Friday, October 22, 2010

It's getting better all the time

Last night was a test.....
Jake is starting to understand that we need to be polite to our guest....he's remembering who is in charge here!  I have been correcting the negative behavior, with lots and lots of praise for positive!  Yippee it's getting better all the time.
I got home from work about 8:30 feed the herd, let the dogs out for a bit and settled in for some TV....When the dogs came in Shea climbed up on the love-seat next to me, Jake crashed on the floor and Molls was on the sofa...Shea loves to cuddle up along side and get some loving pets and strokes....He is a cuddle bug!
After a little while Jake came up and set down with Shea and I....Jake on my left, Shea on the right!  Jake would lay his head on my lap with Shea's head right along side!  Soooooo at bedtime I let everyone out and then told Jake and Mollie to go to bed, Jake went in his crate....door open....Molls under the always.....Shea was wandering around the living room.....Everything was quiet all night!  When I woke up this fine morning Shea was asleep on the love-seat, Jake was stretched out on the floor....Molls was still under the daybed....I don't think she move all night!
Shea seams to think Jake is super cool....he looks up at him just like the Freshmen looks up the Senior football star...."Dude you are so cool....can I hang out with you:"  While Jake is acting the part of the stuck-up Senior all the way...."Dork....beat-it"  But like many teen movies I'm working on improving Jake the Jerks behavior!
The walk this morning was once again TERRIFIC!
Shea looks a little freaked out by the camera....
"Lady....what are you going to do with that?"

Looks like a Rockettes Chorus Line....Got to love it

Changing up the line up.....
So there you have three and all is going fine!
He is house-training........great two nights in a row and not one accident!  He still impresses me everyday on leash....he's getting the Senior to like him....Now all he needs is his own home, his own family to love and love him!
The Lady

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good News....Bad News

Bad news first....last night about 11:00 I put Molls and Shea out, so that Shea would have plenty of time outside prior to bed time.  At 11:30 I brought them in and they just hung around for a few minutes.  At 11:45 I put Shea in his crate and turned out the lights, headed up to the Loft to bed.  Crying, whimpering, barking, banging at the crate door started...big time, I came down 4 different times, "NO"..."Quit"..."Down"....I have to sleep man.....
As I wrote earlier Jake is not being the best I had to figure something out!  Jake was in his crate with the door open and he was sleeping....Molls was under the day bed sleeping....I needed to be sleeping.....So I closed the door on Jake's crate and opened the door to Shea's.
Now for the good news.....Everything got quiet....and stayed that way all night! When I got up this morning Shea was in his crate sleeping, sure man that's great, you are comfortable in there with the door open!....The best news is not one accident in the house!  So I guess this will be the new sleeping arrangement...I will see.
I have to crate Shea while I'm at work, so I hope he settles down, but I won't be here to hear it.  I can't leave Jake and Shea together as Jake is being a jerk!
But the best news is Shea was out of his crate all night, no potty accidents and no chewing just a very relaxed sleep for all!
The Lady

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As Promised

Here are some shots of the sweetest southern boy you'd ever want to meet!
"Hi y'all, this is me travlin to the Lady's"

Sound asleep

"Howdy Neighbor, darn nice to meet ya"

"Say What?"

"Darn man I got a big ol' nose"

"Dag-nab it and by golly I like it here"

As you can see Shea really needs to put on some weight, so I'm proud to report that he ate three times today.  For dinner I added a tablespoon of plain yogurt on all three of the dogs kibble and everyone was very happy about that.  
On our evening walk I made every attempt to have Shea walk next to Jake, who is doing his best to play big bad dog to our very submissive guest.  Jake and I have had a few words about this.  I'm hoping by having them walk next to each other it will help form a bond.  If this bad boy behavior continues I will contact my dog guru Gretchen and see what she advises....bummer.  I need to stay calm and assertive with Jake, with lots of praise for good behavior and a firm hand with the bad.  Mollie and Shea are getting along very well.  
I go back to work tomorrow, my neighbor Robbie is going to stop my after school and let the dogs out.  Shea will be in his crate and I think it will be helpful if he gets a break and gets outside.  
Shea continues to impress me, he is a very easy dog to train and he now is taking cookie treats from my hand.  I will start working on "Sit" "Down" and "Stay" next....we'll keep you posted!
The Lady 

Quick Update

Hello all,
Shea is eating, he licked up the half & half plate I give to the cats in the morning.
So I put about a tablespoon of half & half on his kibble and he eat about 1 cup!  This afternoon I put about a tablespoon of peanut butter and mixed in about 1/2 cup of kibble, he eat most of that up too!
On our walk today he once again did great on the leash, we met about 4 or 5 people in the grocery store parking lot that we cross and he let them pet him.  He is a little bit on the shy side, but willing to trust!
Not one accident in the house and he sleep in his crate just fine, walked right in too!  He did cry for about 5 minutes but then settled right down.
So family out there.....he is one very cool dude.
The Lady

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Amazing Little Big Boy

Today I drove to Hartland and had the greatest pleasure to meet a remarkable dog...Seamus who I call Shea.
Shea is a dream boat even though he has been through a lot in the last week.  Last Thursday he was neutered; the Vet in Alabama made the decision to remove his dew claws, they told us that they were growing in a circle.  Jake has two paws that the dew claws due this, and I will admit if they are not watched and clipped they are painful.  I wasn't there, I didn't see it but the results are sad to see.  The switches will come out in a about 10 days.
Then after the double surgery this poor sweet guy was put into transport up to us.  I read the email and saw the list there were 15 legs to this transport 9 hours each day for two days.  That means 15 different volunteers drove these dogs with an overnight in the Indianapolis area where even more volunteers met the car(s) took strange dogs into their homes, feed them, watered them, walked them and put them up for the have to admit this is amazing!
Shea arrived in Hartland Sunday.  He stayed at the Doggie Day Care in Hartland until I could get there today.
This guy is so sweet and easy to be with, he was great in the car, sleep most of the way, looked out the windows the rest of the time.  When I arrived in Wonder Lake I always introduce my fosters to my pack at my neighbors Terri and Rob's.  Terri and Rob are not only great neighbors, they are wonderful dog people.  Today as always Terri and two of her teenage kids, Robbie and Shelby took Shea, he was open and friendly with them.  Shelby is 13, she took Shea round the front of the house and set on the front porch with him.  I ran home and got a very excited and happy to see me Molls and Jake.  We went up to Terri's and let them run around the fenced backyard until they calmed down.  Robbie took Jake's leash and Terri had Moll's Shelby walked Shea into the yard.  My dogs where on sit / wait command we let Moll greet Shea first, then Jake.  The all met very politely with their smelling and circling dog rituals then everyone just started to move around Terri's yard freely.
After about 10 minutes of getting to know yous......I took off with all three on leash for the two mile loop!  Shea is a dream on leash, he followed behind with very encouraging "Comes" when ever he would stop...strange noises, barking dogs, kids on bikes, but I never had to pull him.  He would just come, he walks proudly with his tail up and his head high.  Whenever he would pace in front of me a VERY gentle tug on the leash and he was right back in heal.  I keep repeating "Good Dogs....Good Dogs" softly....when it was time to smell the side of the road he appeared to pick up quickly on the command "OK" .  When a car would pass my command is "Over" to the side of the road...then "Wait" as we all four stand and let the car pass.  I can not believe he has never been trained, he is so easy and a natural!
When we got home I introduced him to our backyard, we walked around with Jake and Molls.  He comes when he is called with very little effort on my part!  Cat Man Dew, my large very friendly male cat jumped the fence and was following along with me, Shea smelled him and they where fine friends!  He hung out in the yard with Molls and they started some very cute jumps and play.  I had brought Jake in with me to let him bond with Molls first...female / male.  After about 15 minutes I invited Shea into the house...he never hesitated just walked right in sniffed around this and sniffed around that, he met Gem and Phinn two more of the cats.  Once again this was open and friendly, had a nice long drink from the communal water dish and then he curled up on the sofa and took a rest for about 30 minutes.
At dinner time I put Shea and Molls outside while I made the 5 inside/outside cats and the 7 Farrel cats dinner, got them all feed and invited the dogs back in.  Jake and Molls went to their regular places in front of the fireplace for their dinner and I tried to feed Shea in the kitchen, but he wasn't interested in anything much going on I guess.  He is also not interested in the dog cookies, but I have had fosters do this before.
Shea will sit with very little coaching from me, I simply raise my hand flat with the palm toward him while  saying "Sit" move my hand over his head, about 6 to 10 inches and down he goes into a slow sit.  Ta Dum!
This evening they have all three been outside two or three times, they all three come in together as the pack they are becoming.....they come in and find a spot and lay down and take a nap.
As I write, Shea is in his crate, I just asked him to go in and lay down.  Jake is in his crate and Molls is in her favorite place...under the day bed in the office......Jake and Shea's crate doors are open....Jake was in Shea's crate for a few minutes and Shea was laying next to the day bed.  When Shea started licking on his back leg switches I told him "No Shea...Quit"  That's when I got up, Jake moved out of Shea's crate and I asked Shea to go in a lay down....he did, no hesitation no tom foolery just one good dog!
So readers first day and I'm impressed big time!  Shea is smart, willing, loving and he is going to be a dream to train.  I'm off again tomorrow so we will get in a good long walk, maybe even a car ride with all three in the truck.  This guy is not going to be a great dog...he is a great all he needs is a home!
NOTE:  I left my camera at Terri's, I will get it in the morning and have some new pictures up for all of you.
The Lady.

Today is the Day

Seamus is coming today.....
Everything I have heard from the people that transported him from Alabama to Wisconsin, the people at the Doggie Day Care that have been kind enough to allow him to stay until I could get off work to drive up to Hartland to pick him up and Lori and Julie of Fluffy Dog Rescue all say he is so sweet and kind of shy!

They made the decision to save him down in Alabama, so he is the new look he is carrying these days!
Berry Berry Cute.....
I will write more after we get back, start integrating him into the pack/pride and get him settled in!
The Lady