Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon I'm Just Begin To See

Today started like every Tuesday....well kinda....
I was up at 7:00 cleaning the house....not the usual start to my day.....but company was a comin`!
I deliberately didn't tell the dogs...but they all somehow knew that today was going to be special....

"OK, M`lady...something particular is going on...
you Madam are never up, 
tiding the house at this early hour.  
Are we to expect visitors then?"
Fitz asked curiously in his crisp British accent.....
I never have figured that out! 

"I agree what is going on...
who's coming
why are they coming
Is the Grandma Lady and that Pa Man coming?  
We are not going to the groomers are we?
I hate the groomers.......
I'm sure I don't need a bath"
Mollie was as much concerned as curious.......

"Dudes....chill out man....it's totally cool...
The Lady Chick cleans the house while we're AT the groomer!
I'm just going to chill here in the bathroom...
If it looks like, yeah know, danger
Call Ghostbusters.......
I totally crack myself up man....!
Jake was really full of himself today!
The morning rolled by...the house was as clean as it was going to get by 9:30ish, I jumped in the car and made a mad dash to Angles with Tails to retrieve some frozen marrow bones and made it back home in a flash.....got myself cleaned up and took Mollie and Fitz outside while I read for awhile....with Jake still chillin in the bathroom!  He is such a lazy dog.....Around 11:30 I let Fitz in on my well guarded secret! 

"Fitz, you are a very intuitive dog,
we are having visitors today.....
A family is coming to meet you, 
they may want YOU to be
"Go on with ya.....
blimey, I can barely believe my own ears...
You're sure now this isn't going dodgy, 
I'd hate to be done over...."
Fitz appeared hope-fillled, but somewhat guarded, 
I think this guy has been disappointed before.....
" I hope I get the nod...
I pray they like me....
Did the Lady say a family, with nippers, 
blimey, now that would be grand!"
"Lady, Lady, Lady,
Their here, that family is here!
I'm about to have myself an eppy, open the door!"

And so I did, and in walked a family, smiling and laughing and petting on Fitz....It was love at first sight for everyone, The Mom, The Dad, The Teenage Daughters and the fine Young Son.....
We all laughed when I told them. "I think he looks like a Hobbit....full flat face, big soft eyes, kind of skinny legs and Big Fluffy Feet!
They saw him do his "sit" and his "down".  They gave him treats, they brought me treats!  Fitz did his very best and most silly run for his toy, he played tug with the boy....he won their hearts!  He "sat" while I hooked on his leash, without even being asked.  As soon as he saw the leash in my hand he sat right down like the gentleman he is.  He waited at the door and showed them how the person goes out first!  They were very impressed! 

The family took Fitz out on the street while I hooked up Mollie and Jake.  Jake ever the show-off, just had to show them his jump and spin move and off we all went on the 1 mile loop.
The Mom walked Fitz first, she quickly caught on to the couple of quick tugs and Fitz was doing his very best to respond.  He trotted down the street like he was showing the whole wide wonderful world.....
"I have a F A M I L Y...blimey, just check ME out"
That was the sign I wanted to see, they choose him....but he choose them.  His teenage girls walked him, his Dad walked him, even his seven year old boy walked him....and just guess what....Fitz did best for him.  Nice loose leash, right next to him......because that is where this guy belongs....with THIS FAMILY!   
He has traveled far and gone through much to find them....and it's Tuesday afternoon and he's own his way...HOME!
"Just look at my family!
I'm so very proud I could bust my buttons, 
are we not the most handsome group you have ever seen, 
I ask you!"
"Good bye to ya then Lady,
Thank you ever so much, but I' have to be going home now!"

He didn't hesitate one bit, he jumped right in his car, he let be kiss him good-bye, and he thanked me for letting him stay but it was time to go, he found His Family!
By the way....his family is going to call him Frodo, he told them....That was his REAL name!
The Lady