Tuesday, December 30, 2014

But Baby It's Cold Outside

Good Evening Dog Fans

The pack is mad at me, 
I just can not bring myself to go out in the cold and dark to take them on walk...
Sorry dudes, but seriously it's just too cold out!

I've promised that we'll walk in the morning
     when the sun is out and I can at least pretend to be warm.  
          I might even drive us to the dog park, 
               we usually walk, 
                   it's only about 5 city block away.  

The walk over is a pull & tug match between myself, Yolanda/Ouiser and Emma Stone.  

We're workng on it 
  It's a work in progress, young dogs!    
         Mollie and Jake follow behind me and the only issue is smelling stuff        
               then the walk comes to a screeching halt            
 cuz someone needs to smell something important!               

So in lieu of exciting news or an interesting story just thought I might share some photos

Yolanda/Ouiser in her pink and purple scotch plaid 
"Am I not just the cutest thing you ever did see?"

Mollie attempting to get into Yolanda/Ouiser bed
"Seriously girl friend there aint no way"

Tiny Emma Stone in her new Christmas Bed

Jake Ryan attempting to sleep in Tiny Emma Stone's new Christmas Bed
The big old Dude could not be convinced he didn't fit

Poor Tiny Emma Stone
"Jake stole my new Christmas Bed"

"Half of Riverwest would give their eye teeth to take a whack at Ouiser" 

Yolanda/Ouiser as 
"Please sir I want some more"

It's a hard knock life being a dog!

"Styling in my fancy leopard print sweater, it matches my duck"

"I refuse to look at one more dog photo"

So there ya have it!
No, I'm not bored, I just live alone with four crazy dogs and one aggravated cat... 

Hope you enjoyed our little slide show come on over and meet us sometime. We're sure you'll find us entertaining!  
And if you find you have room in your life for one little sassy dog she'll be waitin on ya in Riverwest.  

The Lady!