with my foster sister's Tiny Emma Stone, Mollie Maie and that Dude Jake.  The Lady was watching from the door..she asked me if I wanted to come in...

I said "No thanks goin to hang out here" 
Can you say big mistake HUGE!

The Lady went back to her desk for just a few minutes and when she came back I was GONE....Just like the new movie..Gone Girl


"Like this monster came in the yard and scared me and I scooted right out under the gate.."

Next thing I knew I was running down the most scary ally in the whole world and these HUGE MEAN DOGS where barking at me...

" Hey you come over here and I will eat you" 

" Yeah you silly little girl I don't think you belong out here"

I didn't know what to do but RUN!!!

" So I ran like a thousand miles...everything was so strange and so scary and so big and so mean and so scary...did I say scary all ready? " 

In the mean time...like five minutes later the Lady started to look for me and she was crying and calling me and starting to get people to help her find me.  

People in Chicago and New York City and Hartland Wisconsin started posting on Craig's List and Lost Dogs Wisconsin and Riverwest Neighborhood on Facebook and Calling the Police and Calling the Humane Society and the Lady was crying and she had like a million flyers made and she was putting them up everywhere and crying and going door to door and asking everyone to help her find me and crying.

"There were cars like everywhere and I was lost and I couldn't find the Lady or Mollie or Jake or Tiny Emma Stone and I was so scared...So I hid under a car that was parked on the street."

Then at about 3:00 PM this nice Lady was going to get her daughter from school and she saw me and she called on all these angels to help me.

When the angels came it took about five of them to get me out from under the car!  And they were so very nice to me they took me out of the cold and they gave me a bath and some food and they keep telling me it would be OK and I was so scared!

Now the angels started posting on Riverwest Neighborhood Associations Facebook page that they had found a little white and tan Chihuahua that was the nicest dog they had ever met...And the Lady, remember was out putting up flyers and crying and going door to door.  But remember she had people in Chicago and New York City and the Whole Wide World monitoring Craig's List and Lost Dog Wisconsin and Facebook.  It was our upstairs neighbor Ali in Chicago (she goes to school there two days a week) that called the Lady at 6:30 and said 
"I think the Good People in Riverwest found her!!!"
And the Lady cried 

And everyone from around the world stated to rejoice and the Lady went home and posted pictured of me on the Riverwest Facebook page so the angels could be certain she was my Foster Lady and then I went home to the Lady and Mollie and Jake and Tiny Emma Stone.

Now the moral of this story is NEVER EVER EVER go outside without the Lady...It was all the fault of the Lady...bad Foster Mom..

I will NEVER EVER EVER RUN AWAY AGAIN Because the Lady goes out in the yard with me and she chases all the monster away!

So forever family I am waiting for you to come and take me to my forever home.  I am so very very cute!