Thursday, January 8, 2015


Dudes it's unbelievable we just went outside and we nearly got blown's like about -300 degrees cold and the wind has to blowing at about 400 miles an hour.  

We don't see nothing like this in Alabama.  
Never no way no how
"I just can't believe it 
I just can not believe how cold it gets in this Wisconsin Place"

So once again that Lady is not putting her walking clothes on and once again we are stuck inside with nothing to do but play...

Bite your face off! 

Yolanda/Ouiser and Tiny Emma Stone
Killing each other in a rollicking game of the ever popular 
Bite you face off! 

Next on the agenda 
Steal your friends bed

"Now Yolanda/Ouiser is stealing my bed
I'm sad...I'm just so darn sad"
Poor Tiny Emma Stone

Noting left to do but watch the tube 

Share my bed with my friend 

"So Dog Friends there you have it
Today is just boring"

Just thought you might be just as bored as Tiny Emma Stone and Yolanda/Ouiser and you might be looking at cute dogs on PetFinders and you might check out the adventures of the Lady and her crew of crazies on that witty and charming blog Fluffy Dogs on the Go!  

Then you might think, geeze these two are really cute, smart and amazing dogs and I really would like a cute, smart amazing dog and you might then fill out an application on Fluffy Dog Rescue and you might come and visit us and you might just take one of us home...That would be fun for you!

Tiny Emma Stone 

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