Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Girl is Alright

Hi friends
Just listening to some Jim Croce, Lovers Cross, and adding some info about Tiny Ms Emma Stone....
Emma is settling in to Riverwest just fine.  We live in an old large two-flat, ya know with the 10' ceilings, aged crown mouldings, columns and the built-in hutch in the dining with stained glass..all very old German Milwaukee craftsmanship at its best..It is one of those places with two two-flats houses on the same we get two great yards and they are fenced together.
The couple above me have a rescued Bulldog, One Eyed Willie and he does have only one eye, Willie is 2. The couple that live in the lower in the "back" house have a rescued Keeshond mix Stella and she is 10. With Mollie, my Missouri Mystery Mutt and Jake, my Irish Wolfhound and Great Pyrenees mix, both of whom are 7 it is a true pack round here...Tiny Emma Stone might be the smallest but she fits right in.  As the Baby she is the ramble-rouser.

Every day Stella comes over around noon and spends the remainder of the day with us, on Wednesday I let Willie out a few times as his humans are away all day.  Today for the first time all 5 were out together.  Stella is the fun I brought her back in rather quick.  Willie, Mollie and Tiny Emma ran around this yard for a good 45 min...Monkey in the middle man it was crazy!!!  Jake just laid around eating snow, Dude is lazy, to be honest with all of you he did play for about 5 mins then laid around eating snow!  Every time the action would look like it might slow Emma would take off like she had been shot out of a cannon and the race was on again.  I stood at my dining window eating my lunch laughing.  You just must love dogs, they are such great entertainment!

Tiny Emma Stone is very good with the Cat Gema, she would really appreciate it if Gema would just play with her, but Gema is having none of it.
 "Seriously EMMA leave me alone, 
I'm much to dignified to lower myself to play with the likes of you"  
Gema said with superior attitude...
"Well then whatever there darlin 
I'll just go on a standin here 
makin my toy squeak in your ear"
Emma responded with more then a hint of mischief 

Happy to let you all know that Tiny Emma Stone is very good at her commands, "sit", "wait", "down" we are working on "off" when she gets excited she will start standing on her back legs, but before you know it, she is leaning on yours!  Emma is very treat driven sooo I'm attempting to get her to spin for a treat when she is up on her back legs...I'll keep you posted!

Emma could be house-trained she is just not sure how to tell you.  So she has to sleep in her crate and she is very good about it, but I don't let her out until I am ready to head to the door.  I've been trying to keep up with letting her our very frequently but we've had a few accidents around here.  If any of you have any advice please feel free to leave a comment.  She goes though the night without a problem so I'm very certain it's not a medical issue.  As soon as she goes out the door she will do her thing, it's just trying to figure out what her signal is....We will keep working on it...But I think she will do much better with someone that can be home with her all day.  I work out of my home so it is going to be OK here...Just want to let you know Forever Family.  

We took a walk tonight, Mollie, Jake and Stella all move around Riverwest off leash.  They do very well, so I had Tiny Emma Stone on a 12' training leash and she would "wait" at each corner just like the big dogs. When we got to the park I let her run dragging the trainer and she did stay with Mollie and Stella.  She also came to me when I called her, but I was running to keep within reach of her and the pack...Jake on the other hand is always bring up the rear...Dude is lazy!

Well I've written chapter!
Here are some new photos for your viewing pleasure!
"This woman is wearing me out...and just so ya know this is my place on the sofa.
Yup ya'all heard it right I'm a sofa girl"
"This here is my friend Jake, Dude is Lazy"
"And this is my new bestie Mollie"
"This is Stella, she hates the camera...
she done told me that if ya look into the camera it will steal your soul..
This chick is daffy"
"Me again!"
"Me and Molz, she is such a cool bff,
Makes me feel right at home here!"
Well that's it that's all
The Lady

Monday, February 3, 2014

We're BACK...and there is a new girl in town..

Hail and Hello to all of our friends old and new

We have a bunch of news:
First and foremost meet our new foster....Tiny Ms Emma Stone...
"Hi !!! 
They call me Tiny on the Fluffy Dog Rescue 
But The Lady thinks I look a bunch like
Emma Stone so that is what she's calling me here
Tiny Ms Emma Stone, this woman is kind of silly, but I like her"

Tiny Ms Emma Stone has the most beautiful silky coat and like her name sake it is strawberry blonde with touches of amber and red.   She also has the most incredible soft brown eyes and is very sweet...but just like Ms Emma Stone the actress, she can turn up the charm and turn on a bit of sass and fire.  
When she plays with her toys she's quite the hoot...shaking her little head at the speed of sound...but when you ask her to "give" she will be more the happy to oblige.   Give it a toss and she chases her flying toy and is, I would like to report, a very good little retriever. Tiny Emma Stone knows "sit" and we are working on "wait" and "stay". She tugs a bit on the leash, so we'll be working on that as well.   Potty training....well if you are smarter then the worries, but Tiny Emma is not clear on how to tell you she wants out...letting her out as soon as she wakes and waking her about every hour and a half throughout the course of the day is working very well.  She goes out with Mollie and Jake and does her all is great.  She slept in here crate all night without a peep and not one accident!!! Smart girl, good dog!

Here are a few more photo opps with this pretty little thing...
Just look at them there eyes!
"Go ahead just try...come on just try and take it"
"Me and my new friend Jake takin an afternoon nap.."

Now that you have meet Tiny Ms Emma Stone, we will let you know that we have moved from crazy Illinois and are now a Milwaukee Crew....yup The Lady, Mollie Maie and Jake are now city dwellers living in Riverwest, so stop by and say hi from time to time....
Thanks for stopping by to catch up with Tiny Ms Emma Stone....
The Lady