Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hi folks...I'm a Wookie and my name is Wookie, convenient! Right? Right!
I arrived from a Galaxy Far Far Away...called Alabama to this new galaxy called Wisconsin and I'm looking for my forever home!
I came to stay for a bit with the Lady and her pack of dogs and a cat!
See how cute I am

This Lady is pretty darn nice and I'm a really good girl.  All house trained, not one accident and I've been here for just about a week.  I sleep with the Lady on her bed and I really love that.  There are three other dogs here all the time and one dog comes everyday to hang out while her people work and I get along with just everyone.  I even like the cat!  

I have a lot of stories to tell and talk a lot, but when that Lady says quiet I do...because I am so smart!  We got to go to this very cool place called The Dog Park and I was really friendly to all the dogs and people.  I played wild and crazy games nicely with everyone.  I am not too bad on the leash, but I like to walk out in front with one of my new friends cuz we are the Leaders of the Pack!

I eat so fast that the Lady bought me a special dog bowl to help slow me done a bit, but I eat with all of the pack and I am very respectful of everyone space and don't try to get their food.  I love my treats and cuz I love them so very much I have learned "Sit" and "Down" (which is lay-down) very quick, also cuz I am so very smart!

Here I am sitting 

The Lady says I am like a very special piece of dark chocolate with caramel ripple in my coat..she is kind of weird but I like her!  I got a patch of silver under by lip too.  I am just a little bit of a thing I weigh about 17 pounds and am super fast!

This was when I first arrived in the Wisconsin Galaxy
I am getting darker as winter sets in

I am watching for Darth Vader
And for YOU

So if you are looking to get yourself a really special Wookie friend I would be your girl!  

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