Saturday, March 24, 2012

Winks at HOME

Hey Winks Fans
Just thought I would share this with any of you still reading our blog.
John and Joanne, Winks's Mom and cool to be able to type that....Anyway I have received a few email updates on their boy.
Winks and his new brother Rocky are getting along very well, Winks a respectful southern gentlemen really likes his new bro...he ate his food as soon as he got to the house....but he did it nicely!   John and Joanne are working that out. 
He slept under a rocker in the bedroom of his Mom and Dad right next to his brother Rocky....Winks wasn't to interested in his new dog bed...but Rock loves his!
Mom took her boys for a long walk this morning that everyone enjoyed.... 

Winks discovered the deer in the field across the road from his very own home.....and he promptly went into protection mode and Rocky who has never cared if the deer were there before, joined in....
"Yeah you old deer get right on out of here, we are some really tough little dudes...
and I got myself a new brave little big brother!"

"But Pa I'ma really tired...been barkin at them deer"

"Yup that's my bro...Rocky...he's a watchin for them deer"

So there you have it Winks fans just one more dog that has found his Forever Family because so many people cared...Donna who saved Winks from the kill shelter and fostered him until he could get up here....All the people that drove the cars...that got him north....Julie who works so hard to keep the postings on Petfinders and the links to the blogs current and she also takes tons of photos.... But most important of all, Lori the woman that started Fluffy Dog with a dream to save a few dogs and has now saved over 958...each dog she has arranged to have transported, found a foster home to take them in, arranged for the fosters to get food, spay and neutered them, brought many back to health, arranged fundraisers and cheered every dog and person along to the end goal...a home for just one more dog.
Check this out   The Saved Parade 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Four legged creatures teach us to be better two legged creatures

Hello Winks Fans.....
I am so happy to tell anyone still reading that Winks found his very own home today!
John and Joanne, who have a 10 year old Bichon..Rocky; just left my driveway with their little imp Winks....
He was so polite and wonderful meeting them that it was love at first sight....
So now Winks has his own Forever Family.  I knew this day would come...with tears...I always cry....I miss him already.  But I know he will be happy and have a wonderful new life with people that will love him and a brother to play with....
Every-time I foster, I fall in love and I learn from each dog something new and they make me a better person.
Thank you Winks
The Lady

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rollin Rollin Rollin Keep the Doggies Rollin....

I was out in the big fenced backyard with the dogs and I'm more the pleased to report that only one warning ut..ut..ut...was uttered and when he heard it, he backed away and sat down, he never ceases to amaze me.
"Good Boy, what a great smart boy you are" 
" not jump...just look"
"Just taken in the view"
The dogs were all checking out this and sniffing that......then it started...the rollin...rollin...rollin....I found myself singing that song....OMG am I showing my age.....keep those doggie rolling rawhide....
Jake started it
"Dudes my back is itchy...boy does this feel good"

Then Mollie Maie got in the act
"This does feel really good...amazing.  Jake you are normally so 
I can't believe you thought of this "

Winks was not to be out done 
"Yes sir-ree-Bob got to luv grass on the back"

After all the grass rolling I came to the conclusion a bath had to be in order...washing off all that winter...right on the deck...then off for a walk to dry out the was just like my own little bit of heaven.  I washed the two big dogs...scrubbed them down...rinsed them off....
Last year I made a great is a "Y" thing.  I hook it up to the cold and hot water lines for my washer...then I hook the hose up to that...then I put the hose on the deck and it is instant...."At the Dog Wash"....
Wish I could report that Mollie and Jake just stand there and let me hose them down....that would be a lie...
But I can report with all honesty that Winks played in the yard with his ball and just watched and hung out and not one ut..ut..ut was spoken...didn't go anywhere near the fence...really enjoyed the fact that Molz and Jake were getting a bath...nah..nah...nah....
Winks will get his bath and blow dry tomorrow night in the tub, because.....
We have a secret....with a code....J & J just might be coming to visit on Friday....and J & J just might be interested in getting to know all about a Winks and a Prayer.......
Thanks for considering a Fluffy Dog as your Forever Friend..
The Lady

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Great Escape

Hello Winks Fans....
Now I have told you that Winks is 26 lb that he is all of 14" at the shoulders, that he is an imp, that he loves to chew on stuff that good dogs are not supposed too, but say "NO" give him his toy or bone and all is fine.  You know that he is sleeping loose in the house, no problemo, that he stayed loose in the house with the big dogs, while I was out yesterday.....good boy!
Do we have a story for you!

The Characters
Winks as Steve McQueen
"Really I have no idea what this Lady is talkin about"
Mollie Maie: Steve's Collaborator
"Why are you including me in this...I only went with him once...
then I told him not to do it again, really"
Jake...The Informant
"Lady you are like totally reckin my I'm not a snitch"
The Scene of the Crime
The Backyard...Fence
First you need to know that my deck meets the house right next to the fence and there are a couple of missing there is a hole that is right next to the fence and from the deck the fence is about 1-1/2'. 
Had I been a better photographer, or investigator you would have seen this better...
A little back story for you.....
Last week I was on the phone in the living room, dogs were outside, I looked out the window and Winks was in the front yard, not good....So out the front door I went..."Winks Come" and he did...Good Dog.  
I assumed that he was going through the hole, off the deck, over the I blocked it with wood and chairs.....Good thinking Lady! No more escapes.....
Sunday when I was out of town...Danny-the-dog-sitter put the dogs out, jumped in his car and went to the gas station for coffee...guess he is not familiar with a coffee pot, on the counter.  While he was gone...15 minutes....Bill and Chantille, my neighbors,  had just gotten up themselves, put Lacy the Puggle out and low and behold suddenly there in their front yard Mollie and Winks appeared.  Bill walked them home and put them in the house just as Danny-the-dog-sitter arrived back with his coffee.  They discussed the events and all again was well.
Comes Monday, I worked, took the dogs for a 2 mile walk then went out left Winks with the big dogs in the house.  Very proudly I blogged to all of you that Winks is a Good Boy, no more crate.  While I'm bragging and typing my story the dogs, all three are in the backyard. Suddenly I hear Jake and Molz going off the rails barking....I get up....go out the back door...
"What is going on...."  
Mollie is on the deck looking at me like..... 
"I had nothing to do with this"  
Jake, remember Jake the informant, well he is at the fence, front feet up on the fence and he is going nuts...
"The little dude is out of the yard across the street, no fair, totally not cool"
I look across the street and Winks is running around hair just a comes Bill...
"Hey little guy, you better go home..."
I open the gate, close the gate and head out to retrieve my charge...
"Winks Come...what are you are you doing this?"
Back in the house we go...once again all is well, kind of....
After dinner last night I went out with the dogs into the big fenced backyard, we were not out there 2 second and Winks the imp is running toward the fence and he bounds up, grabs the top with his to little hairy feet and over he goes...turns and looks at me..
"Lady, I am so cool...did you see that????"
Yes I did, I opened the gate and he ran right back into the big fenced backyard.....I was so thoroughly amazed that this little tiny cute hairy thing could clear a 4' fence I had absolutely nothing to say.  Winks is so impressed with himself that he is running at full-tilt-boogie around the yard, jumping on Jake, jumping on Mollie having the time of his life....then off to the fence again!  
This time I'm ready just as he starts his jump....
"Winks...NO!"...he stopped.....looked right at if I had just racked the best trick in the world!
Now he can not go out in the big fenced backyard without me...he is bummed...I'm bummed....we are working on rule..
"Don't jump the Fence" 
So there you go...the little dude is doing his very best Steve McQueen and I'm trying to figure out what to do next.
Thanks for considering a Fluffy Dog as your Forever Friend...
I just hope you have a 6' fence....
The Lady

All is not lost...I researched 
Check out these to love Google!
Fence Jumping Tip
Dog Obedience Advice
So there you have it Fluffy Dog Friends I will work on these tips....
Winks is smart, he is quick to learn and he did stop when I said "NO"  when he stopped I said good boy and praised him, got a ball and started playing with him.  When he comes I praise him more...I have not said "NO" unless I see him starting to go...
He has not be upstairs in a few days...
He stays out of the kitchen, with lots of reminding, and as soon as he is out..."Good Boy....what a very Good Boy"  
So with positive reinforcement....correction only when he is about to go and being in the yard with him....he will lean this new rule too!
I recommend that if you are his Forever Family that you read these tips and take the advise to soon as you introduce him to his new yard get him started with what is expected and what is not.  
A Terrier can become a Terrorizer if they do not have a strong really think about the kind of dog you want, the kind of dog you need before you consider any dog.   I love this little guy he is calm in the house and fun to be with and he challenges me to be a better dog person...Got to Love that! 
The Lady 

Monday, March 19, 2012

He Passed the Test!

Everybody say Yeah...Ya Who...Yippee....
Had to go out this afternoon and after all the fussing last night I took the big step of leaving Winks loose in the house with the big dogs...Took a deep breath and out the door I went.
I was gone for 2-1/2 hours and I came home to GOOD DOGS!
Not a thing out of place...well, to be honest toys and bones everywhere, but that's how it goes living with dogs....
The decorative pillows on the sofa..check and in order...the garbage..check in the can...dirty dishes on the counter...still there.  Winks is way to short for this dastardly deed...but Mollie and Jake have been culprits in the food..check still on the second floor and still in the cords.....all working just fine!  
"Yup I'ma good ol' dog, no more crate for me" 
Just had to brag on the boy....
Thanks for considering a Fluffy Dog for your Forever Friend
The Lady  

Long Weekend....

Hi and thanks for checking back with us
It was a long weekend, a very good friend of mine birthday was Sunday....another really good friend was in Chicago for in all our wisdom we went to the city....for St Patty's day.....
Danny, an old friend, came and spent Saturday night with the dogs....Winks was a little unsure of him when they met Saturday afternoon but Danny reports that they were great buds by Saturday night...and as Winks had fallen asleep next to him on the couch...Danny elected to sleep there with him all night.  Does the word spoiled come to mind?
As it has been so warm I have windows opened and the back door open with the screen door who is really coming in here to bother me....three dogs...don't think so.
Last night I was so tired....Winks and Jake decided that they need to bark at every sound....Mollie, not a peep..."Boys it is nothing" 
Now this is like the third or fourth night of opened windows and no reaction...why last night?  I need to sleep off St. Patty's.... 
"Guys what is going on?"  
" Jake in your crate...shut-up"
"Winks no go lay down"
Nothing was working, I would just get back to sleep and it would start again....long night....I put Winks in his crate and boy did that make him mad...he barked and whined and barked and whined and barked and whined.  I keep thinking he would settled down any second now....25 minutes later he did.  He is so used to being out of the crate at night, amazing how fast they adjust, and Danny sleeping with him on the couch, and Jake joining in with each sound....
Tonight I going to put on the AC, I need a good nights rest!
So if you're out there Forever Family, be ready for Winks the Protector...I do think that if you don't have a Cat Land in your bedroom, you will find a Fluffy Little guy in your bed....and just maybe he will be quieter there!
Thanks for considering a Fluffy Dog as your Forever Friend!
The Lady 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Do I See A Star....

Top of the Mornin to You..And a Happy St. Paty's Day Too
My little friend Winks is completely settled-in here and just loves to start out his day running around the backyard....doing a little digging...barking with the big dogs and instigating chase, race and fight you down on to the ground! 
This is how White Fluffy Dogs look in the morning...after the yard has had a night of dewy fog.... 
"Yup I was a runnin round the yard..nope I was not diggin under the deck..."
" I only went under the you know to like totally get Winks...
like man he was totally like stuck...or like maybe lost"
"I told them not too!"
He has also discovered that it is really no big deal for this little athlete to bound up the spiral staircase to the loft on the second floor....
"No one told me that there was cat food up"  

We are working on that, new rule..."No dogs in the Loft...Cat Land...Stay OUT"  Winks is getting it but like every Terrier he is testing it! 
"Sorry...I forgot..No Dogs..Cat Land"
So Forever Family if you are reading this...this little guy will bring some hard belly laughs with him, a sweetly devilish personality and most important lots of cuddles and love..... 
Thanks for reading and Thanks for thinking Rescue..Fluffy Dog Rescue
The Lady


Thursday, March 15, 2012

This one's from Me...

Hey Ya'll...
Sure is one hot ol'day..... 
That Lady took us all for a good'ol walkin...and I thought that Mollie Maie and Jake might just pass on out from the heat...pantin and all....But this little good-ol-boy was just I woke up in Bama again! The good news is I'ma still up north.  The bad news is I'ma still lookin for my berry own home.
That Lady has left the back door open so we can just run in an out of the house whenever we want too...that's cool.
Little more bad news...I got some junk on my trunk today, and that Lady had to wash it off..but ya know I was really really good while she did it...and truth be told the cool water felt pretty darn good.
So now I'm just restin on the vinyl floor...and runnin in and out whenever the urge moves me ....I like to go out and bark whenever that silly toy poodle next door starts up a barkin...and I love to get my feet and beard dirty ruttin in the dirt....
That Lady is a watchin Ellen on the I took over the puter to let ya'll know I'm just hangin round waitin and waitin for come on by and say hey...

OK that Lady is a gettin her supper so I wanted to add just a bit more stuff to this ol'blog thing...
Thought ya'll might want to see another motion picture of me...well a couple...I'ma really sorry that the silly Lady was a holden that camera wrong but I think this'll show ya'll just how berry cool I am...
I was sure a given her a run for the money....

And here I'ma sassin off about that stupid darn 
"Stay out of the kitchen rule"

And just to show ya'll I'ma a pretty darn smart boy

This here is me an Jake waitin...and a waitin for dinner
if you'll click on the picture it will make it..ya know bigger...then check out the look in my eye....

That Mollie Maie was a waitin on the girl

Like that Lady is always a sayin....
Thanks for reading and Thanks for thinkin Rescue...
Fluffy Dog Rescue...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quick Note....

Hey there hi there ho there...
Just wanted to let you all know that the socialization of Winks continues...
Yesterday afternoon had to go to the dentist, so took Winks along for the ride.   The dentist is a dog dude, as is his staff, they all came appointment was their last...and met Winks.  He is somewhat shy at first, but never attempts to bolt away, just hangs back for a few.  He then will stretch out and gives a sniff to your hand or leg and then becomes comfortable with the new person.  Good Boy!
We then went to my folks for parents are in the 70's and live in a senior living apartment complex.   Winks met their cat, graciously.  My parents were very impressed.  He was great with them and his new surroundings.   My Dad, a good dog man with years of experience noted that while he was cautious about exploring the apartment, he was not skittish. He was polite and gentle with them, and they both commented on how gently he took the pork-chop treats he was being offered.....from the table....Thanks Mom and Dad..."but he is being so good and sweet".  And he was, sat or laid down right between my Mom and my chairs and waited for dinner to be get all the leftover pork-chop pieces...and man he got a few!
When I was leaving my Mom walked Winks out with me and we stopped at the managers office so Winks could met her.  She talked a lot about rescues and human responsibilities to animals...about they importance of rescue...on and on as people will do.  The whole time Winks sat at my Mom's feet, then when he realized this was a complete dissertation...he just laid down.  Mom was full of nothing but praise on how well behaved and how beautiful Winks truly is.
Sorry no new photo's but will get you some real post...promise!
But what I would take from this Forever Family is Winks is a great socialized easy to take anywhere dog....And just in case I have forgot to post it before it is very easy to brush and comb his beautiful coat...he has had grooming experience in his life and he is calm and really loves the whole process.
So there you have it...with more and more to come.....
Thanks for reading and Thanks for thinking Rescue...Fluffy Dog Rescue
The Lady

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Step....

We have some really exciting news to report....and Winks is taking it all very very seriously.

" Just in case you want to know....This is my serious face"

Last night at bedtime Winks was sleeping next to me on the love-seat...nothing out of the normal about that....He has been so good that I made the decision to let him try to sleep out of his crate.  He did great, not a sound, not a accident, nothing chewed everything gained!

"I'm so proud of myself...cause I'm a big kid now!"

With all the mud that comes with spring I can also report that he comes in the back door and will "WAIT" as I wipe of those little white feet....Winks then must leave the kitchen and "STAY" as I wipe of Mollie and Jake...I bring them in one at a time...first in first out of the kitchen, et cetera, et cetera, et cetra..... 
I can also tell you...Forever Family....he is continuing to improve each and every day on his walk, he is getting so much better at staying in a heal with a loose leash....I just can't tell you how impressed I am with him....It has been 1 week and 2 days that he has been with us....he had to have had training before he arrived here.....we are just reminding him.  I would hope that he does attend a Puppy Class, good bonding for him and his Forever Family, but all and all this guy is a true diamond in the ruff here! 

"Hello....what are you waiting for....I'm a really good dog"

Thanks for reading and Thanks for thinking rescue...Fluffy Dog Rescue
The Lady

Sunday, March 11, 2012

News Flash

This just in.....
Winks had his first trip to the....wait for it comes....THE PARK OF THE DOGS!!!!!
Like every dog I've ever known the first trip to the Dog Park is one of the greatest events in their lives!  Very stimulating....lots to do and smell...and he did and smelled as much as he could.
Winks was on a 6' leash attached to a 15' training leash, dragging it behind, for the most part he stayed with his front of his pack.....leading his pack.....
When he did venture off into the woods he came to a whistle and a "COME WINKS" "Good Boy"  But I just didn't want to tempt the fates....
The only times he would completely stop listening was when there were dogs in front of or coming at us and he wanted to meet and greet.....He was very polite with every greeting and only attempted to mount a few...Boy of Boy....But did respond to OFF kind of....and the park was packed...first really nice day and all.  I do see the Terrier independence in him..
All three crashed out in the SUV on the way home....come to think about was also the first time in the SUV with all three dogs....uneventful. Brilliant Dogs
I think he will do much better on a week we'll give that a try.
I forgot the I promise to bring it next time.    
Just want you to know Forever Family...wherever you are....he is a go anything kind of a guy and he does it all really really cute!
All three are fast to sleep Jake in his crate, Mollie on the daybed and Winks is at my feet....Good dogs are exercised and stimulated....Winks got that in spades today!
Thanks for reading and Thanks for Thinking Rescue...Fluffy Dog Rescue...
The Lady

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunny Windy Saturday

What a very cool, lovely day....
Winks is starting to protest...just a little...and not to badly...going in his crate at bed time. A cookie get's him down the hall, I will not push him in, but a tad of gentle pressurization is helpful.  I toss the cookie into the crate and he goes in after it.  Not the greatest dog training technique but it works...
"Lady...Jake and Molz get to sleep with their crate doors open..NO FAIR..NO FAIR"
I hear this every night, he barks and whines for a few, maybe five minutes, then off to dreamland and not a peep until morning.  
He is also much more comfortable with Mollie and Jake in the backyard.  The first few days he would go off the deck and do his business then hang-out up on the deck watching the big dogs.  But now he's right out there with them all barking at the should see the three of them.....
"Stay out of our yard you big fat brats"
I usually have no idea who they're barking at, but they all appear to be right on top of it!  As I told all of you at the beginning of the week, Jake was not feeling to well, Hot Spot on his tail had him troubled.  But I am happy to report he is feeling much better and his interaction with Winks has improved greatly.  They are becoming good pals and pack-mates.  Weeeuoooooo 
Last night I was lounging on the love-seat with my head on one arm and my legs out across the width....Jake came up and with his rear at my chest stretched out the length of my body with his head on the other arm.  Winks kept pacing back and forth...he really wanted up there too.  So my little athletic problem solver jumped up over the back of the love-seat....curled up in the bend of my legs...placing his upper body on my legs and his head on Jake's back....I held my breath...Jake picked-up his huge head and looked right at Winks...
"Whatever, you little pip-squeezer dude" Jake sighed and put his head back down
To which Winks replied..."Ya know man I really think you're cool"
All the while Mollie Maie is stretched out across the whole 85" sofa...alone.....
"Lady you look like some kind of ridiculous sandwich" 
I felt like a very privileged, well loved and warm Lady.....
Today we went for our walk, and Winks, Mr. Curious Yellow, continues to try to be good, but I will have to admit, it takes a lot of reminding...tug tug tug, right here...right here....But he get an A+ for trying and his pulling is never really very bad.  Well it's not bad for me, I've been pulled around training some really big dogs!  
Still not one accident in my house, so as Jake would say "The dude is totally trained man"  
Now we would like to share with you all a few videos and pics we took today to show you what you are missing by not adopting a Winks....

First of to love spring, in a yard where big dogs live
"Come on Lady just try to get me"
"Aw man...get ready for some Monkey in the Middle...Dude"
Silly, silly dogs...
It's a Winks Rooolllll
"Come-on a try and get me you two big -ol' hairy beast"
"Get him Molz, Get him"
Attack of the fearless Fluffy Winks
If you don't want to hear the music while you watch
 just scroll up and click the double II on the player 

video video video

And here we have three very good, brilliant dogs waiting for a cookie

And this is how a very gentle boy takes a cookie

So thanks for reading and for Thinking Rescue...Fluffy Dog Rescue!
The Lady


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update from the Home Front

Yesterday I was out and about and I took Winks with me.  We went to my friend Wisha's and Winks got to meet her Maltipoo Misha the Rouge Princess and that she is.   Misha is 12 pounds of attitude and it was a buzz to see the two of them together.  Winks did not disappoint, was the perfect house guest with just one slip-up.....he marked the edge of a bed. Now this is something that he hasn't ever done here, and I have a big male dog; maybe he was showing off for Misha.  We got it all cleaned up....and Wisha was very gracious about the whole affair.   
Wisha and I were straightening up some boxes in her basement.  Winks came down with us, Misha will not do the basement she just laid at the top and wined.  But Winks was great, found odds and ends to toss around and play with or he would just lay down and watch what we were doing.  This guy can go anywhere and have a good time.
Wisha's yard is not fenced so I had him out on a 15' training leash, I could see the Terrier in him, independent and very interested in smelling everything....remember he is curious yellow!  Didn't listen to "Come Winks"... Pretty good at just blocking that out....

"Lady, there have been deer here recently...chill out"

But when I started walking in the opposite direction he did follow along....I will test this out more at the dog park.  We will go in a week or so, Winks really needs to understand who his pack is before we head out there....68 acres is a big place with a dog that doesn't know or isn't sure who he came to the party with!

Back to our story.....while we where having lunch three young does were wandering around Wisha's yard....Winks and Misha were running from window to window with the cutest barks...then a buck came through...he only had one rack or a rack on one side of his head...very strange.....he snorted and pranced around but those to little dogs where having none of his nonsense and let him know who was large and in-charge of the inside...So Winks is very very brave too.
Once again he was great in the car...he slept all the way there and back!
He continues to amaze me with how very smart he really I took a little movie to show you get to see him SIT for a cookie and we tried to show you his WAIT....but Mollie was a the wait was short.   
So there you go....Winks showing off his SIT and his WAIT...

This is why they call me hair is always falling over my left eye...
Once again I apologize for the dark spot that is showing up here on his side...really he is all white and a lovely shade of butterscotch....and he loves to back his bottom up on stuff...silly boy.
He is playing with all of the toys we picked-up, they're not as dumb or boring as he first thought...each one is either earless or eyeless but no chewing on anything else.....Cool Man!
Well forever family make sure you have lots of variety of toys and bones around so he will have something to do.  
"Bummer...I dropped that dumb red bear"

Thanks so much for reading and thinking rescue...
The Lady.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Afternoon I'm Just Begin To See

Winks personality....
Do you want the good news or the bad news????
Let's start with the bad news....there is much less of it....
Winks likes to tear fabric, he has attempted to rip the mattress cover and blanket that I put down in his crate...
I have marrow bones around here "Sure thanks a bunch Lady I will chew on this for awhile, but it's kinda hard to toss"
I have plastic squeaky toys around here "Like noooooooo thank you they are dumb"
So as a distraction this morning I stuffed one old sock inside another and tied a knot..."Cool Lady, lets see how fast I can shred this"  Twenty minutes and I was getting worried that he would eat it and that could be a problem.
So at lunch I went to Pet-Co and picked up two small stuffed animals with squeakers..."Well, they are kinda boring Lady"
And I picked up a Water Bottle toy...."Cool lets see how long it will take me to shred the ears off the chicken"   Twenty minutes but it's not a sock!
So the bad news is over....Yeah that is it....
Now the good news...
Within 48 hours his has SIT down....loves the Wellness Cookies I have!  He now sits so politely when he hears the lid come off the cookie jar.....What a guy.
Within 48 hours he will SIT AND WAIT for either his food dish or a cookie.  The first night he was here, now that was Sunday....I started Sit and Wait for the food dish....he made every attempt to get past my hand, but sat and waited for a full 2 seconds on his own.  We continued to work on that yesterday, each meal and with cookies on the floor in front of him.  Tonight at dinner I said "Sit...Wait" and he did it for a full 20 second count.  Amazing, he is one brilliantly talented boy.
Within 48 hours he is pretty darn good at WAIT to go out the door.  I decided to have all three "Wait" even at the back door to go outside, I do this with Molz and Jake sometimes as a test...I figured it would help enforce Waiting at the front door before we start a walk....It's working....
Tonight when I was making the crews food I only had to remind him 3 times..."No dogs in the Kitchen"  each time I just pointed and said "Out" and out he went!
One more small piece of bad news...I was taking the food out to the Feral cats at dinner, I had no idea he was right behind me when I opened the front door, wam-bam-boogie, 5 Feral were just too much and he was out the door chasing cats.....for fun....but the good news is he came to me when I called him and the Ferals just ran under the deck!
More good news...told ya there was more good then bad....he is doing so much better on the leash, he is very gentle but his curiosity and his oh too cute strut likes to lead the way.  We are working on this and each walk, two today; just cause it was too beautiful out not too,  and he is getting it...slowly.  He even sat nice and politely when I tied all three to a post in front of the gas station when I went in for a water.  He also was great on STAY AND WAIT when I dropped the leashes to take a photo of the three of them today on walk # 2.
He was a riot when I was out in the yard cleaning up after 3 dogs....ran circles around me...loved it when I would stamp my feet and then chased and raced past Molz...she's not too hot on chasing but loves to bite at Winks as he runs by.
The mud is tonight we are going to see how the Winks does with a brush...he was pretty confused when I put his paws in a coffee can with soap and water in it, but got the idea and settled into OK for the very first time....I use a bucket for Molz and's as tall has his back!

  Waiting at the door for a walk
Not his fault I wasn't fast with a camera
My two Fluffy White that a song?
I stepped back to get all three in the photo
Really Cesar...
They did it once...see the orange leash on the ground!
Then they did it again!
Sorry about the dark's on my lens and I can't get it off...bummer

Good Dogs, Brilliant Dogs, What a Pack!
So there you go forever family this Winks is a real find, smart, cute, silly, good with kids, dogs, cats completely house trained what more could you want!
Thanks for reading and Thinking Rescue 
The Lady

Monday, March 5, 2012

Winks is Curious Yellow

Our first night and full day has been eventful.....
Winks is curious yellow, every square inch of the little house on the prairie has been thoroughly sniffed and examined.....
"What is That"....

I love the way his tail curls over his back....
Every cat has been met, So I says Joe, Joe for short...has been chased.  But this is not to say that Winks chases cats, just that Joe loves to be chased and Winks was more then willing to oblige.  
He went into his crate last night with a few barks and whimpers, but dudes it's a new crate in a new house and he settled down very nicely and sleep through the night.  Yippee Ky Aye....
Jake is not feeling to well, hot spot on the he is just a little grouchy, but we are all working through that.  Trip to the vet, some shaving on the tail, some antiseptic and we are good to go.   
I would also like to tell you that this darlin' boy loves to cuddle up next to you on the sofa and enjoy an evening of TV and his fur is like petting silk.  Last night while he was cuddled on one side Jake came up and laid across my lap and their heads were touching, so I have every reason to believe we are all in a good place.
Molz and Winks have played chase and race out in the yard and can you get me in the living room, they're fast friends.  
We are working on SIT and he is doing very well with that.  He is leaning that I go out the door first at walk time, and with just a few well placed blocks and the WAIT command he is getting that too.  Tonight while I was making the crew food he leaned the rule, NO DOGS IN THE KITCHEN....wasn't fond of the rule, attempted to break the rule, but a few OUTS....STAY....and this boy got it.  So what I guess I am trying to say is Winks is VERY VERY SMART!   Who-rah!  
"OK...All Right...I'm staying"

On our walk today, after the vet trauma drama, Jake and Molz did their very best to show our Winks the rope....
"Dude, like man the Lady really totally hates dogs that like ya know pull..." Jake informed him  while walking with a nice loose leash....
Mollie added as she followed behind "Yes she really appreciates a nice loose leash...and if you just pay attention...we all get a very good...good dogs... her nice voice...and she won't give you all those quick tugs"
"Listen ya'all I'ma doin' my berry best..but there's just sooooooo much to smell and look...did you see that that a pterodactyl?????" Wink said breathlessly...
"Dude like no...its a Crane...."
And that is how the day I update you Jake is crashed out in his crate...Molz is on the Day-bed and Winks is sleeping at my feet.....
"Good Dogs, Brilliant Dogs"  The Lady whispered.....
Such a sweet face
So there you have it...thanks for Thinking Rescue...and have a really nice night.
The Lady